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  1. Nice Profile pic GIF.

    10/10 for originality.

  2. Good old GTA V and Ski Region Sim
  3. So I want to upgrade my ram from 4gb to 16gb and was wondering if this memory will work with my motherboard. RAM: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233190&cm_re=ddr3_ram-_-20-233-190-_-Product MOBO: https://us.msi.com/Motherboard/B85M-GAMING.html#hero-specification
  4. Well idk for sure but I had a similar issue with my mic/headphones and to fix it I plugged my PC into another power outlet and the noise went away. I think it is because of it not grounding my psu or something. So you might want to try that. B)
  5. Im no expert but I would go with remove a fan so it fits and mount the h80i where you want the air to go, so if you put it in the front of the case have it pulling air in. B)
  6. NICKEY V baby Thats all today folks. B)
  7. What would be the MAX price or price range?
  8. Well if you are really sick than it would be better to not go because going will most likely make it worse. (imo)
  9. That case reminds me of Luke because it is sexy.... no homo
  10. I would say "But why?" but then im like wait that would look soo dam cool #newlttvideoidea B)
  11. Gotta love that Burton snowboard also nice setup bro. B)
  12. thx man also is there a red version of this mobo?