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    crocski got a reaction from Anonymous12556 in Build Log | Project Zero [Rebooted!]   
    prep work look great. great shots too
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    crocski reacted to ZeroMo in [Scratch Build] Red Queen [Ongoing]   
    Hey there,
    Thanks for stepping by.

    A few weeks ago, I saw a
    picture of some awesome wallmounted pc and 
    Yeah...imma build something like this.
    After maybe three weeks of sketching and figuring it
    had evolved into a "simple" case...I dont know why it ended up beeing what it is now but
    it just somehow did.
    Honestly speaking it isn't finished yet so if you want to come along with my experiment I would be 
    quite pleased.
    First of all, I am a 23 year old student with literally no workshop or tools...so everything was build from scratch...
    I had to buy all the tools like a drill, a saw, screwdrivers and so on.
    But i did not waver and soldiered on.
    Here she is...with my...case...and cable managment from my first pc
    (Specs are listed on my profile)

    Well...i know...its a little bit of an eyesore...but thats why i decided to build my own   (because screw logic )

    The final sketch looked like this...(Sorry for no fancy renderings or gooogle sketchup models)
    it kind of evolved during the building process but i had to do some adjustments and dumping the two loop plan was neccessary...would be overkill anyway for this setup
    And now the fun started. I found a company which would cut all my pieces out of wood and acrylic and send it to me for i had no big saw and i wanted it to be as precise as possible.
    I ordered some watercooling parts too because i needed everything in front of me for the dimensions and visualisation

    The wooden pieces arrived
    Why wood you may, completely correct ask, because it is the most affordable material and the one I am most comfortable working with.

    getting an idea of how it is going to look
    Then i went on and throwed a whole lot of money around to get the tools and all the little things i needed..
    and instantly had a broken drill which i sent back to get it replaced, what left me playing with the stuff i already had laying around.

    like those LTT Edition Noctua NF F12

    aaaand another test fit
    After recieving another ton of stuff and the drill, I began to work. It was a real challenge do do this in my room...
    because i had nowhere else to go but it somhow worked...not brilliantly but it did the trick.
    After that I made the commitment that my rig is not going to see another case until this thing is finished, by ripping out all the good stuff while waiting for additional deliveries

    There it is...the crappy thing...never going to see the light of day
    Now she sits on my desk waiting for a new case. 

    Without further ado I went back to work and did a lot of test fitting, drilling and sawing.
    My "workshop"

    It was probably at this point where i dumped the second loop  because it would be to much of a hassle to hardpipe the whole thing with two loops and simply not justified especially looking at my bankaccount.

    Drilling and rasping

    my little touch of OCD

    First steps and little bit of progress

    more progress...
    with this kind of results showing i was fired up to get it done.

    firing her up for the first time with parts of the new case

    now it is slowly becoming what i had invisioned it to be (not sure about the grammar here )

    that was the point where she got her name
    she is just too goddam big...but yeah...too late to stop now

    trying to get some "glamshots"...not really working with a smartphone camera 
    now the whole assembling and disassembling was a pain in the neck...and in the back...

    and there where times where I simply was too dumb/lazy to read thoroughly what was required..like that time when I went full retard and bought a holesaw just to realize i couldnt use it with my drill because I needed a standing drill...like one of those big ones...well i did what was needed and pulled it of with my bare hands...damn that hurt

    for a little bit of ventilation for the graphics card and the motherboard
    time to go crazy with filler and let all the screws and screwups disapear

    and for a smooth finish after sanding and before vinyl wrapping.
    or i ordered the carbon vinyl...aaaand overdid it because it was in the middle of the night...now i have enough of that shit to cover my whole room...maybe not really but you get the point, do you.

    thats like 9 squaremeters of vinyl...
      with that much material at disposal i went full moron on the vinyl wrapping but surprisingly never screwed up.

    some pieces...and then
    *BOOM* assemled and running...geezuz that blue RAM hurts my eyes...thats what you get for changing the coloursceme in the middle of the build

    Well folks...thanks for coming along...and hopefully sticking around as this is still far from finished...she needs the watercooling loop finished...she needs a cablemod and fancy cablemanagment. 
    The aluminum needs to be brushed and then reassembled...the bottom and the top need to be finished as well as replacing the RAM with somthing like dominator Platinum or colouring it...
    and finally an GPU upgrade which is going to be watecooled as  I'm not going to do so with this GPU because i don't want to spend
    120 bucks for watercooling a 970 when i know I'm going to upgrade it anyway with the upcoming pascal/polaris release. I forgot the red LED lighting.
    I'll try to update this Build Log every time when there is progress.
    Hello there,
    nearly one month later I am back with a little more done to her.
    first of all I helped myself with the stupid holesaw to drill two holes into the bottom plate for some fans. But this time I figured a way to do the job without 
    killing my hands.

    worked way better and easier...and ignore the markings...they where wrong and I was to lazy to erase them.

    there they are...mounted and ready to go.
    at this point in time my desk looks like this.

