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  1. Obviously this CPU would be nice for gaming, but also for programming projects. I have also had an eye on starting streaming Dota 2 with some of my buddies but who knows. Many thanks for the giveaway!
  2. I'm really loving the new 900 series, but the 970 actually has to be my favourite for the outrageously good price. I really like that the looks of these two AMP! cards isn't too overboard, and the overclocking experience on them seems crazy.
  3. MX Reds delayed until 26th Sept at scan, other switches until the 8th Oct!!!! Kinda bummed.
  4. It's available at Scan and OCUK (down right now) in the UK right now. I just ordered one with MX blues.
  5. That has the Corsair Gaming logo which appears on the k65 RGB on it. Source: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/218547-got-my-hands-on-a-corsair-k65-rgb/ But yeah, it could be anything. Seems a bit weird to try to hype something which is sort of already released. Quite possibly a rebranding of lots of their 'gaming' oriented stuff.
  6. I first saw one of your videos some time ago, when searching for tech reviews while bored on Youtube. I'm super happy you haven't let your quality go down with all this popularity. Keep on going!
  7. Hm. The guy in a video on Hexus said the k95 RGB was going to cost about £150. And that video was right about the k70 costing £140.
  8. I think you're onto something here... How many letters are in RGB? But seriously, I'm so pumped for this! I hope they do perfect it though (especially hardware-side, software can always be updated). The whole open-source & programmable thing is really interesting to me too, I'm sure some interestng things can be done with that...
  9. I'd like to know at least vaguely when it'll be coming out though... Oh well, I'll sit tight.