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    Avericious got a reaction from Dawson Wehage in Your Favorite Ice Cream?   
    Pistachio will always be my favorite.
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    Avericious got a reaction from GirlFromYonder in LGBT community   
    Holy crap.  I was so set on it taking another couple of years that I didn't even notice that required castration to be able to change your gender was abolished very recently on July 1st in Norway. I can do it right now by sending in a form online if I wanted. 

    It's fantastic news of course. But I don't even know what to do with myself right now. Balancing between contemplation and a desperate urge to press submit.
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    Avericious reacted to handymanshandle in LGBT community   
    Double post is double post.   But uh, cool I guess?
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    Avericious got a reaction from PandaCopyRight in LGBT community   
    Holy crap.  I was so set on it taking another couple of years that I didn't even notice that required castration to be able to change your gender was abolished very recently on July 1st in Norway. I can do it right now by sending in a form online if I wanted. 

    It's fantastic news of course. But I don't even know what to do with myself right now. Balancing between contemplation and a desperate urge to press submit.
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    Avericious got a reaction from themctipers in LGBT community   
    I've seen that thing. I wouldn't take it if you paid me.
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    Avericious reacted to carguy86 in LGBT community   
    I actually played putin supergay on full volume with a big bluetooth speaker at school on the Norwegian gay pride day, all while dressed like this:

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    Avericious reacted to Arabella70sHead in LGBT community   
    That is Alex Turner from the Arctic Monekys in my picture!  
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    Avericious reacted to Charger in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    sexy knives 

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    Avericious reacted to Vitalius in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    Very sexy knives @Charger

    Wee neeeed a REEVIVAAAAAL
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    Avericious got a reaction from GirlFromYonder in LGBT community   
    Hilarious and original.
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    Avericious got a reaction from PandaCopyRight in LGBT community   
    Haven't heard anything from those artists sorry to say. I have just finished all of Initial D though. Gotta represent.
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    Avericious reacted to p0Pe in Project Rhino - A HEX GEAR R80 prototype build   
    thanks man!
    the stickers matches the color theme so they stay:D
    Here they come:D
    Glad you like it!
    Here they are:D
    It has been a while under way, and with some complications but I am proud to finally present the HEX GEAR R80 - Rhino project!

    Case: HEX GEAR R80  CPU: Intel i7 5960X  Graphic cards: 4 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X  OS drive: Intel 750 ssd 1.2TB PCIe  Secondary drive: KLEVV Urbane 480 gb ssd  Motherboard: ASUS X99-E WS  RAM: 64 GB KLEVV CRASS DDR4 ram  PSU: Corsair AX1500i  Fan controller: Aquaero 6  Watercooling: EK Water Blocks blocks, radiators, reservoir & pumps  Fans: EK vardar  Fittings: Bitspower  Sleeving: Teleios Sleeving  Tubing: E22 solid tubing  
    This build was done to test out the thermal capacity of the R80 case, and I know that a lot of you will question why the Titan X was used this close to GTX 1080 release, and the answer is simple, I wanted to put a LOT of heat into the watercooling system to test a "worst case scenario".  Also, the new cards are not using as much power, and the titan x's where available now.
    CPU is running at 4.4 GHz @ 1.3 Vcore
    GPU's are running at 1375 MHz
    I will let the pictures do the talking:D


























    Since this entire build was done to show how much you can cool with the R80 case, let’s get some results on the table! Worth noting is that the fans goes all the way up to 2200 RPM, but since I do not think anyone would be satisfied with having their system running at that noise level, I decided to test what the minimum fan speed for acceptable temperatures would be.
    The system runs with fans at 500 RPM while Idle, so it is barely audible, but what happens when it get pushed to the max?
    First of all I overclocked the CPU and GPUs to their limits to get most the performance possible out of the system. Then I ran a 3D mark firestrike test, which you can see by following the link below:
    The system did not get anywhere near hot on this test as the benchmark is somewhat short. So to get some better real world results, I decided to push the system with a few classic stress testing tools.
    CPU stress test – Keyshot

