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  1. You say that you loved Far Cry 3, and they you say that Far cry 4 was a "re-skin of the same shit". So that is a reason to hate Far Cry 4? It's more of the same, more of the good stuff, how can you say that's bad?
  2. Since there are only two games on steam surpassing czgo in player numbers, i guess there are only two games on steam that are not dead. Or maybe, since pubg has gone down in player numbers, that game is also dead, and dota 2 is the only game that is "alive".
  3. I played my first PC game for maybe only a few minutes, it was some racing game when i was probably around five years old. The first PC game I played on my own PC was Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 from 2000, played when I was around 13.
  4. Guise, Im still worried. I posted this topic about how when i stood up from my chair, my monitor would flash for like, 1 sec. Now, when ive moved, that doesnt happen as often (when i stand up). However, it happens when I turn off my ceiling lights or my table fan. Not only does the screen go black, but the audio (when im using the monitors speakers) goes out for like 2 sec. Im just want to know why this is happening, what I can do, i dont want my monitor to break (it was expensive). My room is not humid, the wall sockets are grounded, my chair is not on carpet, my house was
  5. To be able to take in fewer kcal than you are used to, and not letting your hunger take over in some situations, would you suggest eating few, medium sized meals or more, smaller sized meals during a day?
  6. I remember listening to it on my phone when in bed (not watching it) and then looking to see what the fuck was going on, and I see this lol.
  7. After the big update, i've noticed that the colour of the taskbar is different. it was very black before, now its dark blue? Compare the absolute black part of the first image on the top, and the taskbar on the bottom. i turned off "transparency effects" or whatever, it changed to the second image. still not black enough tho. anyone else noticed this?
  8. Free battlefield 4 and battlefield 1 DLC:https://www.origin.com/swe/sv-se/store/battlefield/battlefield-4/expansion/battlefield-4-dragons-teeth, https://www.origin.com/swe/sv-se/store/battlefield/battlefield-1/expansion/battlefield-1-they-shall-not-pass
  9. New free game: Peggle (why, what is this game?!?)
  10. Things not to write in LTT threads (whether you are a mod or not): thread moved. this is not news worthy. this is better suited as a status update. update your post to fit the news guidelines. Certain popular games that start on p and f are strictly forbidden to talk about. Do not talk about Jesus. Do not shitpost so often (maybe a little). Don't post things that are very obvious, unless they are called for. Do not make a thread about how you can become a mod. Do not make a thread to say hello when you sign up. Things not to say to me: Anything about IQ or GPA. Anything about battle royal
  11. Case, PSU. My chair has a 10 year warranty lol.
  12. probably nothing, ive had candy during the day, i wont even get hungry
  13.  i did not expect this. I was browsing an online store (food store). An hour later, I get an email from the store, saying "Thank you for visiting". I wonder, how did the store get a hold of my email, and how is this a thing? We are talking about my hotmail account here. That account is not connected to my web browser, I use a gmail account for that. I've never been logged into this site before. I've actually only shopped there once before, but that was in a physical store. I did not give them any information. Did google supply them with my email? my hotmail is my backup of my gmail of my google account, however i almost only use my hotmail. Anyways, i dont like this.

    1. AresKrieger


      Is that email connected to your phone in any way if so your phone might have ratted you out

    2. -TesseracT-


      Well, i have the account logged in on the standard email app.

  14. It's funny. Apparently, hackintosh threads are banned on this forum, yet ltt has a video about building one. Thats nice.

    1. lieder1987


      ha, weird now that you mention it...

  15. You already have the red progress bar at the bottom of the thumbnail. However, youtube seem to not remember many videos that u actually have seen.
  16. New free game: Dead in Bermuda. Link: https://www.origin.com/swe/sv-se/store/dead-in-bermuda/dead-in-bermuda/standard-edition.