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  1. The volume greatly depends on how far I turn the volume knob on the amplifier. But I guess its the signal output that is limited to 85dB and not the volume of the speakers. I am able to get a lot more than 100dB in the living room, I don't turn up the amplifier that high when I'm inside tho. Thanks for the answers!
  2. TL:DR - How do I disable the warning about ear damage when turning up the volume on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge? Hello. I use my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to listen to Spotify on my stereo at home. I connect it with a Mini-Jack to white/red normal round connection to a Sony Digital audio/video control Center (Amplifier). When I turn up the volume on the phone there is a warning about damage to the ears when listening to headphones. I am required to click the "OK" on screen before I can again press the volume button. but I don't have any headphones connected at all. I think its very
  3. TL:DR - Video and audio gets out of sync on live brodcast and vods. larger and larger delay over time. clearly visable when someone talks and the lips are not synced. Hello. My mom has a $200 laptop from around 2013 with 15" screen with 720p and windows 10. She watches live TV and VODs using Edge or Chrome. The audio gets out of sync, more and more as times passes. I can see it very clear when someone is talking. After about a hour the video stops becomes a still picture with only sound plays. If she refreshes the page the video and audio gets synced again, so she has to refresh of
  4. I solved it by using firefox and not signing into youtube. And now chrome has watched me use firefox and decided to play videos at the highest quality again. I guess its trying to compete.
  5. Hello. Today when I click to watch any youtube video, It will play in the lowest possible resolution. So 144p or 240p depending on the video. Before it would select/play in 1080 or 720 when I click on a new video. I can change it back with the small options cog, near the captions and full screen button. But I have to do it every time I watch a new video. It does not make it buffer or struggle on 1080p. I have tested my connections speed at 2 different websites and I have 98-101 mbps both up and down. I use google chrome on windows 10, and I am logged into youtube. Do y
  6. Thanks for the advice. I just did write it in javascript with output to a html document. that way I dont need a local server running. And Im getting used to javascript.
  7. Hello, I would like to simulate a tournament with double elimination. I've seen people simulate things in python but I don't really know where to start. I am only going to use it for myself, I don't need to put it online anywhere. Do you have a suggestion to what code language to use for this? And If the answer is python, how do you run a "server" to test/run the python code locally on a computer?
  8. Hi, I searched up a few of the advertisements that come before, during or after "normal" videos. And I watched 4 of them in a row as their "own video" kind of (not as ads during other videos). And I did not get a single ad during any of the ads. no between/before/after video ad. nothing. They where uploaded by Uber Eats, Amazon, Cheetos and Squarespace in the last week, and was around one minute long each. Why does these uploaders have no ads on their videos. I think its kind of unfair that these videos has no ads on them. Even a 12 second clip of jeremy clarkson gets a minute ad b
  9. Its about the idea of a console, its not about data collection or anything.. I assume you like updates and online. Can you tell me a advantage to having updates then? 1. They make a full game with all features in place and almost no bugs and realease it. and never update the game. but they spend a year extra before releasing it. -You know what you are buying. And reviews are acurate. 2. They make a buggy mess with half of the main feature or story missing and that doesnt work half the time and singleplayer doesnt work due to servers being overloaded. They spend 6 months patchin
  10. The only REAL reason to get the PS5 spesificaly would be a new Gran Turismo. Its such a good game. I have considered buying a ps3 or ps4 to get a new version of the game, I have played Gran turismo 5 or was it 6 a few times and I would try and get that. And I dont have a TV anymore, so I really need a console that supports wireless controllers. got a 150" projector screen, so the console needs to be in the back of the room, not under the screen like with a TV. But In the end, a bit too much to pay hundreds of dollars buying a box for a single game, As for the "offline", I got a co
  11. I was thinking, what games would I want to play on the new ps5? well; (my xbox 360 can do these, without any online connection, but of course the older versions of the games.) Gran turismo (2 or 4 player split screen) Fifa with 2 or 4 players The next GTA game, singleplayer The next Skyrim game, singleplayer Perhaps CoD (4 player split screen) Do you have any suggestions for games to get?
  12. Hi, I was wondering if I bought a Playstation 5 and a few games on disc. 1. Would I be able to play then without ever connecting the console to my router? Does the game come playable on the disc without the need to download anything? (even if its without patches). 2. And is the Operating system working without updating, even if its not the latest version? 3. Do I need internet to create an account, or can I play without one, or can I create a "local" profile? (for the purpose of saving progress, like on the xbox360 I have) idk if the system even has user profiles but just wondering. Thank
  13. I did not attempt your array movements, but You gave me a good idea, to check the duplicates before the loop. That was super. I think I managed to solve the problem I had when I started this thread.. I added one array for each of the duplicates. and then removed one at random when needed. Then I used something called concatenation. I thought that was a math term, but the .concat() does it in javascript. It seems to work, I used console.log to check the Arrays a few times. Thank you for the help.