    WAN Show ftw
    With the rest of the watercooling stuff on the way I gave the aluminium brackets a brushed finish

    brushed vs factory look                                                                                                       all ready and looking fine
    and the top plate with the holes for the four radiator fans.

    Topplate wrapped and assembled
    Yeiiiii finally the  the Watercoolingstuff is complete and ready for my first ever watercooling expirience....an yes i know even Linus said that one should not start with a hard tubing loop but this build
    simply isn't going to look good with soft tubing and my bit of OCD didnt allow it either.
    With that in mind i decided to go for gold and try

    Btw...this picture was taken after the whole loop was done so there are a few fittings and tubes missing 
    I started with some easy bends to get used to the whole thing and did good for the first bends of my life and got really excited.

    There where some screwups at first but i ignored them mostly because they where only hideous but not damaged or bent in the wrong way (like the one leading into the pump)
    The following part probably needs a little bit of explanation. I was just recently enlightened by some videos i didnt watch before...that it doesn't matter in which order your components are located in the loop.
    My loop was designed with the thought that it would be good if the coolant goes through a radiator before entering the next component...like this:
    ...Rad -> CPU -> Rad ->  GPU...
    which hopefully explains the crazy bends i did there.
    Without further ado...
    lets go completely crazy with the tubing!

    yeah i know...they are not the prettiest and straightest bends in the world but i am completely satisfied with how the turned out.
    remeber....this is my first watercooled build...and at some point in time i will redo some of the bends but for now they suffice...
    and i kinda like the unrefined look remembering me that nothing is perfect from the start.
    Time to install the CPU block and do the rest of the loop...yeah...i ran out of money and wasnt able to fit the GPU block in my budget...
    aaaand i couldnt wait 

             old cooler off ...                                                cleaning                                    new cooler on...dat excitement
    now thats a look on every bend i had to do and every fitting that went into this stupid thing...fittings can really blow your budget

    thats actually a lot...sheesh...my poor wallet

    now filling her up for the first time...(that sounds a little bit wrong..
    aaaand there goes the red....of course i let her run for more than a day to look for leaks...(it isn't getting any better isn't it )

    thats looking good i think...have some more pictures (i tried to do some kind of fancy pro looking photos )


    ah...that inlet bend on the right of the CPU is getting reworked as soon as the GPU is getting its treatment.
    now the whole Deskemperess in her glory...

    Well folks...thanks again for checking out my build...this is it...at least for the time being because i really need to stop spending the money i had planned for my food...
    no it is not that aweful but I really dont have enough to include the GPU at the moment but it'll happen in a little bit...meaning like one maybe two months.
    Until then i will paint the RAM if i have the time and do some LED lighting. And if I am really bored...the cabelsleeving. 
    Geezuz dat blue RAM looks super dumb...well i have to deal with it.
    The best part of the whole thing is...every time i walk into my room I really enjoy the accomplishment standing there on my desk in all her glory.
    And I really like her with all the mistakes, being big or small, I made because it is the first thing in a while i had the energy to finish.
    And thanks for the kind words after the first part was done...that kept me going.
    See you another time.
    Hey again...it's been  a while...geez its been nearly a year.
    I thought I'd update the buildlog.
    I did different things to my Red Queen.
    New Hardware were the red RAM Sticks (Corsair Dominator 16 GB)
    God they look good...but they are a little on the Orange side but im fine with it for now.
    Coolermaster V850 PSU 
    Bitfenix Custom Red cables
    aand the goodness...
    finally the EK waterblock for my GPU.
    But first she got a new place to sit on and some lighting

    few weeks later i started (what i thought would be the) final stage of building.
    I added some ventilation holes because i had problems with the airtemperatures inside the case.
    (Still learning )

    Cablemanagment...well i tried

    Looook now with new and fresh fluid

    Well until the stupid Fluid changed color again...so i cleaned the whole system and tried my luck with pastel coolant from EK because i thought it should work as the Coolingparts are nearly all from EK.
    disassembling and cleaning 

    aaaaaaaaand there she is back together

    That was last year....
    the sad thing is...the fluids are changing color again...
    and i have no idea whats wrong.
    Better pictures following after another cleaning and fluid change.
    well then...see you soon
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    crocski reacted to ChrisCross in Custom wooden case with lighting   
    Made a little video sorry for the audio.
    Note that this build has a pretty good airflow design which has the downside that it makes air in your room dry. if your replicating this thing take care of humidity.







