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  1. It might, but likely won't. Just stick to NVENC then.
  2. Try to use QuickSync instead, it has better quality/bitrate and runs on the iGPU, a chip you're likely not using.
  3. What software are you using to stream? There's likely been something that disabled hardware acceleration. Just go into setting and set it to use QuickSync, VCE or NVENC.
  4. 8GB of DDR4 dual-channel vs 12GB of DDR4 single-channel If I can get +20% by doubleing my effective RAM speed, I'd rather buy 2x4GB sticks, but if it's more along the lines of 5%, I might as well just take a singe 8GB stick and run with it.
  5. I'm looking at this from a laptop's point of view.
  6. I know that integrated GPUs scale with RAM speed, as they use it as their framebuffer, but I can't find any benchmarks on this matter. I'm looking for gaming benchmarks that test for correlation between performance and RAM speed/channels. I found a test from Anandtech about this, but it was on DDR3 and Haswell. Do you know of any tests that were run to test this?
  7. a 2013 PC will do absolutely fine with CEMU, but that's not what 2013 consoles have. That Kabini thing over there is overshadowed by the strong IPC of an Atom, runs at slow speeds and it's only saving grace is its core count, something emulators can't use properly.
  8. Someone ported an emulator for the XBONE, you'll have to pay 20$ for developer account or whatever.. Not sure what emulator it was,and besides, the XBONE is too weak for dolphin
  9. Would've thought so, but GPU utilization follows CPU's, so it's not the CPU bottle-necking the GPU in the normal way...
  10. Thanks for the graphs, I wish anyone asking for help would provide that much information in the 1st post. Anyhow, it looks like power issues, might be GPU VRM overheating or hitting TDP limits, the MoBo's VRM is likely fine, but the PSU might be tripping on OCP or something...
  11. Strange, The error you posted is an EFI error. I guess try flashing the bios with an up-to-date one...
  12. Dude, I already told you the UEFI settings are fked up. Just reset those and it should be fine.
  13. Yes, return them. It is getting better in DX9-11 games by the day, but since DX12/Vulkan SLI is on the devs to implement, we can all wave goodbye to multiGPU configs.
  14. Snooli

    Free MMORPG?

    More a looter than MMORPG, but give Warframe a shot.
  15. With the Ubuntu USB in, what boot options does it give you? There should be ways for said live USB, BIOS and UEFI. If one doesn't work, try the other one. Or you could just pull out the CMOS batter for a few minutes...