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    narrdarr got a reaction from FakeKGB in Janky strapping an aio to gpu... possible?   
    how is it without the fans under the gpu? i think they be less helpful then you think.
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    narrdarr reacted to Computersarethebest in Before and after (be quiet shadow rock tf2 install)   
    66 before 55 after installing. 
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    narrdarr got a reaction from DriftMan in Liquid Metal   
    not only this, but also depends on the materials of the cooling system.
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    narrdarr reacted to Jumballi in is the nvidia shield worth it?   
    Shield upscales all content. That said it's not gonna be instantly 4k like DLSS, but it won't look weird as though an off resolution was on the screen, as though your TV was native 1440p instead of doing weird calculations and giving you a fuzzy 1440p video.
    Steam link device was discontinued, but the program is still supported and you can use it on both computers, SBC(like the raspi), and android devices like phones and the nvdia shield. Hence why I consider both valid options for in home PC streaming.

    Also my friends are telling me to tell you to get a hamburger.
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    narrdarr got a reaction from AlexanderYaw123 in It is worth upgrading a RX560 to RX 570 ?   
    I agree. hech when your ready you can find r5 1600 with b350 for 200
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    narrdarr reacted to Jumballi in is the nvidia shield worth it?   
    I find that it's a debate of getting a raspberry pi or a shield. The pi can do most of the things you want it to do, plus a few more PC streaming things, but it lacks in performance and doesn't have the upscaling features the shield has.

    Since you have a 4k TV, the shield is the better of the 2 if you intend to push through full 4k game play, but I myself would personally go for the pi if you can find other projects for it and want to save money.
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    narrdarr reacted to jaslion in is the nvidia shield worth it?   
    Depends. If at it does is stream a game from a pc then you might even have the steam link app on the tv available for that. If ti's actually playing games on the device too and other services the shield can be nice. The shield also offers some pretty darn excellent ai upscaling for content too which is a really nice suprise. That and with a tiny bit of tinkering it can run gamecube and wii games really well because nintendo decided that they would bring wii games to it :p.
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    narrdarr reacted to SupaKomputa in It is worth upgrading a RX560 to RX 570 ?   
    Yes, it's worth it.
    A jump from 560 to 570 is higher than a jump from 570 to 580.
    70$ is a good deal, 560 used is around $70.
    Dont upgrade the CPU, wait till you get more money and get a cheap ryzen / 10th gen 4 cores.
    For $300 you can get both new cpu and mb.
    If you have no problem buying it from china you can get a good deal of Ryzen 1600 / 2600 for only $110-130.
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    narrdarr got a reaction from LuckySprmCell in 5v 3 pin fans to 12v 4 pin   
    it should work. 
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    narrdarr got a reaction from Chris Greene in I want to upgrade my mouse   
    the g502 is a good. I have 1 so does my gf and many friends. this after everyone has tried a variety of mice. it has a very good shape and is comfortable for different type mouse holder. really it's only downside is it weight, but it easy to look pass if you haven't been using lightweight mice. 
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    narrdarr got a reaction from MayDiscorder in Need advice for RAM sticks   
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    narrdarr got a reaction from VVOLFY in Reverse fans?   
    thermalright has better options 
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    narrdarr reacted to Levent in Jim Ryan Confirms More PS Exclusives Headed to PC, Starting With Days Gone in Spring   
    Dang it Sony, release God of War games on PC already. Even Micro$oft is releasing their "exclusives" on Windows now.
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    narrdarr got a reaction from Sport Driver in Which is better cooler 240mm cooler?   
    der8auer covers this in one of his videos
    variable flow rate or setting a curve is fine to, but people over complicate this as the curve adjust based on the CPU temp or water temp when it should adjust based on load not temp but that doesn't exist so a static speed is just easier to work with especially for an aio
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    narrdarr got a reaction from SEAL62 in Need advice for RAM sticks   
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    narrdarr got a reaction from Zelenia in Scythe Mugen 5 Rev.B   
    I'd personally take a macho over the mugen 5. more thermal mass, better fan. it really a kick ass cooler at a solid price.
