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  1. Xperia One...One?...One! Or maybe it's Xperia One Two and the next flagship will be Xperia One Two Three (aka Xperia 1 II 011)
  2. I'm curious what will be the quality of 8K video because S20 and S20+ use the telephoto for 8K recording.
  3. GPU requirements are -GPU that at least supports DirectX 11 -NVIDIA GeForce 600 series or newer -AMD Radeon HD 3000 series or newer -Intel HD Graphics 2000 series or newer I tried it in beta and it wasn't a good experience playing 1080p game on 80mbps connection. I stopped after 10minutes.
  4. I have FBI on the line, they want to speak with you.
  5. It's a concept phone, they are not going to sell it.
  6. I'm wondering if/how this will happen. I'm really looking forward to Mate 30 Pro.
  7. Did you replace the X in STRIX or it's the original one. Can't tell ?
  8. Well it depends on how much the speed will be limited. I've already heard last year that manufacturers will have to mandatory equip vehicles with different technology like lane keeping and stuff. The first thing was adding the eCall, which automatically calls emergency line after an accident is detected (+sends location and other info about vehicle), also you can use it manually to just call the emergency line if you need to.
  9. Well it will start with a movie script writing and we may end up with a application that will write full movie scrips and then create a full realistic looking CGI movies with any actor you may want just by inputting few parameters. Sounds cool