    The first test I did was with the render program Keyshot, which utilizes the CPU to the maximum, to render animations and 3D models. During this test, the system used a whopping 600W. I suspect that the reason this number is so high is because of the overclocked CPU that was fed a generous 1.3 Vcore.
    The picture above is the thermal setup where you are able to see all the temperatures in the testing setup. In each box is a description of what the graph shows, and in the right of each box is a number of values showing respectively:
    The highest value measured The lowest value measured The average value over the time measured The time shown on the graph (not to be confused with total up time – This timer only shows how far back the graph logs)
    Looking at the picture above you see that keyshot ran for just about 30 minutes with the CPU reaching a maximum temperature of 72 C° on the cores, and 75 C° on the package. No doubt that this temperature can be improved by lowering the Vcore, or lowering the overclock. It is worth noting that smaller chips like the 6700K would not get anyway near this hot at the same overclock.
    Looking at fluid temperature and fan speed, the fluid reaches a max of around 35 C°, which gives it a delta c on 11c from the ambient room temperature with the fans spinning at a max of 1200 RPM.
    Graphic card stress test – Furmark


    If we go on to the more extreme benchmark called Furmark, which will stress all grafic cards to the max, you can really see where the 1500W power supply comes in handy. At this test, the system is pulling a whopping 1400W from the socket! I did also try running both Keyshot and Furmark at the same time, but this actually led to a lower total power consumption as well as lower overall temperatures, so this was without a doubt the most stressful test for the system. The graphic cards have been overclocked to the maximum stable clock which was +200 MHz on the core, and +500MHz on the RAM.
    Looking at the temperatures, you see that the GPU temperatures reaches a maximum of 61 C°. The fluid temps climb up to just above 50 C°. All this with the fans spinning at a max of 1400 RPM. Turning the fans up a few hundred RPM did lower the fluid temp to just above 40 C°, but again, I where testing with lowest fan speed needed.
    Overall real world test – Crysis 3