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    narrdarr got a reaction from zachb2185 in Phanteks P360A stock fans with an AIO   
    front mounting the aio is fine. as for heating  the other components in the system yes it does but not enough to worry about. it totally  fine. 
    to answer it will depend on the fans that come with aio. something like an evga aio your stock fans might be better. if it's some thing like alf2 or pg240 or ekaio.  those fan fans on the aio are better. but doesn't mean you couldn't use your stock fans.
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    narrdarr reacted to lee32uk in Build on strict budget   
    Best I can come up with, and a bit over budget. The 4GB version of the RX 570 is cheaper, but not sure how it affects performance.
    Also no idea on prices in Aus, so some of these parts might be overpriced.
    PCPartPicker Part List
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (12nm) 3.2 GHz 6-Core Processor  ($185.00 @ Centre Com) 
    Motherboard: ASRock B450M Pro4-F Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard  ($85.00 @ Mwave Australia) 
    Memory: Team T-FORCE VULCAN Z 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory  ($89.00 @ PC Byte) 
    Storage: Western Digital Blue 500 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive  ($68.00 @ Centre Com) 
    Video Card: Sapphire Radeon RX 570 8 GB PULSE ITX Video Card  ($268.80 @ Device Deal) 
    Case: Deepcool MATREXX 55 MESH ATX Mid Tower Case  ($49.00 @ PCCaseGear) 
    Power Supply: Corsair CX (2017) 550 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply  ($103.40 @ Newegg Australia) 
    Case Fan: Deepcool XFAN 44.71 CFM 120 mm Fan  ($4.80 @ Device Deal) 
    Case Fan: Deepcool XFAN 44.71 CFM 120 mm Fan  ($4.80 @ Device Deal) 
    Case Fan: Deepcool XFAN 44.71 CFM 120 mm Fan  ($4.80 @ Device Deal) 
    Total: $862.60
    Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
    Generated by PCPartPicker 2021-02-22 12:57 AEDT+1100
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    narrdarr reacted to Bombastinator in Motherboard refuses to boot with XMP profile enabled, auto-resets speed to 2133   
    Is that memory on the QVL for that motherboard?  I’m wondering if it’s maybe a newer version of a type of memory they did testing for and when you enable XMP the machine try’s to enable the settings for a type of memory you don’t actually have.  If this is the case you may need to do manual settings.
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    narrdarr got a reaction from Mark Kaine in buzzing noise coming from pc (arctic freezer 2 280)   
    if you watch gamers nexus review of the cooler and the arctic p12 fans I think your see additional info that may help you set your curve so you don't get that noise. 
    but in short. it sounds like you loads are at the not so sweet where it tell fans to run at around 1100 rpm. adjusting your curve so your fans spin faster should fix this. it temping to tell it to go slower but it's not the right way to go about as the temp will move up which will put you back in the spot.
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    narrdarr got a reaction from glenalz81 in 3x120mm vs 2x14mm NOCTUA - NZXT H710   
    If you want better cooling  get a case that is airflow focused.
  22. Informative
    narrdarr got a reaction from IAmAndre in Motherboard suggestions   
    officially no. unofficial some motherboards do work even when it's not listed. which ones are are good choice for doing so, I'm not sure.
    many b450 mb will support  5000 series  ccpus but lack many features that a 5000 with b550 x570 motherboards have when paired together .
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    narrdarr reacted to Haro in Motherboard suggestions   
    Since I don't know your budget, I'll just name some boards: 
    The B450M Pro VDH Max, the B450M mortar Max, The B450M TUF Pro S (If you manage to find one) and the B450M Pro4 are all decent budget boards. 
    The B450M TUF Pro (Non-S) and the B450 TUF Plus are subpart boards, and there are boards that are similar in price but are simply better. While the TUF Pro S is basically the B550M TUF Plus but with the older B450 Chipset, and is a decent board. 
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    narrdarr reacted to Blue4130 in Any bmx bike riders here..?   
    Ah who wouldn't dig that? I wish I had something like that when I was 9 🙂
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    narrdarr reacted to Blue4130 in Any bmx bike riders here..?   
    Go with the 20. He'll grow into it. Don't worry too much about the tt length, There are ways to compensate (Shorter stem) but most important, get him on the dirt trails. That is where the fun lies. 😉