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  1. Some people don't know what comput units mean. It is easier to just give them an AMD and Nvidia card and call it a day.
  2. Intergrated GPU's only come in CPU's. What CPU will you use in combination with the motherboard?
  3. Looks good! I personally would have gone for a cheaper Mobo but the price you paid for the whole this is not bad at all.
  4. BenQ's are the best for high refresh 1080p monitor's so i'd go with that one if you are playing games like cs:go.
  5. im thinking somewhere in the range of i5 6300, maybe even lower. that sould do the trick
  6. i sould be getting a second pc tommorow to test components so ill try that, thanks!
  7. tried that, still crashed in valley. wouldnt it be weird if it worked fine all that time and break now?
  8. hdmi 2.0 supports 4k at 60hz so it sould support 144hz at 1080p
  9. my pc broke again. running fine for about 3 months after fixing the same problem it has now (i have no idea how i fixed it i just put in my gpu and installed drivers and it worked again?!?) what it did: crash whilst playing csgo and reboot into this screen: http://imgur.com/a/vL7B3 when i reinstalled drivers it seemed to be fine but after trying valley benchmark it crashes again. temps and loads are fine. i really dont know why it worked fine for weeks and now its doing the same thing again...\ halp
  10. so youre saying buy a new psu and it sould be fixed? ill go to a buddies house first and see if that works. it might indeed be the psu
  11. well with ''the other issues'' i meant that every gpu except the cheapo gt520 i put in it doesnt work. and the fact that my 780 exploded 5 days after me getting it
  12. ''what i tried to fix it: reinstalled windows 10 (to see if it was a drive problem) used another pci-e 16x (to see if the motherboard might be broken)'' guess you didnt read tried it already but nothing happend
  13. i'm going to a buddy's house tomorrow to see, and then ill blame my motherboard
  14. hello its me again... so ive been having a lot of problems with my pc lately. my gpu doesnt work, my pc doesnt load graphics drivers and it boots up into a weird resolution or very low pixel count if i play a game it crashes and my screens turn orange and grey before getting my replacement gtx 970 i had a 780 that blew up and sparked, so im wondering if i just got a broken 970 or something else broke in my pc. what i tried to fix it: reinstalled windows 10 (to see if it was a drive problem) used another pci-e 16x (to see if
  15. the ac130 all over again with that blimp
  16. Fassive

    Dutch Talk

    ligt er een beetje aan waar je woont als je in het WESLAN woont kan je in de kassen werken het verdient echt slecht maar het is geld
  17. so yesterday i posted this problem i did some stress testing with my gpu and it didnt crash (30 mins of testing) so i decided to test my cpu aswell (to make sure it wasnt fried together with my old gpu. my load temps are 67c without an oc and with a watercooler (this seems very high to me as stress tests done before the incident only went up to 50/55c could it be that my cpu is dead in some way so that it makes my pc crash and fuck up my gpu drivers?!!? i really need some help
  18. not available for the price you want it at
  19. psu is about 1,5 years old no windows updates for a week or 2 always update asap it works fine on the board bios is fine
  20. i litteraly got this card 4 days ago after waiting 2 weeks for the 780 RMA GGGGGGGGGGGGGR
  21. well battefield 4 crashed in a weird way it just made the game splitscreen for like 2 seconds and then it just crashed