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  1. Nice job guys, really fun to see a wooden version for a computer desk. Hope you are as glad as I with the finished result.
  2. It's really fun that most off the problem and thinks that you need to think about, are the same that I have encountered with my build. Lay-out, space for your chair, design etc. In my opinion it doesn't matter that much. If you have fun and can build on your experience, you will improve. There is no best guide for case mod and it is for my people a fun hobby.
  3. The end of my buildlog More pictures (flickr) More video (youtube) Website
  4. Yes, time to finish up the project and enjoy the result ------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
  5. Continue the work on the second pc (server pc). The light strip has arrived and I had to painted it black. Time to finish up the project
  6. It is now visible how the project is getting its final shapes. Meanwhile I made same holes in the bottom plate for the desk, to attachment the legs. The legs have been shortened, sanded and painted black. Its looking a lot better. Now getting the hardware to fit in, cutting the tubes and getting to continue on the other side. After that is the leak test. After some time I decided that I didn’t like the screws/bolts, so I colored it black. IT’S LOOKING SO NICE. See if you can find the screws/bolts
  7. I received all the part back in one nice black color. It’s looking beautiful. As you can see in the photos, I didn’t make my own desk-legs. For the chassis I wanted to use my old office, but I didn’t know what I would find beautiful. Beside the legs, they’re going to be a glass plate. The choice was to place it on or under the desk. These picture are to show my testing method The choice has been made to get a big glass plate on top of the desk, rather than under the desk. So I'm going to arrange/buy the glass plate and conti
  8. My advise: I understand the you would like some feedback. l3p is a good and know builder off custom PC. But I think that I can only help you with my new experiences, if you can a specific-er question. Other ways I can say: look at other build-logs and learn from them. Second if you ask for help, make it as easy as possible. Add picture even if it are renders or hand-drawings.
  9. The components are in, YES. Now everything is in, I'm going to make holes. So I can test if everything fits, to be anodized and put together. The stuff are in: Let’s put the part together With some extra holes for the I/O panel With some extra stuff Now the for this result, part by part The CD-ROM is this temporary
  10. I now that I here not stuff to make most off the parts. So with some consultations off friends, I found a company that could make all the aluminum parts. The down side was that there machines can't make the part in my dimensions. So they helped my to change the plans a little bit. One off the changes was that the separate parts that are 'glued' at the bottom. The rest will stand in right position by small block on the upper-plate.
  11. Hardware 1. ‘Main-PC’ (left-side) Intel I7-4770K Asus Z87-Deluxe ATI R9 290X 2 x Kingston Fury Black 8GB M4-CT128M4 SSD 128GB Western Digital WD10EADS HDD 1TB 2 x Liyama LXB2483HSU-B1 Cooler Master V series 850 ATX23 (Full-modulair) 2. ‘Server-PC’ (right-side) AMD Athlon II X4 640 Asus M4A78LT-M Samsung Spinpoint M8 500GB Kingston KVR13N9S8H/4 Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 850W/1000W 3. Accessory Logitech G400S Cooler Master Speed-RX Large
  12. From a local company that makes aluminum stuff (hand and in big orders) SS was the plan but you will see in build log, that I change it to aluminum. In the end it's all good
  13. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum but have really enjoyed all the other people and amazing build. I own my PPG (PindaPowerGamin) Corner Desk mod and I like to share it with you. It begin with all the (extra) stuff form all the hobby projects. The desk was to small and room expansion is not that easy . So when it begin to be a but pain problem, I decide to make my first modding build. After looking at other mods, I found that the "desk mod" are the most beautiful and practical. So it became my goal to build a desk that fit in my room. Wi
  14. Vessel: pindapower https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY https://www.vessel.com/videos/LfHcLhEY7