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  1. hey guys, im looking buy windows 8.1 cause i ran my laptop without license...now i need buy windows OS cause many error popup my laptop....but i am student so looking my budget to buy cheaper whr i cn get amazon, ebay or mircosoft store. please give some ideas .thank you
  2. hi guys, im looking for buy SSD 60 gb but i already hv my 500Gb HDD drive on my laptop. i think switch the SSD in system and 500GB use external storage. but the thing is is tht enough space for system (60GB) and im also run in budget. so please give ideas about the SSD. thank you
  3. Actually I use my wifi router for 1year.4 days ago only this problem start....but brother laptop can access internet ipv6 enable....except me
  4. Hey guys, My laptop Ipv6 no internet access but ipv4 still works...if anyone know the solution pls reply me pls.... Tq
  5. hey...guy yesterday i bought asus zenfone 5....the manual book in chinese but seller say tht thing came form taiwan tht y.....which is true....how find out....if it china made what i need to do
  6. hey guys...come going to buy asus zenfone 5.....it's good fone...
  7. how about compare these two htc 816 desire & blackberry z10...
  8. hey..guys i don't know choose which htc 816 desire or 610 desire.....which is the best
  9. hey guys im using lumia 525......windows platform im gone change to android platform htc one m7....wht u thing about tht
  10. if i upgrade following thing ....cost at 850$
  11. this broard ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0....