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    -TesseracT- got a reaction from BLKBRDSR71 in Hunt : Looking for Burnout 3 takedown for PC .   
    It never released for Windows, only for PS2 and Xbox.
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    -TesseracT- got a reaction from Ben17 in LTT Official Discord!   
    So you just join in and talk to strangers? Seems scary O_o
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    -TesseracT- got a reaction from Matthew______2 in LTT Official Discord!   
    So you just join in and talk to strangers? Seems scary O_o
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    -TesseracT- reacted to SC2Mitch in CSGO professional players go public with CSPPA (CSGO Pro Union)   
    if that's dead then i don't know what's alive 
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    -TesseracT- got a reaction from Tech_Dreamer in At what age did you play your first PC game & do you remember the first game that You played on it?   
    I played my first PC game for maybe only a few minutes, it was some racing game when i was probably around five years old. The first PC game I played on my own PC was Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 from 2000, played when I was around 13.
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    -TesseracT- reacted to 2Buck in In Six Months, 'Fortnite: Battle Royale' Has Cut PUBG's PC Playerbase In Half   
    Yes, I played PUBG and fortnite, So don't just assume crap about me because you don't agree with what I had to say.
    And what? I can't express that I'm tired of hearing about Fortnite? Saying I'm tired of Fortnite means I'm not? You make absolutely no sense.
    Yeah, camping and having good luck is the solution. You can argue "you don't have to camp", but clearly the way the games are designed, camping is very beneficial. Sure, there's some level of skill involved, obviously, there's skill involved to some degree in just about anything, but you cannot deny that RNG has a huge part in it, and that camping is a very viable option. And if anything, PUBG is even more mindless than most FPS games. Fortnite is way better in that regard though.
    Also, I'm not looking down on anyone who enjoys these games, so quit assuming shit about me.
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    -TesseracT- reacted to smini in Monitor FLASHES when i stand up from my chair   
    I have the same issue with my monitor (same predator monitor) and i was using a bbq lighter at my desk and noticed that the monitor flickers when I light the lighter. This leads me to believe that it's an ESD thing too. This monitor is also run through a UPS which powers the computer and this monitor for up to 5 minutes when power is cut. On top of this, I had an electrician come into the house to check the power outlet that runs the power to the pc and monitors, he upgraded to a socket that can take a heavier load, thinking that it might be the problem. It didn't change a thing, problem still persists.
    Just read some other posts in the thread, all outlets are grounded as I live in Australia.
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    -TesseracT- reacted to Frankenburger in Monitor flashes when I turn off electrical stuff   
    This used to happen with my 40' TV. Pretty sure it was an issue with power delivery. Once I put the TV on a UPS, the issue went away.
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    -TesseracT- reacted to karsnoordhuis in Monitor flashes when I turn off electrical stuff   
    just a bit of a guess but it could be poorly shielded cables. as you said, it happens when you turn off a fan or ceiling lights.
    this creates a change in magnetic fields.
    this is the only thing i can think of.
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    -TesseracT- reacted to mr moose in Porn Pass (age verification in the UK)   
    As I said, paying for it is stupid, but if walking into a store and presenting your drivers license in exchange for a code to use online that are in no way linkedd is an issue I suggest you might have bigger problems
    There is no censorship here, for a change they are not blocking access to anything, they have just found a way to help prevent underage content being viewed by underage people.  
    No they aren't.  Making you pay yes, I already disagree with that, but they aren't telling you what you can and can;t look at.  It's not like child porn filters and interpol.
    You have an issue with that?  Man up.  it's how we used to do it all the time.
    For the 3rd time, the government isn't telling you what you can and can't view online.  If your a child your already not supposed to be allowed to view it, so your issue isn't with this but with age old laws about age ratings that are based on fairly decent evidence.
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    -TesseracT- reacted to Memories4K in Porn Pass (age verification in the UK)   
    I love the UK

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    -TesseracT- reacted to 2Buck in Whats the stupidest thing you have ever done?   
    Back when I was 15 I tried to chop down a very tall and very dead tree next to my house. About halfway through cutting into it a very large piece fell from the top and landed less than a foot away from me (which would have killed or seriously injured me), after that happened I came to my senses and called my cousin who actually knew how to properly down trees to come bail me out. Sitting there and watching that weakened dead tree sway back and forth for like 20 minutes waiting on him to get there was a terrifying thing to watch, could have destroyed the damn house or worse, hit the neighbors house or even worse, killed someone. Luckily he got the tree down and everything was fine, He was gonna help remove the tree but I just told him "no, I deserve this". lmao, I spent the rest of that day chopping it into pieces with my fucking axe. When I was done moving it all I spent the next day laying around feeling retarded and very, very sore. I mean, it was a HUGE fucking tree. Ahh....... I know it's a very misused and over used word, but holy shit am I cringing right now.
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    -TesseracT- reacted to valdyrgramr in Any advice on losing weight?   
    Honestly, I'd suggest eating balanced meals that keep you at a 5% to 20% deficit.  Meal size is kinda meaningless because different foods have a different amount of calories.  The best method, imo, is to just go over serving sizes+calorie amounts.  Also, decrease your sugar intake.  Instead of soda maybe drink flavored seltzer water as each can usually has 0 calories.  Instead of pork maybe eat lean beef or chicken and turkey.  Add more greens/veggies or veggies that aren't starchy.  Eat oatmeal and/or eggs for breakfast.  Use olive oil over common fried oils.  Grains are also very good for you. If you plan to snack on something, like chocolate, eat dark over milk and don't eat it daily.  Replacing sugar with protein is the best way to avoid hunger.  If you give into a craving just make sure you burn the excess off otherwise it stores.
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    -TesseracT- reacted to valdyrgramr in Any advice on losing weight?   
    This is how you become anorexic by always going into starvation mode.