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    crocski reacted to BenD in Help me fix this everlasting problem!   
    power supply or motherboard i think,

    trow it away, buy a cheap laptop it will be better then what he's got now
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    crocski reacted to MageTank in AMD Project Quantum   
    Really people? Not a single Quantum Leap joke? Not even a pun on the opening credits? Not a single "AMD finds themselves leaping from platform to platform, putting things slightly less right than what they were before, and hoping each time that their next leap will be the leap to cards that are not rebranded"? I am disappointed in all of you.
    All Quantum Leap puns aside, if this thing is nothing else, it is at the very least unique. 
    PS: I am not a fanboy, just thought i would point that out. I gave Nvidia the flak they deserved on their new Shield Console, since this thing is a direct parallel to the hype Nvidia used on 3/3/15. Remember? That event that was going to change gaming forever? Yeah, that was funny. 
    please don't hurt me for making a joke
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    crocski reacted to ahhming in AMD Project Quantum   
    Project Quantum design for VR packs two 9.5″ liquid-cooled Fiji GPUs into its unique looking chassis.
    Also AMD revealed Affinity MultiGPU where one chip powers one eye is exactly what this is all about.
    From the video we can see that it is using an intel CPU, however this could be just a test platform


    From this picture we can see that they are using 1 gpu card and will be using xfire  with a PCIe riser with x8 x8

    All this might subject to changes
    This post has been promoted to an article
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    crocski reacted to Opcode in AMD - A New Era In PC Gaming   

    >>> Live Stream <<<
    Time: 9:00 am PST / 12:00 pm EST





    4096 SPUs 4GB HBM 500 MHz (512 GB/s) Air & Water Cooled 275w $549 July 14 Fury X
    4096 SPUs ~1050 MHz Engine Clock 4GB HBM 500 MHz (512 GB/s) Water Cooled < 50C @ < 32 dBA 275w 6 Phase 400A Power Delivery 7.5" Card $649 June 24
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    crocski reacted to ciobanulx in Featured Build Logs Competition #001 - Submission Thread [CLOSED]   
    Forum ID: ciobanulx
    Build Title: Vault Boy
    Thread URL: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/185376-vault-boy-a-fallout-inspired-build-modded-bitfenix-prodigy/
    Description: The Vault Boy is finally complete. An HTPC build inspired by the Vault Boy from the Fallout games. A lot of work and time has gone into this build over the past 4 months. It has been my first ever mod and I'm so happy to finally see it running. The case is a modded Bitfenix Prodigy. The main goal of the mods was to fit as much watercooling gear as I could in the little guy, while at the same time keeping everything nice and tidy.

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    crocski reacted to dbcooper in Most ghetto build ever   
    My PC right now.... #ITXMasterRace

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    crocski reacted to ungreedy in Featured Build Logs Competition #003 - Submission Thread   
    Forum ID: ungreedy
    Build Title: NES 3.0 
    Thread URL: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/234249-nes-build-1985-2015-30th-anniversary-nes-30completed-final-pics/?p=3201304
    Description: This is a build I wanted to do for a long time, Something about putting a pc in my favorite game console from my child hood ,The Nintendo Entertainment System. A few goals I had for this build was for it to be cleanly built inside and out,good cable management and decent airflow. I feel that I succeeded in all three areas and pack quite a decent gaming pc in this tiny shell. This build was purposed built for my family and I to enjoy games and media together.
    So this is my take on a Retro Classic with a modern twist!

