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  • Birthday Apr 05, 2000

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    United States, California
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    Playing saxophone and anything tech related.
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    I am currently going to highschool am 14 years old and involved in many marching band, jazz band, and concert band activities. Also highly value school I want to become a mechanical engineer. I game on my spare time.
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    Spare time musician, spare time computer enthusiast, full time student


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    Intel i5 4670
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    Gigabyte Msi Z87-G45 Gaming
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    Gtx 760 4gb Gaming addition
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    Thermaltake, forgot exact model
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    1TB Generic Hard Drive, Samsung 250GB 450 EVO
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    Corsair RM650
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    Fan, just the ones that came with the case.
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    Corsair Vengence k70 Red backlight blue switches
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    Logitech M325
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    Windows 8.1 pro

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  1. Just wondering cause I still got 2 hours until Fallout 4 downloads...
  2. Mine is the exact same way, its like showing other peoples credit card info and stuff soooooooo... steam better get their crap together
  3. That method requires this paid software ill keep looking I wanted to make it fancy
  4. My system reserved partition is on the wrong drive, so whenever windows 10 tries to update all it says is "We couldn't update the system reserved partition" How do I transfer the system reserved partition to my ssd without reformatting my drive? (if I reformat, I will loose a bunch of my software that I forgot the license keys for, and windows 10 won't be reserved)
  5. I dont have the original invoice for office 2013, or the license. So ya, is their any other way I can transfer it? If not I have some office 2007 keys that I guess I could use (oh well). I have the instalation cd for cyberlink power dvd 14 so that should be good. The norton license is attatched to an account so that is also good, my only problem is word. Any suggestions?
  6. Ok and I should probably unplug the HDD while installing win 8.1 right? And I should be able to migrate all my files over to the hdd, format the ssd, than unplug the hdd and install windows8.1 onto the newly formated ssd and once installed plug back in the hdd and delete the system reserved partition on the hdd right? Also I have a bunch of software installed on my ssd like word and Norton security (I know I know norton is bad, but I got a good deal on it), how do I migrate the licenses?
  7. Ok I've got like 3 hours before I go to bed, if I reformat my drives and re-install win8.1, will my win10 upgrade still be reserved? (OMG I don't think so crap, what do I do)
  8. So i'm a big dummy, a while ago I transferred over to an ssd but didn't migrate the system reserve partition. So now I have two disks, my ssd (with windows 8.1 installed) and my HDD (with my system reserved partition on it). Does anyone know how to migrate the system reserved partition from the HDD to the SSD????
  9. I have the pro version of win8.1 with all the networking features and such, when I upgrade to win10 in my free upgrade thingy, will I be recieving the pro edition of that too?
  10. So most of the time I will not have internet access, so what things should I download on my laptop and phone to keep myself entertained? Quick note, im bringing a crappy laptop that can't play any games because I don't have a gaming laptop, only a big ass gaming PC. Also I'm on ios (I know I know andriod is better) for both my phone and tablet so should I jailbreak both my devices and download pirated movies and stuff or should I leave my phone and tablet alone.
  11. Well I don't know, I really like fanservice too, just sometimes its annoying. Like fanservice in something like Highschool DXD is perfect, but in Hunter x Hunter it feels out of place
  12. She has to exist before you can find her , Lol jk that was pretty funny though.
  13. I used to like SAO, but then once season 2 hit Asuna basically became a side character (better than a weak little bitch like she was in the second half of season 1, I mean like why couldn't they of kept her like she was in the first half of season 1, a total badass.) Now all you see in season 2 is this: http://i.imgur.com/7QyLMCE.png Any other anime you guys used to like but then were just filled to the brim with fanservice? Not like fanservice is a bad thing, just sometimes it's a bit annoying.
  14. So if you haven't heard yet Gabe Newell himself has posted on r/gaming "answering" questions. In reality he is only answering random questions like "what are you eating" and avoiding the big stuff like "why not add a donation button." You can have your comments ignored here: http://i.imgur.com/ZdExTyD.png While on the topic of reddit various subreddits such as r/gaming r/pcmasterrace r/skyrim r/skyrimmods and many more are all angry and up in arms about the whole modding situation. Back at steam the mods are banning anyone posting negativly about the paid mod system and the skyrim stor