    If were to eat 2800 k calories and burn 3000 calories every day my body would lose lean muscle, not fat.  The male body needs its own intake of at least 1500-1800 k calories a day, women need 1200-1400, to function properly.   And an excess if you're burning outside of its normal function.  Just burning all of that and more = starvation mode(not the best term/name for it but it slows down your metabolism at an excessive rate compared to normal with weight loss, and can also cause an excessive decrease in muscle mass.  Even when you lose excessive weight per month that's not fat, that's water and muscle weight.  Not giving your body it's own intake to burn, outside of an excess, also deprives your body of nutrients it needs to function properly.  Yes, there are bs myths about starvation mode, and yes the name is overly dramatic and not the best for it.  However, it is a real thing.  And, yes there are bro science bs about it.  Yet, credible schools, like Harvard, even acknowledge the health risks of going under those calorie marks for your body's own intake to function properly.  You can technically do it, but if you were to you should ask a doctor first not just deprive your body of nutrients because you want to marathon run on the treadmill all the calories you ate off and more).  If the human body intakes less than 1200 k calories to function it goes into starvation mode.
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    -TesseracT- reacted to pipnina in Any advice on losing weight?   
    Losing weight through exercise alone is extremely difficult. The best way is to exercise in decent bursts multiple times a day while reducing kj intake.
    In order to burn 1kcal (4.2kj) you would need to hold a 16kg weight (35lb~) for 28 seconds. To what moment I am not sure (holding it too close to your body or above your body might result in your bones supporting the weight instead of the muscle, too far away when stood would increase the effective weight of the object). That is of course if my calculation is correct. It would take you 50 minutes holding that weight to burn off a two-bar Kit-Kat.
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    -TesseracT- reacted to HolaImBob in After win10 update, taskbar looks different   
    startisback can change the color and stuff if there isnt a fix for it. http://startisback.com/, its $3 for a key.
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    -TesseracT- reacted to Shreyas1 in PC to HEAT your room   
    wrong season?
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    -TesseracT- reacted to combine1237 in Nintendo Online launching September, also no Virtual Console for Switch   
    Nintendo has done it. They have made paying to backup your save data a thing.
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    -TesseracT- reacted to FIXXX in Free Origin games thread: Dead in Bermuda   
    AAh language!
    Got em manually through the origin launcher.
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    -TesseracT- reacted to SC2Mitch in Renowned game critic TotalBiscuit retires from YouTube after his cancer treatments stop working and his health rapidly deteriorates.   
    Just a heads up, this will probably be a rough read for followers / fans of TB. 
    Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/cynicalbritofficial/comments/8g4eoj/official_totalbiscuits_future/ | https://dotesports.com/culture/news/total-biscuit-retires-23244
    Renowned game critic TotalBiscuit has announced he'll be stepping away from YouTube as his health and his cancer treatments fail. His PR team announced his future onto his subreddit as TB has been forbidden to view Reddit (Apart from r/rarepuppers) and in a series of tweets, he also confirmed that his weekly podcast, the Co Optional Podcast will remain in place but it'll be changed from 3 hours to 2 hours, with now a 5 minute break instead of a 20 minute one.
    So incase people have been out of the loop with his cancer treatment, TB has had cancer for 4 years (It happened in April 2014) and doctors gave him a life expectancy of 2-3 years at max. 
    To cut a massive reddit thread short, his PR team left his closing thoughts
    I respectfully ask you don't speculate how long he has left to live. TB said he'll fight this to the very end, poor guy.
    If you wish to support him:
    Peaceful discussion is always appreciated friends
    His Wife, Genna posted her statement on the reddit thread
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    -TesseracT- reacted to Spotty in Grand Theft Auto 4 has 50 music tracks removed & breaks the game severely for many.   
    I'm still waiting to be able to activate my GFWL copy of GTA IV on Steam like a few other GFWL games did after the service died.
    Also where the hell is Red Dead Redemption for PC?
    Looking at my retail box copy of GTA IV now, and on the back is listed "Customize a radio station using your own songs with Independence FM" as a feature.
    So, solution is to illegally download purchase digital copies of the songs that were removed and then play them in the game through Independence FM.

    For those interested there's a full list of all the original songs that featured on all the radio stations in the back of the "On Liberty" tourist guide that comes with retail copies. This list is probably online somewhere in a wiki or something as well.
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    -TesseracT- reacted to RollTime in GoFundMe for getting Crunchy Dragon an SSD   
    I assumed the response would be more positive, but yes.
    That... that would work, yes.
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    -TesseracT- got a reaction from ChroniclyInsane in Monitor FLASHES when i stand up from my chair   
    I've had this problem for I think 2 weeks now? Whenever I stand up from my chair, my monitor flashes for like 0.2 seconds, black, sometimes twice. Im not touching the desk, im not wearing headphones, I have no contact with anything. I have checked the power and video connections to the monitor. They are not loose, and if I pull them from side to side, nothing happens. This never seem to happen when I actually get in my chair, only when I get out of it. I have the Acer Predator XB271HU, one guy one overclock.net had the same issue as me... http://www.overclock.net/forum/44-monitors-displays/1633110-monitor-flickering-when-standing-up-my-chair.html. Do you think it is ESD? Here is video, sorry for video being sideways LOL! Go to 0:12
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    -TesseracT- reacted to nitroaid in Linus sac anyone??   
    Now linus's balls don't work you can buy his sac here :https://linusbike.com/products/the-sac    
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    -TesseracT- reacted to Drak3 in Would you pull down your pants for any TV you wanted?   
    Any TV I wanted? Not just limited to real ones?