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    00RaZoR11 got a reaction from MadAnt250 in Am I just too cheap?   
    certainly. However with such height limitations OP may not have the space for an AIO, or he might not want to replace it after a few years. Personally I don't like AIOs because they are meant to be trashed after some time, instead of being designed for working as long as possible.
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    00RaZoR11 reacted to -rascal- in Did I dream of this case fan?   
    It looks like Amazon / NewEgg carries them.
    If you're in Canada, Memory Express, too.
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    00RaZoR11 reacted to SavageNeo in Better cooler or better paste?   
    DO NOT get an aio for that cpu. be quiet dark rock pro 4 will match the aio in cooling for lower price. that paste is really good do not worry.
    Save the money and buy dark rock pro 4. the saevd money use to more storage etc
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    00RaZoR11 reacted to Eighjan in Most silent fan to sleep with?   
    Ohhh... people fans, not ones that go in PC's.
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    00RaZoR11 reacted to LogicalDrm in How Do I Get 4.5 Amps To A Computer Fan?   
    You need external PSU or direct molex from PSU to fan. Delta's are meant for servers, desktop motherboards aren't suitable. If you want high airflow fan, look at iPPC line-up from Noctua instead.
    You probably won't be needing either, really. Those are for situations where case isn't designed for airflow and fans need to push massive amount of air through tight chassis.
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    00RaZoR11 reacted to Moonzy in How Do I Get 4.5 Amps To A Computer Fan?   
    but... why
    i promise you you'll hear it from 3 rooms away
    as people have said, u could power it using molex, one fan per chain
    just... use a normal case fan like a sane person
    also, quote people when replying so they'll see it
    welcome to the forums!
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    00RaZoR11 reacted to 5x5 in i7-7700k overheating very quickly with be quiet! Pure Rock   
    The 7700K is infamous for very high stock temperatures because of the Intel cum paste. I'd say undervolt and don't overclock unless you are willing to delid it
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    00RaZoR11 reacted to Semper in Rbg mouse porblems   
    If your mouse has any software attached to it (I.E. G Hub for Logitech, iCUE for Corsair, Synapse for Razer, ETC) this is where you would find a setting that would enable/disable lighting.

    If that fails, in your UEFI/BIOS may be an option for disabling powered USB ports when the system is off, you'll have to search around for it, and/or potentially try a different port.

