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    UK, centre of the observable universe
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    ┌ I was born.

    ├ I found LinusTechTips.
    └ Now.
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    Nyan cat herder


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  1. For the people asking how we didn't expect this much traffic, aside from the fact that the issues we faced were only partly due to the high volumes of traffic, I should point out that this giveaway has had more responses than any other giveaway, already, despite being actually usable for less than 24 hours. The volumes of traffic that we're getting are simply unprecedented (and yet, the forum is now running faster than it ever did before the giveaway due to the performance tweaks that we made to try and stabilise it).

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    2. Thorium19


      I suppose there is that, but there's nothing like a good conspiracy theory for people to mindlessly moan about

    3. Yongtjunkit


      Wasn't able to access the forum for 1 day(on the day of giveaway launch). I keep getting errors. Most likely due high volume traffic as predicted