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    Proud Canadian Eh?
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    Toronto, Canada
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    Just Keep Folding@Home...
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    Intel Core i5 4440 Quad Core CPU @ 3.1Ghz
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    ASRock Z97 Anniversary Edition
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    8GB Adata XPG DDR3-1600Mhz
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    Nvidia GTX 760 OC 2GB GDDR5 - Windforce Edition
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    LG 23" IPS 1080p, 60Hz - Model No. 23MP75
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    Hyper 212 EVO
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    Beyerdynamic DT880s + ModMic 4.0
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. But I'm able to achieve high speeds with a direct link with no router? Shouldn't it be a software issue??
  2. Well, I did a firmware upgrade on my router, and wireless speeds went up to 2.8 MBPs, faster than my ISP combo. However, transfer speeds from the NAS have slightly decreased. This does not make any sense to me.
  3. Well yea, it would appear as if it's a dual core instead of the previous quad core, hence why I wanted to do this sort of thing on the previous router. Still though, is there nothing else I can do to increase transfer speeds with my current hardware?
  4. Not high end, no. My other one is better; wireless internet speeds are slower and current transfer speeds are slower on the new router. I have not done any previous file transfers on this router before.
  5. Back online on the new router. My internet speeds are the same, however transfer speeds from the NAS are now around 3.25 MBPs max instead of 4 from before. However, I do have full access to all the routers options now, so that's a plus.
  6. Still through the combo, the Cisco router is not in the picture yet.
  7. Yes. All traffic is currently directed through this router.
  8. Windows didnt want to add the 192.... ip as a network drive. tried http://192... and nothing. It's currently added as a network drive under \\Server\Share This same configuration was used when I achieved the aforementioned 80 MBPs before using a direct ethernet link from my PC to the NAS
  9. It appears as if both of these were done already, so this is not the solution. Anything else?
  10. I'll put it online. How would I configure the NAS to act as a local server on the network, and not as an outside server that needs to be accessed over the internet?
  11. Offline, or with an internet connection from my router? I'm not exactly experienced in networking, so I'm not exactly sure what I'd need to do.