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  1. Hey bois Welp my friends gpu died and he said he doesn't want to bother fixing it. It's a gigabyte 1070 mini ITX and he said it just went from displaying a screen to a black screen with a no signal message. Something gave up. I could try fixing it with the oven baking method and get few more months of life out of it... or I could find what's wrong with it and take it to a professional to get new parts soldered on. But in order to get new things i need to find what's wrong and I don't have the knowledge on what to look in a gpu. There could be problems with p
  2. Welp... I cleared CMOS, took out the reset SW from the mbo, changed power limits in power edit option. Gotta check if the ram is causing the issue, hope it's not... How do you check if something is wrong with the motherboard and what do i look for in the when testing a PSU @Gundar The cpu is not over heating. I'm running the Artic Freezer 13 cooler, GPU is the 1060 6GB Gigabyte and PSU is Corsair VS650. I don't have another psu on hand...
  3. I'm 1hour (GMT+1 or 2 dunno) ahead of you so i'll be looking forward to your update! Well if that helps you then it would probably also help me, btw which psu did you buy?
  4. So tommorow? im mean it's 12:47 AM for me rn...Aight... I'm playing games and just out of nowwhere A RESTART... LIKE WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY... This is causing me so much frustration... I'm a student and money ain't easy to come by in this current situation... fml
  5. Ryzen 5 3600 MSI B450 Tomahawk max 16 gb ram GTX 1060 6GB Corsair VS650 Win 10 Pro
  6. Well, i guess i'm not the only one... @larveyhong Please do update this post if the new psu fixes things!!!!!!!!!!! Please! I'm having the same problem...
  7. When I press the set as default button, it automatically sets it as a default in windows... I once made it work with drivers that I downloaded from somewhere but I lost the link and it's not working anymore... The audio manager is a huge help in controlling the sound... Maybe it's time to upgrade... Damn it... I have to save at least 350$ for a decent mobo, CPU and ram... I'm running an i3 3220 right now with a GTX 1060 6gb version...
  8. So here I am asking for help. MBO: Asus p8b75-m lx Problem: The motherboard does not support windows 10. (Supports up to 8.1) Drivers on Asus website for my mbo do not produce any sound... Ofc they are not for the win 10... I'm getting sound and everything else but I miss using the Realtek Audio manager or whatever it's called... The picture underneath is showing my situation... Everything is grayed out... How could I fix this? I have the Audio Manager but ALL options are DISABLED and I cannot use it at all...
  9. A'ight, Thanks man! I'm from Europe so i can be kinda hard to find something that isn't popular or old
  10. Hmmmm 3770 isn't even on the PCPartPicker...