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  1. Turn it in to a pfsense firewall, all you need is another NIC.
  2. This would be awesome for me to use as a living room pc for gaming console style. Having a 960 in that makes it great for 1080p gaming no problem. Thanks to zotac for sponsoring the giveaway !
  3. If it really was SQL injection, that is really poor security from talk talk themselves. Corporations don't do enough to safeguard customers data. Plaintext passwords and other poor security practices are all too common. Not acceptable at all[emoji52]
  4. Just be thankful Razer don't manufacture motherboards, they'd be all over motherboards with leds then they'll sell it for like $600 [emoji23] [emoji38]
  5. The amount of butthurt in this forum is unbelievable, everyone is entitled to their opinion; no need to be cursing other people. people on this forum need to chill out, no need to be toxic about it <_<
  6. That 120mm rad is so thick.... AMD this better not be 290X temps all over again. This better have good thermal performance!
  7. take your damn time AMD [emoji20]
  8. Hopefully this takes off, research like this clearly shows that we have the technology to do it. Oil companies just don't give a damn about the environment and fossil fuels . All they care about is their ludicrous profits.[emoji106]
  9. We don't want skynet MIT. The human race would be fucked if machines could think for themselves [emoji15]
  10. final year of BSc computer Networks. literally, two exams left then i graduate looking to get a entry level Job in networking or 1st line IT Support
  11. and thats what i get on VM 152Mb, bare in mind it is peak hours right now.. after 12:30ish speed is back up to 152Mb.
  12. i have VM 152Mb, from my perspective its definitely as advertised from my experience. but I have to agree with many people about the speed not being 152 all the time. peak hours and weekends its not 152 but more like 140-148 Mbps. cant really complain to be honest, I'm happy with it and its good to see ISP's investing in high speed broadband. now compare that to the complete ISP monopoly in the US . we cant really complain (unless you live in a rural area). one thing i don't get is when people complain about not getting their broadband speed as advertised, yet they don't have the proper equip
  13. Tesco mobile uses o2's network so it's literally just Vodafone left.... Until someone acquires them