    Seeing as I know nothing about your system, this is as specific as I can get.
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    00RaZoR11 got a reaction from jdjinn in Keyboard failing   
    maybe play a typing game like zty.pe or typeracer. If it doesn't give you a problem there, it's probably just the game. Otherwise you could send it in for warranty or just disassemble it yourself. Maybe sell it to somebody as spare parts.
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    00RaZoR11 reacted to Oswin in Top Best Budget Gaming Wireless Mice?   
    you can go with the G603 that @00RaZoR11 recommended or with a G703 or razer basilisk x hyperspeed, the G604 may also be an option if you like larger mice.
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    00RaZoR11 got a reaction from Oswin in Top Best Budget Gaming Wireless Mice?   
    g603. It has 0 latency, you can change the batteries so you don't have to trash it after a few years. It has bluetooth so you can use it with any laptop and some phones. 2 sidebuttons. Options: two AAs for reliability and battery life; one AA for gaming, lighter weight, better balance. A single 2000mAh AA lasts months, I hardly ever have to charge them. The scroll wheel is better than the g403's. It looks professional. It's not extremely expensive. Just don't lose the dongle.
    I've had it since release (2017), I'm not going easy on it. I'm not trying to spare its wheel or buttons. I carry it with me in my backpack (in a separate pocket). The G on its back is faded, other than it's flawless
    The software sometimes shits itself, but what software doesn't. (Not recognizing the first scroll step, messing with cursor speed, stuttering). I haven't noticed any issues recently though.
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    00RaZoR11 got a reaction from Newblesse Obblige in How to clean the internals of a mechanical switch without desoldering and dissasembling it?   
    good luck, i'm glad you found a solution
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    00RaZoR11 got a reaction from Newblesse Obblige in How to clean the internals of a mechanical switch without desoldering and dissasembling it?   
    if the washing/blowing don't work you could try a few computer stores or laptop repair stores if they have somebody who'd be willing to do it for a few bucks. Especially if you don't have any other options
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    00RaZoR11 got a reaction from EspinalAndres in AIO sounds way too much   
    sorry for being so late.
    Naturally, you cannot avoid draining at least some of the liquid out of it.
    The difficult part is mixing new liquid that won't destroy the loop.
    Refilling can be done in a large container, so that you can submerge the radiator and the tube in the liquid, and reattach the tube while the pump is running. There is at least one video about this > click. (6.30)
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    00RaZoR11 got a reaction from Newblesse Obblige in How to clean the internals of a mechanical switch without desoldering and dissasembling it?   
    contact cleaner sounds good, then dry it out with compressed air or something. Just be careful with a compressor, I'm afraid a very high pressure blow might bend  the contacts (if it's anything like a cherry switch).
    Desoldering isn't that difficult imo. Watch some videos from louis rossmann and learn from him how to solder (if the cleaning doesnt work). You would need
    -soldering iron
    -zip ties or small flathead screwdrivers (to disassemble the switch)
    even the cheapest stuff would be fine, don't overthink it.
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    00RaZoR11 got a reaction from EspinalAndres in AIO sounds way too much   
    I didn't listen to your video cuz I can't right now. I had an issue with my ekwb pump once, it sounded like there was a bubble in it. The actual problem was that a piece of metal on the impeller's shaft got worn, so the impeller had some axial play. I made some plastic washers out of a piece of thick foil I had lying around, and it's fine ever since.
    This would explain why your aio doesnt make a sound when it's horizontal. Gravity stabilizes the impeller and it stops moving up and down
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    00RaZoR11 got a reaction from captain-god87 in What 360mm AIO to buy ???   
    Have you seen the new ekwb drgb aios? If you really don't want a custom loop, that's your best bet (or an old ek predator). Drgb block and fans, and it's expandable and possible to maintain. Alphacool aios are even better, but they are not all that pretty, plain black everything. The arctic seems good, too, but I'm not sure how easy it would be to maintain. 
    I wouldn't even consider anything other than these 3. Most aios have a limited life and use. You can't expand them or use the radiator in another build, or fix them (easily) if/when they clog up or the pump dies.
    Any reason why you chose the 10900k over the 3900x?
    That ram should be good with ryzen, too.
    Since money doesn't seem to be an issue, I'd say don't look at anything other than Samsung Kingston or Intel. Just make sure there aren't any rgb leds on the thing.
    Regarding the 2070, watch out for the diminishing returns. The expensive models are not 20% faster.. At that point you'd be better off with a "cheap" 2080s. If I was in the market for one, I think I'd just buy the cheapest 2-3 fan zotac, pny, palit, or gigabyte.
    I have no idea what could utilize that psu. Maybe a multigpu threadripper build? Even 800 watts is pretty high for a modern system. At least it's gonna be silent i guess
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    00RaZoR11 reacted to captain-god87 in What 360mm AIO to buy ???   
    Hey ! 
    some really useful info there mate , thank you .
    My main reason for going with intel is because it will primarily be a music production rig and most d.a.w's prefer higher clock speeds as well as when using vst plug ins and other musical software where latency for playback and performing is a major concern, ryzen suffers a little due to its chiplet design . I have to say i am stoked to be building again but feel a little disappointed not being able to check out ryzen especially with all the hype around it. Anyway i am happy enough with my choice given my wants for the rig.
    Funny you should mention the EK aio as after posting this topic/question i watched a video from our all knowing tech jesus over at Gamers Nexus and seemed to fair pretty well so i'll keep an eye out for more reviews on it and probably go for it seeing as its not due to ship until the 30th of june which coincidentally is the same date as  when everywhere (at least in the uk) will be getting stock again of the 10900k.
    in regards to the 2070 super , i think i may try and snag one from ebay for a good price , probably a gigabyte one as i like the look and there seems to be plenty on the site atm . I will be looking to upgrade to a 3000 anyhow as soon as they launch (so long as performance is good for the money) 
    In regards to the psu , i fully know how ridiculous it is , i myself laugh as i walk past it at the moment but like i said i got it for a very good price and figured the same , it would run silent and in theory it being their flagship psu , last a good while..... Hell if the embarrassment gets too much i can always sell it and downgrade , i should at the very least break even on it so i'm not worried. lol 
    Thanks again for the reply ma dude 
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    00RaZoR11 reacted to Slottr in Can a Custom Loop save you money in the long run?   
    And why is an air cooler not an option if you're finding so many issues with AIO's or loops?
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    00RaZoR11 reacted to For Science! in Triple Radiator Placement - Its not all about the Airflow   
    A bit weird that temps are so bad with that much radiator space, but in general I do agree that all radiators should be set to exhaust, doing so dropped my fluid temperatures close to 10 degrees too.
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    00RaZoR11 got a reaction from Coolday in Fan direction in AIO   
    in my experience a pull config is more noisy. The other difference is aesthetics, you can decide what you wanna see, the fans or the rad. Some people (like linus) use pull configs to make the radiator's front more accessible for cleaning. 
    I'm not sure about this one, but based off how much gn steve complains about it, I assume using round-framed fans in pull is more effective cause they have pressure leaks around the corners. That would be eliminated in pull. Though it's probably only a few degrees of difference
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    00RaZoR11 reacted to Drama Lama in Custom loop - worth it?   
    Aircooling is much more reliable and often cheaper than watercooling high end air coolers are better than aios
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    00RaZoR11 reacted to W-L in Two Reservoir Connection   
    You can use a male to male rotary fitting if you have the two ports directly facing each other, but if you want it angled like they are in the photo a set of angled adapters would be necessary in conjunction with the male to male fitting. 

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    00RaZoR11 reacted to Lipe123 in Hanging fan on radiator   
    Yup just cut the corner of the fan mount off and use the remaining 3 screws. It's better than one screw
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    00RaZoR11 reacted to HM-2 in Hanging fan on radiator   
    Could you not fit the fans to the radiator then mount it? In your current state you won't be getting much airflow from that fan at all. You could always cut a notch in the fan frame.