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  1. Will do! I've been trawling the links you suggested, plus a few more and have a fairly good idea how to optimise the images. If I find a magic sauce, I'll post it up. @ShadowCaptain I shoot JPEG+RAW pretty much always. If the JPEGs are good, then that saves on the editing, but sometimes I like to try out the editing myself. It was a super close one between Fuji and Sony. My mate swears by Sony, and perhaps it is the better camera stat for stat. However, I couldn't get over the shooting experience with the Fuji. It Just felt better for me in hand. I do keep a close eye on the gear
  2. Yeah, I've had problems in the past with LR and Fuji RAWs. Takes an age compared to the Nikon I've used in the past. The latest update has improved it a bit, but it is still a pain. I do love the platform though, for all it's quirks. The JPEGs are to die for.
  3. Not a bad shout. Next time I'm shooting, I'll definitely play with that a bit. That's awesome dude! Looks like that could be something to do with it! Thanks everyone, super helpful as per usual
  4. That's what I'm hoping too, though it is still in warranty. Not sure what Fuji are like when it comes to replacing faulty gear though Hopefully this is just a good learning experience on how to edit a photo properly.
  5. Yep, done that and while it's not as obvious, it's still there. As @.spider. requested, I've uploaded the RAW file in question so that anyone can take a look. I feel like it could be a sharpening issue like is being suggested by @ShadowCaptain and @kirashi, but at the same time I've not seen it be an issue with other people who have this camera. I guess my worry is that it's a defective sensor and if I'll end up having to drop more cash on another body. RAW file- https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9frsthDRhQ2OTd1cjVUWTlHRHc&usp=sharing
  6. Sure. Here is the unedited RAW file with the shadows and highlights dropped, and minimal sharpening (Sharpening 15, Radius 1, Detail 100, Masking 10) Thanks for the info. I'll definitely bear that in mind, particularly after all the extra reading I've now done on sharpening to get to the bottom of the problem.
  7. For the main sunset one- 16mm, ISO 200, F/3.5 (forgot to change this one like the noob that I am), 1/250, (Sharpening 35, Radius 1, Detail 100, Masking 10) Blue- 35mm, ISO 350, F/8.0, 1/60 (same sharpening settings) Portrait- No camera settings, so not 100% sure, but I think it was 50mm, ISO 800, F/1.8 (sharpening 100, radius 1, detail 25, mask 0)
  8. I've not tried it with another Fuji (can't splash the cash on another lens right now), but I've used some manual Canon FD lenses and they produce a similar (though not quite as marked) effect. It's almost as if there is a film of oil or something on the sensor, hence why I wonder about getting it cleaned. The photo I've included has more sharpening than I would normally use (100 vs 80ish) just to highlight the problem.
  9. A few tweaks here and there to colour balance and so forth, but nothing major. It does get much worse with even the slightest bit of sharpening. It's gotten to the point where I don't want to sharpen the picture at all because the moment I do it brings that pattern right out.
  10. Yep, and it made no difference. Next step might be to get the sensor cleaned as well.
  11. Hey all! I should preface this topic by saying that I'm pretty much brand new to photography and am trying to the learn the ropes...so when in doubt, assume ignorance on my part! Also, I'm shooting the the Fuji XT-10 and the basic 16-50mm kit. The example I've included was one that I took yesterday (1st photo), out of my window, just for some practise. Took it into Lightroom and toyed with some settings, only to find that when I zoomed in, it looked pretty crap up close (see 2nd photo)- all swirly and blurred, and not at all crisp or sharp. This is a problem I've noted on many of m
  12. I own a XT10 and am really happy with it. Fuji never really focuses on video, so if you are looking for professional levels then you might struggle. However, it with suffice for anything day to day. However, the photos it takes are fantastic, the glass they put out is superb and the straight out of the camera JPEGs are some of the best I've seen. I can't claim to have shot with Fuji for that long (just over 3 months) but I'm more than happy with it. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask
  13. I have the Red and the Black, and to be honest, there really isn't much of a difference speed wise. I actually prefer my Reds as they are much quieter and generally rated as more reliable long run. As Deli said, if you really want to notice improve game loading speeds, an SSD is the answer
  14. Xeon's are great processors. I got one on the cheap (see sig) last year at it is great. Definitely didn't make a mistake (unless you wanted to overclock).