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  1. There's currently a Gigabyte GTX 1080 Ti triple fan going for $530 + shipping, gonna assume that's mined since the seller still has 4 cards left. With the new series coming out, 1080 Ti's would probably drop to around the $400 range, depending on the pricing and performance on the newer cards. I wouldn't spend more than $570 currently for a 1080 Ti anyway, maybe $600-650 if it was 1080 Ti Kingpin but really they should be around $500-550 range used atm.
  2. Who knows, maybe this thread shouldn't get nerco that long.
  3. I'd say that's fair pricing, I saw the 9343 1800P touch model from a computer store for $500 local.
  4. What model is it, if it's the 9370 then yes it's sketchy. But if it's the 9350 or perhaps the 9343 then it sounds fair. When you mean 4k touch, is it actually 2160P touch or 1800P touch.
  5. Still not worth to get X58, just get a more modern system.
  6. It'll probably be better just to get a 4770K/4790K instead, would perform similar to a overclocked X5650 at around 4-4.4GHZ. You wouldn't have to deal with the high power draw, additional cpu cooling costs, and the problems you'll encounter overclocking X58.
  7. Westmeme isn't worth it, considering you're buying into a obsolete platform that's basically on legacy support. To be remotely decent, you have to overclock it and that requires a lot of cooling. Finding a decent X58 board will cost loads, you'll have to spend a decent amount of money for a good cooling setup, not to mention finding DDR3 ram that will work well. Overclocked X5650 is going to draw a bunch of power, it's guaranteed to draw at least 200W from the CPU alone with overclocked. Here's a general idea of prices X5650: 20-30 X58 Board: 120-200 DDR3: 40-50
  8. Got rid of my Core 2 setup and went with Sandy Bridge Managed to get 5GHZ air, but been running 4.8 @ 1.4V daily
  9. The 6 pin is a optional power plug if you want to overclock the card to it's limits, you do need the two 8 pins connected to run anyway. Other lightning cards like the 980 Ti require the 6 pin, otherwise it wouldn't boot. https://www.overclock.net/forum/67-amd-ati/1482916-review-msi-r9-290x-lightning-performance-test.html http://www.overclockers.com/msi-r9290x-lightning-video-card-review/
  10. That is the Samsung Exynos model, it doesn't have the CMDA hardware whereas the Snapdragon does. https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Galaxy-S9-Unlocked-Smartphone/dp/B079JXY4TJ This is supported on Verizon, I'm currently using the same model as amazon on Verizon's network.
  11. I can do 1440P 60HZ ultra on my 980 Ti, handles current games fine. FC5, ROTTR, PUBG can do 1440P 60HZ ultra with no problems, even with the GPU at stock.
  12. Yeah I'm probably at the max for safe vcore 24/7 daily, needs all the GHZ.
  13. Bought a Q9650, flashed P5E Deluxe to Rampage Formula, used pencil mod to reduce vdroop.
  14. Well the Q6600 lacks SSE4...so now off to buy a 45nm Quad. Now it's time to either decide getting a Q9550 or Q9650.
  15. Got myself a X48 board, G3 750W, Cryorig H5 Ultimate for all of this E8500s are like 6 bucks so perhaps 4GHZ run on that