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  1. This has been driving me crazy as of late and I feel like I have tried almost everything to try and fix this issue. Basically in most videos and in even some games there is a slight discoloration when colors are dark or when there is supposed to be some form of gradient fading. I'll include screenshots of the issue. You guys are my last hope!
  2. I still don't understand why you are pissed off, do you get mad every time someone wins the lottery? He got all that media attention because he got arrested and was interrogated without permission to even speak to his parents, not because he built a damn clock. Also give the kid a break, if I was his age I would still be pretty proud to have moved a clock into a different case, just like how I was proud when I built my first computer. MIT isn't inviting him because they think he is a genius... this thread is so pointless..
  3. Wow not bad, I have the closed version and it sounds amazing. As long as you aren't in a loud environment I am sure the open version will sound even better. Also the mic is A++.
  4. Let's be honest, the only reason you say that is because of your nostalgia goggles.
  5. Click on whatever you want to screen shot and use Alt+PrtScrn so you don't have to show your other monitor wallpaper. It is a nice wallpaper though lol.
  6. They had a sale on prime day as well and it was pretty crappy too.
  7. I'm convinced the people that are always complaining about storage size have a huge porn collection or something.
  8. I know everyone keeps saying it but if it had the same app support as android I would buy it in a heartbeat. I would love to have a a decent Windows ecosystem, would even consider getting a Surface Pro and retiring my iPad Air.
  9. It's a kids movie but Big Hero 6 had me laughing my ass off sometimes, it was a great movie.
  10. I wouldn't pay $70 for a cheap knock off. I might as well buy a $30 PCI sound card instead.
  11. I am pretty sure this was announced a long time ago, it sucks but at least we are still getting the game.
  12. I'd rather have them sell cards that have a certificate or something proving that this card is capable of overclocking this much with this type of cooler. I can't help but feel like this is still playing the lottery to some extent.
  13. Lol @ the people trying to compare a phone to a car. Do you guys honestly think that the same people working on the phone are going to be working on the car?