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  1. c3p0

    German Talk

    Noch jemand auf F5 Modus hier? http://windows.microsoft.com/de-de/windows/preview-coming-soon
  2. c3p0

    German Talk

    Solltest du doch wissen wie's im Frauenkleiderschrank aussieht. Nie genug!
  3. c3p0

    German Talk

    Ne bin mit weniger heim als hin :> Ja. Ur liebe Pullis von H&M und ööh Kleinkramm
  4. c3p0

    German Talk

    Zurück vom Shopping ^~^ Sehr nettes Zeug erwischt
  5. Ok. That's it. I'm done with this board. Not making a big deal of this but bye.

  6. Can't you idiots meet elsewhere? Most I see till here is spam. Pathetic.
  7. c3p0

    German Talk

    Falls wer möchte.. Gar keine Schleichwerbung :rolleyes: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/224951-ark-mini-r2-beater-bomb/
  8. Because I already have the board
  9. Neat powerhouse for personal use -Work in Progress- Asus Z97i-Plus arrived Intel Pentium K -G3258- arrived G.Skill Sniper 8Gb 1866mhz arrived MSI R9 280X arrived Corsair RM 750W Alpenföhn Alpine Touch arrived Temporary BeQuiet Fans, later on Corsair AF120 PerformanceEdition White LG DVD Burner arrived Kingston HyperX Fury 120Gb SSD WD Black 1TB arrived Temporary BeQuiet ShadowRockSlim, later on Corsair H100i Pink sleeved Extendercables Trying to find some Placeholder Picture
  10. Discontinued. Moving to Ark Mini R2.
  11. c3p0

    German Talk

    Vergiss das. Ist schon weg
  12. c3p0

    German Talk

    Sag mal brauchst du ein Prodigy Gehäuse? Weil ich meins grad verkaufe ^^