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  1. Would be cool for me since im moving to a new country soon and cant bring my tower.
  2. Headset and keyboard look mad cool.
  3. Yes the problem was that it wouldnt turn on, it was only until after i unplugged and plugged back in i sell the burnt smell. But i do see where you are coming from. When i get home i will check and make sure,
  4. I dont believe i did. I havent opened my case in several months.
  5. Haha, i dont think so i was cooking ramen Hmm i hope so, power supply is cheaper than a new gpu. Will have to borrow a power supply from somewhere and check.
  6. So yesterday i went to boot my PC and it wouldnt turn on. All the lights would flash and immediately turn back off. I pulled everything out of the case and tried it bare bones on my motherboard box. After going through each part and finally plugging in the gpu, the problem came back when i plugged in the gpu. I unplugged it again and plugged it back it and it worked. Threw everything back in the case and turned on fined but i smelt a bit of a burnt smell. Which went away. I turned off the pc for the night. Came back a few hours later drunk as hell and forgot the problem and turned it on th
  7. Nice work guys. Hopefully your channel grows to 2 million subscribers.
  8. The glove mode is pretty cool.
  9. I recently upgraded from a 650ti to a 760. Since i did that i said i should reinstall my drivers from scratch and remove them using DDU and install the latest drivers which i did. I started the driver install as usual and went off to watch something, came back and everything else had successfully installed except Shadow play. Restarted my comp and used DDU and tried again, still no go. And now thats were i am at right now. So any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh on a side note, when i turn on my PC, my keyboard and mouse doesn't respond until a minute or 2 and if i use the ke
  10. Loved the signatures on the bottom of the laptop and the backlight keyboard.
  11. My Favourite thing about it would have to be the size of the screen. It just looks nice and big, but not too big.
  12. This is the highest one ive found. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/battlereport/show/1/53469946/ But i believe ive gotten higher before you were able to save battle reports, i cant really remember. Also Got 200+ on CoD MW2 a few years ago, but that was in a server that doesnt actually end.
  13. Well... guess i wont grab it then.
  14. I saw it was on special on amazon and was thinking of getting it. Is it any good.?