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  1. Hello, I need help finding a reliable pcie usb card that is compatible with ryzen am4 platform. I had 2 sent from me from work and they did not work as they are older. Do any of you know or have pcie usb expansion cards that you recommend or know that work? Preferably a pcie usb expansion card with 4+ ports. The motherboard I have is the asrock x570 steel legend. Thanks for your help guys!
  2. Only reason why I was looking at these is because they are $20 each near me from liquidation sites due to companies closing over the quarantine. I don't mind spending but I was wondering if they could be just enough to run extra monitors besides an APU.
  3. Basically I need a system strictly for VPN, zoom calls, and video record (not production but recording straight into OBS and uploading to the cloud). I have an ASUS B450F motherboard, storage, case, but need a cpu/gpu and psu. The requirement I need is that it has to run 5 monitors so I was thinking of getting a APU (2200g-3400g) to use integrated graphics for 2 monitorsand picking up a low end card to run 3 other monitors.
  4. This system isnt for games at all strictly work so a stronger card wouldnt be needed, thats why I was looking at these.
  5. Which GPU would you guys say is better? Nvidia Quadro 2000 or NVIDIA Quadro NVS 510 I am making a workstation system and I have the option of getting one or the other. Which would be better of the two?
  6. Update, I have 24gb of ram running. I know this is not efficient but its working for me right now. I tried every stick combination and they all work together but not 4 together.
  7. I have the 2700x running at stock speeds, no overclocks done on my end at all. Only reason why I went with that 2x8 was since at the time I never needed more than 16gb until now. I'm guessing there is no going around this unless buying again right or running 3 sticks for 24 as that does work.
  8. Hey all, I started having an issue of my 32 gb of ram not booting anymore so I tested all 4 sticks of 8 gbs alone in dual and one by one. They all work in separate combinations but not all 4 at once. So I swapped my Asus b450f for an ASRock x570 I had for another system and same issue followed. Any ideas on how to fix it? The 32 gb of ram were running fine for 5 months and then stopped working all of a sudden. It is the same as the link below except it's 2 black dims and 2 white dims. They are the same frequency, timings and model from Corsair that worked for a whi
  9. ugh, even for separate drones? I have 2 right now but going to make a 3rd later on. I wanted to keep the one I liked the most for fpv racing and test the waters edit: I'm giving the other 2 to my 2 brothers since they want in as well
  10. Okay so I'm buying 2 controllers next month, the qx7 and the evolution, One for me and the other for my brother, he wants to get into racing too
  11. Have any receivers you recommend, I'm running an sp racing f3 board
  12. I want it for fpv racing and liftoff so I dont need the fancy things. Just fly do some racing, maybe some tricks before crashing and sims.
  13. I saw that, I'm not a pincher, how is it compared to the i6? I'm trying to play liftoff too so I want it to work for that too. Also how is the receiver for it?
  14. I have the drone printed with solid petg and it was strength tested to absorb the vibrations already. So staying away from spektrum then, its coming down to the FS-I6S and the Taranis Q X7. Are the receivers for the QX7 difficult to set up? I have the drone set up and wired for the FS ia6 that came with the bricked i6.
  15. So my FlySky FS-i6 resulted in bricking and I have an option to get it replaced by the newer version Flysky FS-I6S, upgrade to the FrSky Taranis QX7 for $50 or look through the more expensive spektrum transmitter. The FS i6 never worked out of the box when I received it.Which one would be better? Also is Spektrum good? I have only heard about flysky and frsky.I'm using this for a custom 3D printed drone that I made for an engineering class. All tested and just needing a transmitter and receiver. Edit: they changed the upgrade price for the taranis from $20 to $50 >.>
  16. welp there goes my next check edit: wasted my last one on building a custom 3d drone .-. now for slow mo
  17. So pretty much as the title says I need replacements for the ath m50x's. I rarely get to be home and use my m50x's that I like so I need a pair of In ear monitors that get as close to the m50x's. No I can't carry the m50x's around, I already carry too much. Thanks for your help.
  18. Phison ssd with with this adapter https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074Z3DTYY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 this is the phison ssd except I couldn't find the 128gb model online https://www.ebay.com/i/322918895770?chn=ps
  19. So pretty much I made an external ssd from a msata one that I had around that I took from an old laptop. The ssd is 128 gb from when I took it out. in disk partition only 19GB are showing that are unallocated. How can I recover and use the rest of the 128gb? It is disk 6, the others are from my desktop.
  20. did that but I still have the authentication popup and I can't fully customize it .-.
  21. So a drive on one of my laptops got corrupted and I decided to might as well update the storage drive. I fresh installed windows 10 build version 1607 and I tried activating the old key on it. I ran into an error were the key wouldn't update so I tried to go online through microsoft support to reset the key from the old drive, there was a bot stuck just on a loop with the same response. After that I just called in through phone and I got an Indian person that barely knew what to do. She kept just saying did you troubleshoot or not miss type the code for 10 mins and then hung up on me(Bi&a
  22. wow long time since I've been on, the forum is still the forum except a little bit of more whining lol

  23. Shit in university all everyone does is piracy since the book and online material courses are $400+ per item... some professors even promote to rip it from a site or buy a single user code for the whole class... this is super funny thread to read btw person whining instead of studying
  24. ordered the asus one and installed it, it works perfectly with some minor issues but it works
  25. The only thing that could be better is the gpu but since the market is off right now that works, also 8gigs should be enough for ram unless you want to stream games as well but for the most part 8 should be enough.