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  1. As stated its around 50/50 usage - but they'll be used as an allrounder for both. Im thinking music, since I dont do any FPS gaming where footsteps etc is needed.
  2. Hi LTT's! Currently using a 2014/15 Sennheiser G4me Zero (closed back) headset. Looking to upgrade this to something more HI-FI-ish headphones and some external mic. Bascially looking for upgrade suggestions, usage is music/gaming (50/50). Considering I dont really have any preferences (that I know of yet) and music taste ranges all over the different genres, country, rock, electronic, pop etc.I'm quite unsure what to take a look at. It'll obviously be for desktop use, so an amplifier might be needed (or a dac?) -Soft budget of ~300€ (~352$) -Purchasable in Europe (D
  3. Would this work like Site-to-Site VPN? Didnt see much info on their website other than client-server VPN The product/software have just asked for a VPN internet connection with a static IP. I'm just assuming the VPN is to be able to connect the computers inbetween, better call them for clearification tho.
  4. @Falconevo Using that NBE-5AC-Gen2 or the slower NBE-M2-16 as you suggested, would I be able to abandon the "ISP internet" on site B - and completely run off site A? both internet and the sharing/"vpn" service? it would act as if it was all connected to the same router/switch right? Cause that actually sounds quite great, assuming I can get the disc's to see eachother. They're complaining about lagging streams etc with the internet on site B. Thanks!
  5. I dont see relying on internet being an issue tbh, its real-time data but, its not looked at in "real time" (program calculates shows a graph/info based on the realtime) Yes it is possible to see the other farm, not sure "how easy" but you can see the roof etc of the new "cowshed office" from the site B location. Im not sure this would be easier than buying some VPN routers/switches etc and setting that up tho?
  6. Thanks for replies guys! SitetoSite sounds interesting, would that be what Im currently doing for my home network?; Home asus router is setup for pptp, and my "travel router" (also asus) connects via 4g/LTE to the home router 'directly' (as in router-router) (being able to discover all of my home network etc) Electrician also said it would be possible to "shoot" the fibre from one site to the other, even tho there was no pricing, this would seem quite expensive for abit of cow-data transfering imo (Considering the ISP dont want to do a fibre connection to the site B farmhouse, do keep
  7. Updated the post to include pc specs. Im guessing Site-to-Site would make both pc's look at eachother's network? this would probably be a fine option. The program providers have just asked for a VPN solution that makes them able to transfer data.
  8. Hi LTT! Once again looking for your expert advice! I need two computers to be able to speak together&share data etc. as if they were connected by a lan cable, Its a "small business" (two farms like 2km apart) they're both running a "cow monitoring" program. Computer A is connected by fibre(500/500) and is supposed to act as a "server" Computer B is connected with a (25/5) bit unstable cable and supposed to act as a "client" -tho the unstable connection should be no issue, since the program provider says there is a "hold" function. Both computers running windows 10, I5's, 8gb
  9. Hey once again LTT! So I've put together this new R5 1600-g.skill3200mhz flare x-B350prime-plus. Installed windows etc just fine, tried to OC ram, whenever I touch ANYTHING but voltage (even lowering the ram to 2266 or 2400(which should be stock?)) it crashes during post. if I boot into windows it shows 16gb ram installed 7.97gb usable, if I change sockets, or swap the sticks around it remains the same. If I only plug them in single (8gb) it reads 8gb installed 8gb usable, able to OC to 3200mhz with the XMP and it boots for a stable OCCT test. Considering I've checked the ram stic
  10. Titles states 1800 as in budget tax not included - will update the post 1080 gaming only.
  11. Hey LTT! Looking for a completely new build - primarily gaming but also everyday browsing etc. Around 1800 USD (bit more or less doesnt matter), Do keep in mind the parts are purchased in Denmark so theres a 25% tax on everything. So really only about $1400ish after tax; R5 1600 is around 199$ on Pcpart, In denmark its like $260. Its gonna run two monitors, one of them being a 144hz Asus, at 1080. Just the regular led mouse+keyboard combo. Games played is mostly FPS titles, BF1, CSGO, Overwatch, but also games like rocket league, GTAV, LoL and A titles. Prefer a "high end" P
  12. Yes the input itself is maxed out. The swap from g35 to the sennheiser also included a fresh install, bios Update and newest drivers from Asus. Edit: It is also the same if i uninstall the "realtek" driver and use the windows one, no difference at all.
  13. Hi LTT Having some issues with my microphone. I had a g35, with the same issue, low microphone audio om this same motherboard. The g35 Worked just fine with my old pc. So i thought it was my g35 being old - and i wanted to try something new, so i bought the sennheiser g4me Zero for an all In one solution. Anyway the problem is the same, the mic volume is very low, even with the +30 boost. Setup: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VII HERO, Socket-1150 onboard Sound Sennheiser g4me Zero microphone The g35 uses some USB Soundcard, so it cant be the motherboard or? Anyone else that have fixed something
  14. Completely new build, currently using 3dmark basic.. The OC thing was just luck I guess, its giving crashes and artifacts again
  15. Now I tried with Asus' Gpu tweak, underclocking and still artifacts and crashes even in 3dmark. Then I tried overclocking it which seems to have fixed the artifacts and crashing issues in 3dmark.. This is weird