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  1. The moderation is certainly strange and abnormal on the discord. I was permabanned after constantly disagreeing with the mods in pilot chat. I was getting into arguments with them because it was nearly impossible to actually hold a proper conversation without getting muted, kicked, or banned. Conversations naturally stray a little bit from time to time, but it was so bad that we couldn't just have normal conversations about technology. Also, the mods rule by "rules for thee, and not for me", where the rules don't apply to them. For example, even though the rules explicitly say, "no low qu
  2. Thanks for the reply @Theguywhobea So I understand that the public domain information is separate from the companies that synthesize the drug. I guess my question was more, "If the information is in the public domain, does that also mean there are limits to profits/etc. to the drug(s) that are made from that information?" I as a user can help forward general knowledge, however the vaccines are still up to the country. So in Canada, it's likely that a vaccine for coronavirus for exmaple will likely not cost much or anything at all due to the laws in Canada. However, in t
  3. So I asked my brother if I could use his spare 970 and 770 for folding, and he brought up a question about patents for drugs from the information. I forgot that I posted a question on the FAH forum about it already. https://foldingforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=32689 So basically what I'm hearing is that if we can find a cure, the simulations are public domain. Also, the papers are, for the most part, free to access. However, at least for the United States, if a pharmacy company wants to patent a drug made from that data and papers and price gouge for
  4. Since this post came up near the top of my Google search and others might be looking for the same thing: I just bought a Zotac RTX 2070 that has DVI, HDMI, 2x DP, and one USB C. I will likely get a USB C cable for my TV, so I'll update later if it works.
  5. Considering Minecraft Java Edition (which is what I assume you're referencing) is extremely single-threaded for it's main process, there's not much you can test besides single-threaded performance and memory speed/timings. The only other thing I can think of is dual vs quad (or more) channel ram, but I am very unfamiliar with how a single threaded app works with multi-channel memory, and I can't find any resources on it after a little bit of googling. However, I think it would be an interesting thing to test. Go into a flat world with the same seed, fill up TNT in the same amount o
  6. @BlueGoliath I went back through your post and watched all the sources you supplied. First of all, if you listen carefully, you can hear the context at this timestamp: I don't know about you, and you're probably going to argue this for some reason, but it's pretty clear to me that the "top-tier performance" is relative to AMD's lineup and the year of 2017 until the release of the 2700x, and same until the release of the 3700x. Not only that, but consider the title literally has "AMD Ryzen 2nd vs 3rd Gen" in it, it's pretty clear that the scope of this vide
  7. Honestly, I'm surprised so many people are still so annoyed by the titles and thumbnails. They've said multiple times that they're just playing into the algorithm. They can be all high and mighty and not do it, but then they likely slice their revenue clean in half, or lower. If you look at the Floatplane titles, they are generally more to the point like you're saying. They still use the same thumbnails, but why would they generate another thumbnail?
  8. First of all, where did they say "top-tier performance"? You didn't provide a source for that. Secondly, the 1000 and 2000 series were not as powerful as this recent 3000 series. And as news just released today, the 3000 series should be seeing a little bit of a boost, especially for overclockers, with a new BIOS update. Lastly, why would you say that their CS:GO tests aren't indicative of real-world performance, and that it shouldn't be used as a benchmark? If anything, it's the closest to real-world performance. The default frame cap of CS:GO is 300 fps, and many play
  9. Hey All, On a whim in the Discord Pilot Chat, I felt like extracting all the PassMark Single Threaded scores based on a conversation we were having. I saved the HTML, cut off anything that wasn't in the table, did some regex to remove anything that wasn't the processor name and score, and voilá! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pmNW3zN5Go_cfOYS2la0SNRYJJZSJY15wI8O3fBMcsk/edit?usp=sharing As marked in the title of the sheet, all of these scores are as of 2019-09-04T01:08:47.434Z. Hope this helps anyone! Just felt like sharing. :)
  10. https://www.redhat.com/en/about/press-releases/ibm-closes-landmark-acquisition-red-hat-34-billion-defines-open-hybrid-cloud-future It's going to be interesting seeing what such a large corporation will do with this OS.
  11. In fact, Android does not run Java at all. It runs a completely rewritten set of APIs which is compatible with Java. This goes both for Dalvik as well as ART. That's why you often see people say Android runs on a "Java dialect", "fork of Java" or "Java-like". I was under the assumption that Android shipped with a slew of Java SE 8 libraries and APIs. I didn't know that Android re-wrote the Java APIs to work and make them function like Java. If that's the case, then Java has every right to sue. It's explicitly written in their licensing: "License for the Distribution of
  12. Look at it this way. It's very clear in their licensing that Java can be used internally to a company to develop software. It's also clear that the software they make can be used internally, as well as given out for free to other companies/people, or even sold if it is given out as a binary (exe of sorts). Think about it this way. What is Minecraft made on? Java. Minecraft costs money. What is Android made on? C, but it has Java distributed with it (core libraries from Oracle) for applications to be supported on it. Android is free. A little bit contradicting if you as
  13. Actually, the way I understand it, Android does supplement the actual Java libraries on Android. The APIs they integrated are the original APIs. Modifying the APIs is a deeper part of the license that they didn't seem to violate. What Oracle is suing for is the fact that those APIs can be accessed on Android. In their licensing it's a little vague on if that is inherently violating their licenses. Also, to clarify, printf isn't an API itself but a method of a bunch of larger classes/modules in an API. For example, Java.lang is an API to use the basic Java language. Java
  14. Main Article: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2019/01/google-asks-supreme-court-to-overrule-disastrous-ruling-on-api-copyrights/ Here's a snippet of the previous court case from Wikipedia: It appears that Oracle has been dealing with this for quite some time. I personally think this ruling is a joke in it's current state, but the more I read the licensing and read about other information on the web, I think Java is in the right. From my understanding, here are five licesnses: Java SE 6: https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/terms/licen
  15. I use Voicemeeter Banana to manage my audio. It works well. https://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/banana.htm