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  1. Is this lcd or t con board?
  2. i dont have a colour scheme nor intended to have one. everything was not plan. i am actually reselling the mobo and cpu for a $200 if everything ill sell it to 350. im just amaze how minimal the inside. i just picked out the case in matter or second cuz i saw that there is a psu cover in it. PSU makes the system looks ugly for me. might look pathetic nothing look to catchy, colorful or expensive but they it does the job done and damn now that i look at it. it does look like a mustard LOL
  3. i posted my build online for sale and someone i looking for the CPU and Ryzen. and im selling it for $220? should i or naH? deal is CPU mobo PSU = $250 CPU mobo psu ram case = $450 specs above
  4. Some guy. It was a crazy story. We started negotiating for like 2 days. Gave him punch of numbers, options and trades. First we started $160 + tv then somehow i kept adding items and kept asking him to include ram n psu. Then it got so confusing i said "this is too complicated okay ill give u $120 + tv" and he agreed. When i was at his house waiting i told him i was in a hurry then he just included a single ballistix ddr4 8gb ram lol. Then the next day he asked about the ram if he could do something about it and i said "sure ill sell i want dual channel anyway. Ill give it to you for $20 cheap
  5. System: Ryzen 5 1500x Asus prime b350 plus Viper 3200mhz 8gn Evga 500b Gtx 1050ti Samsung 250gb ssd Case raidmax 1 Price breakdown Ryzen and mobo = $100+ 32' tv (bouht 20) Ram and case = $160 Psu (amazon) = 50 1050ti = $80 (i bought this 2 months ago and sold broken fan so i used a corsair sp120 and ziptied) (the gpu photo was attached to my hp elite 8200 And i am now looking to sell the hp elite 8200 to lessen the damage ($$$) Total= $400 I am looking still for cheaper ram and return the viper at frys. I found
  6. Update. Met the guy sold hjm back the 8gb ram. For $20. Honestly i could hVe said 40 but damn. Total damags. $100 + 32'tv ($20) For a working used ryzen 1500x and asus prime 350. WIN!! Clean and organize
  7. i have received and installed the PSU. . . . . . everything works so far. it boot up properly......... EVERYTHING WORKS ill put up some pictures later. but this is amazing hahaha.
  8. i just purchaed a asus prime b350 plus. damn did i make a mistaked?
  9. i live in seattle and here 25-30' tv goes around $50-$100 and varies depending on the brand. I sold him the samsung which is a decent tv. the retail price on that one is around 300 i know its because i have been using the same model brand (identical) tv for the past 3 years. but i was lucky that the person selling the tv was a rich microsoft worker. he even came to the house drop the tv personally driving a porsche lol for only $20 LOL. the psu should be arriving here shortly. i ordered last night should be here soon. fingers cross guys. UPDATED: BTW he gave the single
  10. i mean i do know where he lives. i even took a photo of the plate number of the car parked right infront of his house. forgot i need a CASE LOL destroyed ryzen? how? from what? you think thats why he sold it for so cheap? He text "see ya bud" Rolf
  11. i did said so many times. but i was kinda in a hurry. but i said "keep it" but he took he out anyway. idk thats why i feel so sketchy about it. hopefully. i mean he did asked me about the pc when i got home so atleast that give me a little assurance that its maybe working LOL
  12. i got a deal so good im worried. i bought ryzen 5 1500x asus prime b350 plus 1 stick ddr4 ballistix sport 8gb 2400mhz in exchange for $120 cash and a samsung tv 32in (which i bought from someone for $20 ROLF) maybe i won this deal LOL idk if its my lost or not, i havent powered the mobo and cpu yet cuz i dont have the PSU. i just ordered a seasonic 620w from amazon. hopefully according to a guy it works and he looks and sound legit since i went to his house.
  13. i live in seattle wa so no. stupid micro they dont ship
  14. Ryzen 5 1500x Asus Prime 350 Plus Mobo psu 500w = $160 + 32' tv seems like that is whats happening
  15. we trying to both agree cpu motherboard psu and case for 275 actually im giving him $175 cash and a 32inch tv