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    AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
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    MSI Prestige X570 Creation
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 2x16GB
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    ASUS ROG Strix RTX 2070 Advanced
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    Corsair Crystal 570X
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    WD Black 1TB SSD
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    Corsair RM 850X
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    Custom Loop
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    Corsair M65 Pro & Logitech MX Master 3
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    AudioQuest DragonFly + Sennheiser HD650
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    Razer Blade 14" (Late 2017), Surface Pro 7, MacBook Air (2020)

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  1. Thanks a lot for the suggestions! I have a job interview tomorrow so if it looks like I impressed them, then that shall be my justification to spending the extra amounts of money on the Seasonic Titanium PSU... otherwise I'll take the EVGA.
  2. Hello World! I need some quick suggestions on buying a new power supply. I am using a Corsair AX850 (The 80+ Gold Version) on my server with 11 3.5" drives (+ 3 2.5" SSDs) but for whatever reason, it looks like after idling and some of the drive spin down, they aren't spinning back up when I need them. I have some of these drives in a Windows Server Storage Pool and so when two lose connection, the virtual disks unmount and I can get them back until I restart. I switched the drives that seem to always get disconnected off the SATA power cable from the PSU and used a molex to SATA a
  3. I actually bought the cable for $40. I tried the drivers on their website and not much luck there unfortunately I think I will try your suggestion. I have been looking into that switch for awhile but I didn't want to take chances on that configuration because I wasn't sure if the NICs and switch would play nicely with each other. I'll likely start with getting a passive cable (its all I can afford right now >.<) and seeing if it gets the NICs to light up.
  4. I live in a two bedroom apartments so my best option is running cables through cable conduits I installed on the ceiling. For my "home-networking" I have installed about 2-3 ethernet lines to each room that are mounted onto surface boxes. For this plan with the NICs I mentioned, I wanted to directly attach the two computers (my server and desktop) directly for a 10Gbps connection between them. The NICs do not appear to need additional drivers as they were recognized immediately by the OS as network cards. I did not install any additional drivers as Windows (Windows 10 and Windows Serv
  5. Greetings Linus Tech Tips Forum-ers, I am trying to figure out the best way to connect my main desktop computer to my storage server. I plan to remove all the hard drives from my rig and have all my files on the server. Gigabit ethernet has been fine so far but I would like something faster now that am dumping tons of (raw) photos and videos on my desktop from my cameras and devices. My friend got me some SFP+ cards. On both my machines they are recognized in my Network Connections as Mellanox ConnectX-2 Ethernet Adapters and I believe they were purchased from this lis
  6. Oh. Your parameter assumes a string. You can remove the cast from radius: radius = input('Enter the 9 digit numbers for the ISBN: ')
  7. You aren't calling the function. In your main method, if the selection equals Verify_ISBN_10, call the function ISBN_10. You want to replace: print('Your check digit is: ', ISBN_10) with ISBN_10(radius) And it looks like you want to change the float cast to int on the line before it.
  8. Did he say what time it is going to be? I might do the crazy plan of flying over in the morning and flying out the same day
  9. Anyone know what time everything/anything is? I'm actually considering flying early in the morning, then flying back out at night
  10. I live in New Jersey, but I could fly over (free vacation flight). My only issue is transportation and lodging once I'm in Canada. Anyone want to form a group for hotel rooms ?!
  11. I'll consider the change in change in GPU and SSD. I have heard good things about the Sandisk Drive so I'll give it a shot. The graphics card is iffy, not because of the performance, but because of its size. The main reason I looked into the 970 that I did is because it is ASUS's ITX sized 970, which is not much longer (I'm not sure if it is any longer) than an ITX motherboard. The case takes in a full sized ATX PSU towards the front of the case, so hopefully the PSU with the modular cables and the card can fit together. The dummy card I can test out if I get the case is a GTX 770 whic
  12. Do you think I would have better luck with overclocking by switching to an H80i (a thicker 120mm radiator) for the 4790k? Since I'm pretty much set on the case, I might just buy it now and play around with it. My main system has a 4790k in it already. I can just use the ITX Z97 board I have, plug in the drives that I have, and get some random PSU and graphics card that I have laying around and stress test it.
  13. I do have a spare SSD, but the one I have listed on PC Part Picker is one I do not own. I would prefer to buy a new one just so most of the components are new.
  14. The case does support a 120mm liquid cooler so any 240mm cooler (h100) would not fit. The incompatibility listed on PC Part Picker is between the H80i and the motherboard, however, Linus's video on the x99 ITX board shows that we could use an H80i with the system. This is the case that the system is revolving around: http://www.fractal-design.com/home/product/cases/node-series/node-304-black so it isn't very big. I don't think the NH-D14 will fit with the hard drive brackets in. I'm not really looking to overclock these systems too much considering the form factor so I'm pretty sure
  15. As the title suggests, I am planning a build for a small form factor system. There is a tldr statement at the bottom if this thread looks to long to read. Background: This system would be an extra rig in my dorm room. I want this to be an ITX system for the fact that I want a very portable system. I do some A/V work where sometimes my client requires streaming and live audio/video work and therefore this system would be moving quite a bit. This system should also be capable of doing some video editing and rendering. My roommate and I do some video editing in our room but system isn't that