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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to roastduck in [eBay-Newegg Retailer] $279.99 42" 4K Changhong Television   
    I had a professor in college whose name was Yi Xian Chang. I get that you're trying to not be racist, but you're only showing your own ignorance
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to Psykomantis00 in [eBay-Newegg Retailer] $279.99 42" 4K Changhong Television   
    It's changhong not changchong. You're racist, not the words.
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to givingtnt in [US-Newegg] Define S!   
    cancel it !
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to mad dudy in (newegg) SAPPHIRE Vapor-X 280x - $200 after MIR   
    wish i could buy this
    nvm bought it
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to geogga in [INTERNATIONAL] OnePlus One 64GB (Bamboo Version)   
    This is not an exclusive colorway but the changeable back cover.
    Nothing too special, you can find tons of these websites everywhere. Have fun with no support from OPO.
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to EpicAdom in (US) Lenovo H30   
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to APrettyCoolWalrus in [Newegg] 250GB Samsung 840 Evo $112 + Game   
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to 79wjd in CHEAP STEAM GAMES FROM CSGO LOUNGE?   
    Step 1: Buy quicksells 
    Step 2: Be open-minded (prices aren't set in stone) 
    Step 3: Sell aforementioned quicksells at normal price 
    Step 4: Profit 
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to 79wjd in [US - Steam] Watch_Dogs $35.99   
    Still not worth the money 
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to Darkman in [US - Steam] Watch_Dogs $35.99   
    Yes guys, Watch_Dogs actually got a price drop. I personally think it still isn't worth it, but I have a feeling at least one person here will jump on it.

    Oh look, the Deluxe version is too.

    Wait? DLC too??? Still not buying it.

    Enjoy the game if you decide to get it! I thought it was interesting to finally see the price drop.
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to ShadowCaptain in Crusader: No Remorse is free on Origin   
    yay free things
    who cares its free, play it ;P
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to Kyuubixchidori in Free Giftcards w/ Bing Rewards   
    5 bucks a month is not even a hour of work a month. money wise, that means if it costs me more then 45 minutes of struggle and pain over the next month, its not worth it. 
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to Snickerzz in Free Giftcards w/ Bing Rewards   
    Guy this isnt actually that bad, ive made like $60 using this... Been used it for years
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    ㅤㅤeij298 got a reaction from connorpiper in OnePlus One   
    oneplus and their stupid publicity attempts. the invites, the contests, and now some countdown. why don't they just sell the phones instead of making customers have to deal with this crap.
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to Pehehetri in OnePlus One   
    I needed a new phone... but they didn't want my money! Fortunately samsung did.
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to dizmo in OnePlus One   
    For one brief period only.
    What a stupid company.
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to Tahab_1 in Remember to set your calenders for 18 Oct for free PayDay!   
    I'll put up an extra reminder
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to yan in HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset   
    $69.99 instead of $89.99
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to scaryjam823 in one of the best steam sales i'v seen in a long time   
    I've seen better deals from my drug dealer.
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to Jonathan Yonke in The Flagship Killer - Oneplusone   
    At this point I have lost pretty much all interest in the 1+1. Between availability issues, ethical marketing tactics, and age I am just going to wait for the next Nexus phone. 
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to MasonV in The Flagship Killer - Oneplusone   
    I was interested in getting the phone until they started making unethical contests to get invites. 
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to zsdegawe in Post your windows experience scores here   
    Repost number 45654212 (not exactly...)
    And plz please stop posting in hot deals... this doesn't really interest me
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to Lenkku in Post your windows experience scores here   
    Why is this topic on deals section?
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    ㅤㅤeij298 reacted to MasonV in [Newegg] $358.87 Off DIY PC SuperCombo   
    Congratulations thats 2% savings...and a totally outrageous setup, no one needs that.