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    crocski reacted to dezrow in [Complete] Project: PC Master Race Takeover   
    This is a build I didnt even intend on doing, however when a friend of mine spills water all over his brand new console, I have to capitalize on it. =)   Specs so far.   Case: Xbox One CPU: Intel Pentium G3258 Cooler: ID-Cooling IS-40  Mobo: Asus Z87 Maximus vi Impact Ram: 8GB G-skill DDR3 1333MHz  PSU: HDPLEX 250W HTPC PSU GPU: Gigabyte GTX 960   Once i get the motherboard fixed in the with the i/o backplate then it will be time to measure the space i have left and make the final decision on what GPU/PSU i am going to use. Right now it is between SFX and TFX PSU's. My options for GPU's could end up being pretty limited if i am not going to be able to fit a full width card in it, but MSI and Gigabyte do both make Half-height GTX 750ti's which are both low power and really small.     Please note. All parts on this a either second hand or parts i had lying around except for the GPU and PSU which have yet to be finalized, so if you have a problem with my choices you can look at someone else's build.       CPU     MOBO. (at first i was nervous about buying second hand from ebay or amazon   ITS ALIVE!!   Oh hello!   Don't you just feel empty inside?   Time to use the dremel to grind/cut down all of that stuff on the bottom. Needs to be smooth

    Middle plastic junk has been grinded down. Backplate has been installed and motherboard has been test fitted!  

    Here are a couple pics from the expansion slot installation. Looks a bit rough right now but nothing some sanding, grinding and paint wont fix! GPU and CPU cooler both come in today with the Kill A Watt so wattage testing, painting and possibly starting to put everything in the case may happen in the next two days!      

    960, and kill a watt came in so it is time to do some benching to test some wattage!       Firestrike score!     Look at that IDLE and Max Wattage during firestrike   Idle   Max Wattage   New Cooler     Time for a test fit and lay everything out in the case!       Overall i am getting mega excited for this!!! I just started painting the case as well. Will post pics when im done!

    I come bearing PRESENTS!!!        

    PSU and power brick came in! Time for a full assmebly!     IT ALL FITS!     Dat Power Supply though!     Arial view     Teaser!(and yes. the logo now glows green!)     TADA!!!         The Back is a little messy but i am so done with messing with it         Well as you see. I am pretty much done. All i have left to do is minor paint touch up and cleaning it up! Benckmarks and full thermals will be coming in my final post.  Also may Update the first post to include the whole build once my final post is up. Thank you all for the kind words and support!   (P.S. a little bird told me an i5 may be in this ones future!)  
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    crocski reacted to ungreedy in NES build 1985-2015 30TH anniversary " NES 3.0"(completed final pics!)   
    The time has finally come After seven months of work on this build it is complete.I feel I stuck to my guns on my original outlook of what I wanted, A NES build that was clean on the inside and out.I really liked how it has slowly evolved it to what it is.What I was not expecting was it to pack so much power and IMO look "this good". I could not be any happier with the outcome, and I hope you guys are to! 
    I want to give thanks to all the great people that have followed me threw this journey.Your support throughout the build help me mold this NES in to what it is today.
    so with out further ado I give you 
       NES 3.0


    cable management 

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    crocski reacted to JoaoPRSousa in NES build 1985-2015 30TH anniversary " NES 3.0"(completed final pics!)   
    Hmm, sir, how much is it?

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    crocski reacted to flibberdipper in NES build 1985-2015 30TH anniversary " NES 3.0"(completed final pics!)   
    Who else hurt inside watching that?
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    crocski reacted to Bsmith in [Build Log] Icy Blue Angel II   
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    crocski reacted to Higgl3 in Roadside Junk in a Box   
    Junk in a box

    Back Story, Parts and Planning
    So, I was walking around Melbourne one afternoon and it happened to be hard rubbish day. I spied what looked to be a PC in one pile of junk and went over to have a look. I opened it up, thinking it's probably just trash and find to my suprise a build with an intel core i5 2500, 8gigs of 1333mhz ram and a HSI AMD 6790:

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    crocski reacted to ciobanulx in Featured Build Logs Competition #003 - Submission Thread   
    Forum ID: ciobanulx
    Build Title: GREEN MOLECULE
    Thread URL: Build Log
    Description: The Green Molecule is a build in a Fractal Design ARC Mini R2 in which I have modified nearly every component to fit the green and white theme with the molecules twist. The best features of the build are the custom side panel window, the fully custom reservoir in the front panel and the shroud incorporating the pump and res combo into it. Check the build log for more pics.

