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    intel core i5 4690k
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    msi gaming G-45 z97
  • RAM
    16gb hyperx fury black
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    Asus gtx 970 strix
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    NZXT h440 red
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    2tb seagate barracuda, kingston 240gb v300 series
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    evga 800 watt 80 plus gold
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    corsair h105 AIO

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  1. Ok so I've finally decided it's time to upgrade my cpu. The rest of the rig I've upgraded as needed and is suiting me well. The cpu is the last part to upgrade and is the more challenging decision to make. I'm running an x370 board for the 1700x so unless I get a 3rd gen ryzen, I'm looking at a mobo upgrade as well. My use has also changed. I don't do nearly as much video work on this pc, so it would primarily be a gaming rig. I'm wondering if it is wiser to pick up an Intel chip just because of the savings relative to AMD scalping? Or if I should try and find a 5th gen ryzen chip when they be
  2. Hey guys, I'm trying to get 240fps stable in fortnite and warzone but I've noticed my fps fluctuates more than it used to. My gpu is an rtx 2080 so I'm left wondering if either my cpu needs an upgrade or if perhaps my ram speed is too slow. I heard from a friend that ryzen demands fast ram. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be much appreciated.
  3. Hey guys! I have 32gb of HyperX fury memory running at 2400mhz on an x370 Asus vi crosshair MOBO with a ryzen 7 1700x. I'm wondering if the ram frequency is holding back my gaming performance, or whether perhaps a cpu upgrade is necessary. I would like to play at 240 fps in fortnite and warzone. I have an rtx 2080 from gigabyte as my GPU.
  4. I can take a look and see, what should I be looking for exactly?
  5. I use HWmonitor and temps are decent. I'm playing at relatively low settings at 1080p though
  6. Hey everyone! My rig is struggling a little to maintain 240fps on fortnite which is confusing me a little bit. I have a ryzen 7 1700x, 32gb of ddr4 ram at 2400mghz and an rtx 2080 with the game installed on an m.2 drive. Is it likely the cpu causing the fps fluctuations? Or is it something else?
  7. Hey folks, I was able to snap a cheap 2080 and have been enjoying it for a few months now (used to have a gtx 1080), but now I'm wondering whether my ryzen 7 1700x is holding it back. My fps is lower in newer titles but I'm at relatively low gpu utilization. Any thoughts? Would a cpu upgrade solve my issue?
  8. I'm having an issue with a pci device that I'm unaweare of. I can't update its driver, and I'm not sure what the device is, any thoughts?
  9. I currently have a ryzen 7 1700x. I just got a used 2080 super from a buddy but I'm not noticing much fps improvement in certain games. I think perhaps my cou is the new bottleneck. With that being said, ryzen 3rd gen is compatible with my board so upgrading would be easy. However, is 3rd gen ryzen a big improvement or is Intel the way to go for gaming?
  10. Do you reccomend keeping vsync enabled in game?