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    lovingGamer reacted to Totallycasual in Who plays GTA V Online here?   
    I did, then one day they just removed all of my money and said that it was gained illegitimately even though i always play alone in invite only lobby and have never used a mod of any kind.  I appealed to them and said it must be some kind of mistake but they ignored my request, the very next day they sent me an email to tell me that Shark Cards were on sale, i uninstalled the game right there and then. 
    I love GTA (single player) and some other Rockstar titles but they've seriously lost a lot of their banked goodwill with the gaming community with GTA Online and the mountains of cash it brings in. 
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    lovingGamer reacted to Frankenburger in Skyrim Modding   
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    lovingGamer reacted to linustouchtips in Skyrim Modding   
    did they hit you in the knee?
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    lovingGamer reacted to williamcll in Skyrim Modding   
    nice meme
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    lovingGamer reacted to BrinkGG in HELP my CPU idles on 80C!!   
    1.65v was absolutely why it was getting that hot. 
    NEVER run a 4790k that high. 1.45v is the highest you should run it. 
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    lovingGamer reacted to TheGlenlivet in HELP my CPU idles on 80C!!   
    Has anything changed?  Did you just get the cooler?  
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    lovingGamer reacted to seon123 in HELP my CPU idles on 80C!!   
    Make sure the pump is working
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    lovingGamer reacted to Tsuki in Skyrim: Vampire night Vision fucked up.. not working   
    contact the mod developer with screenshots of whats hapening.  in most cases, they know what causing it and can tell you how to fix it pretty quick. ENB's are amazing, but holy fuck they cause problems.
    This happened to me after installing my ENB
    emailed the creator, got it fixed within the hour(some creators are better than others).
    EDIT: its definately caused by ELFX, looking through the mode, apparently its pretty well known that it makes nights SUPER DARK. its a feature apparently. best thing to do is to go into your enb settings and raise the ambient light intensity, or play as a kahjit
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    lovingGamer reacted to miagisan in Skyrim Special E/SKSE64 Alpha   
    Great! Have fun modding. I am up to 81 mods. Love the modding support. Transforms the game entirely
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    lovingGamer reacted to miagisan in Skyrim SE modding - Better Vampires mod - Works but not showing in MCM menu   
    Some mods won't show up as skyui is basically hacked together from the original version. You should have a shout power for some mods to change settings. 
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    lovingGamer reacted to miagisan in Skyrim Special E/SKSE64 Alpha   
    Use LOOT in conjuction with NMM
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    lovingGamer reacted to JoostinOnline in i7 4790k Very bad temps...   
    Well 63C isn't normal, unless the house is very warm right now.  It doesn't sound like the cooler is mounted properly.
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    lovingGamer reacted to JoostinOnline in i7 4790k Very bad temps...   
    Did you apply new thermal paste with your cooler?
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    lovingGamer reacted to ImNotThere in I want to host a giveaway! 8 GB RAM DDR3 or DDR4   
    What about uk, kinda eu
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    lovingGamer got a reaction from Tech_Dreamer in I want to host a giveaway! 8 GB RAM DDR3 or DDR4   
    i've been a part of this forum for some time now 3 years, and i learned a lot.
    I want to give something back i know it's not much 8 GB of RAM DDR3 or DDR4
    First of all i don't know if i'm allowed to do this, if i can do this i need a mod to come here and say i can.
    And this giveaway will be only for EU  sorry
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    lovingGamer reacted to ARikozuM in new MB for I7-4790K   
    Asrock Z97 Fatality 
    Good luck getting the first one, but the second is easy enough to find.
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    lovingGamer reacted to LienusLateTips in This CPU temps can't be right, someone please look.   
    The one given by Corsair LINK would be the average tempurture]
    correct me if I am wrong, but I have to go now
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    lovingGamer reacted to kameshss in I7 4790k Idle temps?   
    I think he should consider remounting the cooler. For a 4790k with OC'ed, it would survive without any problem. But again, yeah. H110i should give him low temps.
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    lovingGamer reacted to ARikozuM in Skyrim modding problem "no game data on top level " + Photo   
    I believe you have to right-click on .BSA or Fomod to make that the root.
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    lovingGamer reacted to Misanthrope in Skyrim mod menu not showing in MCM   
    EDIT: Shit sorry nevermind all that: MCM doesnt immediately refresh. Try to fast travel to a completely different cell (a far away city) a bunch of times it sometimes needs to reload the cell to kick in the script and populate your new menus.
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    lovingGamer reacted to Statik in Skyrim, heh.. Modding problem please help!   
    reinstall mod? conflicting mods?
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    lovingGamer reacted to atomicus in WORST FUCKING LUCK EVER! PURCHASED NEW COOLER AND IT'S DENT!   
    Yes. Yes you should. Hire the best lawyer you can find. It will cost a lot, but don't worry, you need someone who's experienced and can fight your case. Plus this is a slam dunk, a major settlement is guaranteed, probably millions in damages, so that will cover your costs. You might even be able to sell the story rights to Hollywood... courtroom dramas are still very popular, or it could be made in to a series on Netflix. They'd obviously have to embellish the details slightly, just to make it a bit more exciting and dramatic, but that always happens. You're so lucky... I wish the radiator I just bought had a dent.
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    lovingGamer reacted to saladcrack in WORST FUCKING LUCK EVER! PURCHASED NEW COOLER AND IT'S DENT!   
    I doubt that will make a huge impact on cooling probably like 0.01 degree.
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    Did you buy it brand new in store?
  25. Informative
    lovingGamer reacted to Shiv78 in WORST FUCKING LUCK EVER! PURCHASED NEW COOLER AND IT'S DENT!   
    no real impact.