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    crocski reacted to sTrustrupJ in Corsair 230T Orange BUDGET overhaul   
    Hello all.
    This is my first real thread in here but i'd like to share my experience where im lightly modding a 230T along with some of the hardware inside of it. 
    My budget for doing this was pretty much non-exist and to some extend i actually made a slight profit from it.
    My rig (prior/after rebuild)
    Corsair Graphite 230T Orange
    Corsair CX430M/TX750
    Intel G3258 w. stock cooler/w. Corsair H100 in push.
    Corsair Vengeance Pro 8GB 2400MHz
    Asus GTX 750Ti Strix/Galaxy GTX 760 reference design
    Kingston 120GB SSD & Seagate 500GB HDD
    Here's how;
    For some time i'd like some more performance and to do something speciel with my computer as it looked plain and with the addition of a new graphics-card that wasn't color coordinated i decided to take matters into my own hand.
    I went online and searched for some cheap used upgrades(CPU cooler, GPU and PSU). Then i also got a spraypaint and a plastic lid for a bedroller.
    Corsair H100 -                  300kr (Yes i only have danish prices. google for convertions)
    Corsair TX750 sleeved - 300kr
    Galaxy GTX 760 -             600kr
    Spraypaint -                      50kr
    Plastic lid -                        20kr
    Spend in total:                1270kr
    So i went ahead and sold my 750Ti and my CX430M for a combined cost of 1300kr
    All in all i made a 30kr PROFIT by doing this  B)
    This is when i just had the GTX 760 and decided to change the look of my pc.

    Stripping everything apart!!

    The Lab, i can always clean up later right?

    Was making an outline of a custom backplate that i later messed up, will propably do another sometime soon.

    Sawing the custom backplate. The plastic would crack if i tried to just cut through it with a sharp knife or so.

    All shaped and polished

    Had an idea of trying to make some orange flames on the backplate so i was  making my own sketches and did a test on some cardboard.

    The first coating of matt black color

    First layer of orange paint to the old black/green GPU shroud!

    Dinner time! Also pancakes on a budget

    Later found out a white plasti-cote layer made for a great primer and required less orange paint to cover

    There really isn't much to do when watching paint dry, is there?

    After a couple of layers and you can see the fire thing on the backplate but i had some nasty dust and stuff into the paint and had to paint alot more orange than intended and in the end it was too much orange and i didn't like it with the dust in it etc.

    Just stripped the black electrician tape off the gpu shroud. Didn't have any better tape at hand, budget remember?

    I didn't want any white light in my all black/fire-color case so i disassembled the H100 and painted some orange on the backside for orange light effect.

    Decided to paint the mounting brackets aswell!

    Back at The Lab with all the parts painted. I did all the assembly and disassembly in my own apartment while all the crafting and painting was done in my parent's hobby room.

    Thought i'd might aswell take a look. Never changed thermal compound on a GPU before. My heart was jumping at first ^^

    Personally i think this is a SUPER sexy looking graphics card now! However i wish i were abit better at masking with electrician tape lol

    Tried mounting the failed custom backplate with double adhesive tape just to get an idea of how it would look like - trust me, you don't want to see!

    Okay so this is why i got the sleeved PSU cheap! I cut this part off all together and sealed the ends. There were alot of original black sleeved SATA connectors i could use and my SATA connectors weren't to be seen anyway.

    PSU after painting and cutting wires to fit my build.

    Started to get some parts in again to see how things fit

    Okay so i mounted the H100 in the top, using the fans from the front panel. The H100 doesn't fit originally but with a slight angel you can mount 4 screws on the one side of the radiator through the top and the other side i mounted using the double adhesive sided tape again. I was slightly blown away of how sturdy it actually is and it even acts as a anti-vibration pad aswell! and i didn't have to drill any holes or cut anything to size, just a simple fit. AWESOME!

    Needles to say, im not a big fan of cable-managing!

    More things comming together now!

    So my ROG OC-Panel used to stand infront of the PSU but that wasn't very nice so i managed to mount it standing in an angle against the side window and using my double adhesive tape (again, i love this stuff) onto the GPU! Also had to figure out some way of cleaning up the sleeved cables to switch between black and red properly.

    More progress. Found some small perforadet(perforated? :wacko:) black metal profiles where i could put some zip-ties through and bind the sleeved cables down onto in the color coordination.

    Finally got the other side on despite some problems with cramming all the cables back there. The 230T is a budget case and there's not much room for cables. Btw the hard-drive bays blocked alot of airflow i thought so i cut off the bottom part so i could still have a single HDD mounted safely. I cut it to size int he same way i cut the transparent plastic. Then i mounted my SSD on top of the HDD, do i have to say how i fixed it there?

    All done with the side windows back on! might put a larger window in at a later time if not just upgrade it at one point.


    Start to finish!

