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  1. I mean this is Google's bread and butter. Their core business is to collect the most data points about you and use it to sell advertisements. It's not totally unexpected.
  2. Samsung has always made killer hardware and I'm really digging the yellow pen. I detest the curved edges though. Makes it really hard to handle an already large phone.
  3. More taxes? This gives an uncompetitive edge to those who actually have operations within the state than those who simply ship to.
  4. Eh, essentially what I'm reading is that without the extra pieces of proprietary code, your app will not run. Isn't that essentially DRM?
  5. I think Google if finally realizing that in order to have any semblance of quality control you need to have some control and lock things down.
  6. I mean if your idea of consumer friendly is if they got to court and continue to ignore the issue and simple settle out of court with the billions they have. I will welcome consumer friendly practices such as these. It is irresponsible as a consumer to deny this and sends the wrong message to all companies. Regardless of personal opinions on certain brands.
  7. Ah, my mistake. I should probably read the article than to trust the replies here.
  8. Wonder why Apple is on the hook for an unauthorized repair. If the shop did a shoddy job, it should be the shops fault no? If a tire shop incorrectly installs a tire and I go out with a loose wheel and crash. I'm not going to hold Toyota liable for repairs, that's all on the shop.
  9. I don't mind the new keyboard, in fact it punishes sloppy typing which is why a lot of people don't like them. I've held off buying a new MacBook Pro to replace my aging Air because of the mentioned keyboard issues. I'm happy Apple announced this as it A) Might make me buy a discounted 2017 Pro knowing any keyboard issues will be covered. B) Apple realizes the keyboard does not meet the quality and reliability consumers expect from an Apple product and is probably already working on a redesigned keyboard. 6 core i7s with new keyboards is very enticing.
  10. This is huge. Especially with Xbox using Free Sync and some TVs like Samsung are adopting it, this will really push this standard forward. I'm a PlayStation guy and I hope the PS5 adopts free sync. I still kind of prefer Nvidia GPUs for their CUDA acceleration but I don't see Apple going back to Nvidia so I might have to switch my workflow.
  11. Love my Apple products but the new keyboard is a let down. My MacBook Air has been through so much shit and it keeps chugging along. I don't think a new MBP could undergo the same stress. I hope there's a redesign along with maybe adding the SD card back.
  12. Makes sense though. With Apple, they sell you a product. With competitors, you are the product.
  13. Interesting. My MacBook Air has been chugging along with no problems for almost 5 years now. The battery is shot now but I still get 5-6hrs of work done which can't be said for even new windows laptops. If the new one ends up having a nicer screen, I'll just upgrade rather than replace the battery.