    Last test is what I would consider a “real world scenario” with the CPU overclocked to 4 GHz and the GPU’s with the same overclock as before. I turned the heat up in the testing area a bit, now reaching an ambient temperature of 26 C°, and then sat down playing Crysis 3 for three hours straight.
    I aimed for a slightly lower fluid temperature so the fans was put to a max of 1500 RPM, giving very fine temperatures on both the graphic cards and the CPU during the entire gaming session.
    The 60 mm thick 480+360 radiator in this build has proven to be more than capable of cooling this entire overclocked system. Thinking about how this system draws almost 1400W from the socket under load goes to show that if you are planning on a SLI system, you will never run into any problems cooling wise and can have your fans running at a very low setting. If you still think that you need more cooling, there is the option of upgrading the case to fit two 420 mm radiators, which would increase the total radiator surface from 100800 cm^2 to 117600 cm^2.
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    Avericious reacted to Tibbles in LGBT community   
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    Avericious reacted to Nineshadow in Looking at buying fallout 3 and fallout nv.   
    Not really.
    Imagine Fallout 3 as Fallout 4 made in 2008. With a way better dialogue system. That sums it up.
    Fallout New Vegas on the other hand...it's a gem.
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    Avericious reacted to PandaCopyRight in LGBT community   
    yeah ... it has turned into a shitpost thread .... only the community consists of LGBT people 
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    Avericious reacted to ServerGuy in LGBT community   
    We tend to derail... a lot...
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    Avericious got a reaction from Zorbeltuss in LGBT community   
    Ah, I see. Very well then. 
    I finally just let go and spilled everything to my mom, about being transgender and to a lesser extent, pansexual. She was totally cool with it and is gonna help me out, all of my family was totally cool with it too and I'm starting the the process of my transition officially tomorrow. These events having transpired it were like years worth of built up anxiety and other bullshit just slid right off my back. I should have done it way, way sooner. But in the end, I'm super happy.
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    Avericious reacted to ServerGuy in LGBT community   
    Woo! Congrats! I do want to come out to my parents, but with personal situations, I don't think now is a good time...
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    Avericious reacted to GirlFromYonder in LGBT community   
    Luck you, i kind of did the same thing but only told my mom. Well turns out, she wasnt too happy. Like she wasnt made. she just did not belive it. And her reaction of refering me a girl was also kind of a bit mocking. So i stop mentioning it and she kinda forgot. And it turns out, the view of my family and Islam towards people who transition is more fucked up than i thought. Like we are just supposed to fight the feeling and ignore. Turns out i am actually quite good at that lol. Well i do that because it will make shit REALLY werid in my whole family and honestly, i dont really need to transition. I guess my case is not as bad as some peoples.
    Am watching Mr.Robot, the guys voice is still in my head and as i type this my brain is repeating in his voice. So all this anit as morbid as it seems, just making it to be like that LOL.
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    Avericious reacted to PandaCopyRight in LGBT community   
    honestly ... everyone who comes out and is successful at it .... wish they did it earlier ... like me ... but i was not fully successful at it  
    i talked to my sister about it (she helps with my depression ... kinda) and she talked to mom about it and then mom came to talk to me... like my sister told my mom that i want to be a girl and stuff ... then she came to talk to me about it and i dont think she fully understood ... since its really difficult to explain how it feels to a person that doesnt even understand anxiety ... so most of the time she said how nice of person as a guy i was .... and she thinks that will change .... and most likely will not by too much ... i hope  ... but she ended the conversation with something like i will try to support you as much as needed ... dont tell dad and try to find a doctor that can help with people like you (why dont tell dad? cause i dont think he will take it lightly .... )
    so thats good and i actually wish i talked to her earlier than the age of 17 nearly 18  
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    Avericious reacted to GirlFromYonder in LGBT community   
    I will with my parents yeah, but going to university next year. I am actually excited. I will be able to fully explore my LGBT side. In Pakistan all you find is conservative people. Not a very good place for LGBT people. But its fine, the country is good on almost ever other aspect.  
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    Avericious got a reaction from PandaCopyRight in LGBT community   
    I think I may have an idea about what you could be referring to and why you are reluctant to talk about it. Though I may be wrong and it'd be impolite to assume. In any case preferences are the way they are, regardless of what it is and that's entirely ok. I'll emphasize regardless here. Even if say hypothetically it were illegal to act upon. If no action has been taken and awareness is there, there is nothing wrong with having any preference under the sun.
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    Avericious reacted to Colibri in NCase M1 custom loop   
    I’ve just finished my new build. Here is my parts list:
    NCase M1 Corsair SF600 Asus Z170i Pro Gaming Intel Core i7 6700K G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 2 x 16Go 3400 MHz nVidia GTX 1080 Founders Edition Samsung 950 Pro 512Go EK-XRES 100 Revo D5 PWM EK-Supremacy EVO - Acetal + Nickel EK-FC1080 GTX Acetal + Nickel EK-FC1080 GTX Backplate EK-CoolStream SE 240 EK-HD PETG Tube 12/16mm EK-HDC Fitting Noctua NF-B9 Redux 1600 PWM 2 x Raijintek Aeolus Beta PWM Pictures !
    It was the first time I’ve done a custom loop and it was a long journey to finish the build.
    I had to change my old Magicool MCP 180 Res / Pump combo because it was leaking and was crap quality so I lost a lot of time waiting for stuff to arrive at home.
    I had to remove the front USB and Audio connectors because I don’t have enough place with the radiator so I covered all holes with a black mat vinyl sticker.
    I had to screw the case feet into the radiator (didn’t had to modify the radiator itself, it’s fine) because the original holes are covered by the radiator too.
    I had to make a custom holder for the Res / Pump combo because there is no other way to mount it.
    Two friend of mine have made a custom windows panel with a CNC machine and by siliconizing a glass window.
    I’ve painted the CPU backplate and the GPU bracket in mat black so it looks better.
    I’ve ordered some custom cables with the right length so I’ve got minimal cables excess in my case.
    It was the first time I was bending hard tubes; it was long but was way easier than what I was thinking, I didn’t waste a single tube.
    My build was heavily inspired by this one because I’ve felt in love when I saw it months ago.
    I would love to get some advice or information about the way I can improve the build and what do you think about my temperatures because I find them too high. I know that I will not get the best temperature because of the size of the build but still, the guy I took inspiration over say he’s got a max temp of around 65°C for CPU ad 60°C for GPU. I easily reach 70 or 75°C with CPU and around 65°C for GPU with my build. I’ve ordered 2 x Cooler Master XtraFlo 120 Slim with way better air pressure (1.76 mm/H2O vs 0.55mm/H2O for the Raijintek ones). I don’t know if it would be better if I pull air inside the case trough the radiator, right now I’m pushing it outside. I’m bit worried if my high temperatures can damage the pump or if it can crack tubes or reservoir. The reservoir is hot after a few minutes of gaming… What do you think?
    Thank you for reading my text

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    Avericious reacted to BashZeStampeedo in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    All I can say is that 91 Days sounds like it could be an ok attempt at a semi-mature crime drama, while Orange sounds like your standard Mari Okada-style dramatic anime about teens who can't into relationships.
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    Avericious got a reaction from themaniac in Anime Club - Heaven Society