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    Intel i7 6700k
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    Gigabyte Z170 SOC Force
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    Corsair LPX 32gb
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    Sapphire Nitro 390x
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro
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    3xSamsung 950 Pro, Seagate 8tb
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    AKG Q701
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    Windows 8.1 Professional 64-bit
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  1. that's an adorable charmander

  2. Its the first of its kind. Prices will go down in a year or so. Look at the intel 750, down 200$ on the 1.2tb since launch.
  3. You can only find 3440x1440 monitors in 34-35"
  4. If your motherboard/cpu dies, you can still use the ram on skylake. Just don't expect any overclocking, or new features.
  5. The acer version of the pg279q. Better qc, and same everything as the asus one. Acer Predator XB271HU
  6. Why do you need dual socket when you only have 1 processor?
  7. Build one. Get some counter-top and legs from a hardware store and there you go. The only desk that will suit everything you want from a desk.
  8. Oh god, Locker. Please no, my computer already screams in agony.
  9. Games change, either change with the formula, or stick to playing ut99.
  10. Their pcs+ 290x was one of the best, so yes. Just try to avoid customer service, they aren't too well adept in it.
  11. Corsair Scimitar, Razer Naga, Logitech G600, I think steelseries has a wow mouse that is very old, also the Mad Catz Rat MMO
  12. Not really a trailer is the thing. Its the opening cinematic to the new zombies map.
  13. MXL mics are always a good option if you are worried about price. I personally would recommend a EV Re20/320, but that may go beyond your budget.
  14. Somehow used more for me. Yet that was only on my shit laptop that has issues watching youtube videos.