  14. @JacobFW Thanks I understand now. I think I can put that together. But I have a new challenge (no pressure). I had one problem with my current version, ill use a example too. Here is a Array with 5 items/elements. I use Strings, because they are shown/written to a html Element, to show on screen. (the names are made up). var leaderPool = ["Neal - Russia", " Victoria - France", "Hanna - Belgia", "Tommy - France", "Neal - Ukraine"] Lets say the function chooses randomly "Tommy - France" it should also remove "Victoria - France" from the Array, IF duplicate Natio
  15. @JacobFW Thanks for the advice. I must have misunderstood, but does not that exclude the last item in the array, since you choose from tempLen-1. example array lenght 5, random 1-5, then 1-4 then 1-3 ect. How does it move the selected array element to the "last" position of the array and thus making sure you don't pick the same value twice? is it in step 5. what code does step 5 use? also, is rndPos = randomInt()%leaderStoredText.length); a shorter way to write Math.floor(Math.random() * leaderStoredText.length) ? does it give a random number just the same, perhaps I should us
  16. @Imaginationac Thanks for the tip. I think I got it. what do you think about this? Do you think i could have written it differently. (this is at the bottom of the code in OP) // Checks if Duplicate leaders is allowed. if (duplicateLeader.textContent == "Disabled" || duplicateCiv.textContent == "Disabled") { console.log("Hello Enabled") for (i = 0; i < 20; i++) { // Selects one random Leader from the Array using Math. let leaderChoosen = Math.floor(Math.random() * leaderStoredText.length); // Sends/Writes the Leader Name to all
  17. Hello, I need some help with my coding. I am learning javascript for fun. The for loop selects a random item from a Array (using Math.random) over and over. But I don't want it to be able to select the same item more than once. Perhaps one solution to this problem is to remove the selected item from the array, and so its not even in the "hat" next time around. But I don't know how to do/write that. Perhaps a function/code I have yet to learn can be used. Do you know how? If you have any suggestions to solve this issue that would be awesome. (it should also depend on if Duplicate Ci
  18. @Unimportant Good idea, but I have no idea how to write that. I am pretty happy with a web-page that you can look at while starting your game. I leaned a bit of python and javascript and re-learned a bit of html and css. My creation can be fund here if you missed the link: https://fallout2rcg.000webhostapp.com/ I guess you mention it because https://bgautochar.com/ has that. Baldurs gate character creation has stats rolling, meaning you would have a hard time just looking at the web-page and creating the character in-game without a bit of lucky. you roll 3 x 6 sided dice for each
  19. The program is working, but I am not that great at coding. do you think it could be improved? // Collects and stores data from the HTML page's 4 inputs. startButton, versionInput, traitSelect and skillSelect const startButton_div = document.getElementById("startButton"); const version_input = document.getElementById("versionInput"); const traits_select = document.getElementById("traitSelect"); const skills_select = document.getElementById("skillSelect"); var traitChoiceValue; var skillsChoiceValue; // Stores the Traits. Is used in assignTraits() and assignPoints() var traitsStored = [0, 0
  20. I realized that. I made it in javascript. thanks for the advice. here is a working version. (not 100% finished) https://fallout2rcg.000webhostapp.com/
  21. This is 111 lines of Javascript code so far. does html and css count or not? Its almost finished. What do you think, any suggestions? Check what it does here https://fallout2rcg.000webhostapp.com/
  22. Hello, I wanted to create a random character creation "thing" for Fallout 1 & 2. I got the idea from this https://bgautochar.com/ But I have a small problem, or I dont know how to export or make it outside the editor program. I am using PyCharm, and created a Project. It looks very similar to programs for making websites and stuff. I have a "work in progress" code, that seems to be on track. So far I am able to create a character and output the info to a text file while using PyCharm. Update: I installed Visual Studio Code. And started with a html page and css style sheet. then wrote
  23. I have used a device where you plug mouse, keyboard, monitor and headset and other stuff into a box/device, and then you can connect that box to 4 computers, and you select witch one of the 4 computers you want to "control" with a simple button. Its pretty simple, but a lot of cable mess.
  24. Hello, I was wondering if there is any way to fix that the middle mouse button on my g500s mouse is not working. I can move the scroll wheel sideways so its really 3 buttons + scroll wheel. Its only the normal center button that does not work. It does not work on https://www.onlinemictest.com/mouse-test/ .. I put the "middle click" on the side button, and that works. So It might be the physical button that is not working. What do you think? Can it be solved somehow?
  25. I have 4 fans pulling air in from the front, bottom and side panel. And 4 blowing air out, 2 in the top and 2 in the back (pull push 140mm radiator). It has worked for me, I don't have problems with heat. Perhaps you could do something similar.