    Okay so it isn't anything over the top and there's still room for improvement but i managed to improve my system and make it look alot more slick in my own opinion. 
    I guess the thing to take away from this, is that even though you don't have much of a budget, you can still do alot with some creative ideas and passion!
    Forgot to mention my G3258 went from 72-74C to 46-48C under full load at 4.4 GHz @ 1,325v! Happy owner here!
    Hope you enjoy'd and don't hate too hard, im new :i
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    crocski reacted to astranger200 in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    As requested, pics of my setup. I will explain all of the pics

    My desk, with my laptop, keyboard and mouse and 1440 by 900 screen (complete with static proof bag and maths homework)

    My main/gaming pc (cost $20 and 3 hour of fun labour)(specs: hp compaq 7900: c2d E8400 @ stock 3.0 ghz, 4 gb 666 mhz, Geforce 8400gs @ 704mhz core & 510mhz ram (and that is absolute balls to the walls and it cant thake one more mhz on either clock), 200gb wd caviar black, 250 + 160gb seagate barracuda 7200 rpm, 240w psu (yes, I mean watts) and a ghetto cooling system)

    My ghetto wiring

    My ghetto hard drive mounting

    The back cut out of the computer and the gpu ghetto'd on with a rubber band

    HP Compaq dc 7600 (got it for free) (2gb ddr2 @ 666 mhz, pentium d 930 @ 3.0 ghz and an 80gb)

    Spare ram (ddr laptop, ddr400, ddr2, ddr2 laptop)

    Spare cpus (from a sempron 1.6 ghz from 1999 to a pentium dual-core E5300)

    Spare gpus (Geforce 6200 128mb, Geforce 6600 128mb, Quadro nvs 285 128mb)

    Cable management
    Its not much... but its mine
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    crocski reacted to IMPERIUS in MOBO doesnt say how to install the cpu?   
    Thanks, found it
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    crocski reacted to DeViLzzz in What 32" tv to get as my main monitor for gaming?   
    I game on a tv all the freaking time. I have a Samsung 40" 1080p tv and no issues at all with gaming.  I also gamed on a Toshiba 32" 720p tv a long time ago and no issues.  In regards to response time c'mon people it only really matters to pro gamers and really anyone who is any good at gaming is not going to get screwed over by playing on a tv.  PC gaming has been just fine for me on a tv.  In regards to a good choice on the low end quite often you can't find reviews on the sets for a reason.  For example the Samsung 40" I got on the cheap is quite bad and when a screen flaw came up and I had a tech look at it they would not fix it because the part and work would cost more than the tv.  They instead gave me a credit on my account with The Brick. Now lucky for me the flaw is not noticeable pretty much 99.9% of the time unless you go for looking for it and you really have to look for it to notice it. As for the Toshiba I had and from many I have seen I would say if you can get a 1080p set at a good price do it.  I really think that brand is underrated.
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    crocski reacted to McBryBry in McBryBry's Poor College Kid Build   
    It's winding down! I've got all the parts put in. I have no idea how I'm going to get the side panel on though, with all the wires sticking out... I should probably test it before I do that anyway. I'm a little worried about my CPU cooler mounting job too, but I guess we'll see....

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    crocski reacted to twoquickcapri in Twoquickcapri's AMD Build - Black/White/Blue/Noctua - FX-8350 R9 290 760t - "Almost Poor Mans 4K"   
    Twoquickcapri's AMD Build - "Almost Poor Mans 4K"


    CPU: AMD FX-8350 @ 4.74GHz
    CPU Cooler: Corsair H110
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 ATX AM3+
    Memory: A-Data XPG V1.0 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1600
    Storage: OCZ Vertex 480GB 3.5" SSD and Seagate 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Hybrid
    Video Card: Gigabyte Radeon R9 290 4GB WINDFORCE
    Case: Corsair 760T White
    Power Supply: OCZ Z Series Gold 1000W 80+ Gold
    Optical Drive: Pioneer BDR-207MBK Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Writer
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro / Linux (Kubuntu)
    PC Part Picker:
    The Build:
    This build stated off as a MATX system in Sugo SG09 with a Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 running Linux. Wanted to run a better motherboard that was better suited overclocking and could do crossfire. Was going to go with the Corsair 600t, always liked that case, but after seeing Linus "4k Video" I went in a different direction.

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    web languages are fun imo, once you got a bit the hang of it you can start doing cool stuff
    anyway, learn the correct way, don't acquire bad habits
    indent your code, and you won't make those errors (like the link all over the page )