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    AsRock z97 Extreme 6
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    Kingston HyperX Fury Blue 16GB
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  1. Did I fuck up? I used PIA, and downloaded a game. Leading to an email from my ISP (Bell Canada). Not sure what to do next (pretty terrified), It really scares me that they exactly know what files were downloaded. Reading the email quotes "Please note that receipt of a content owner's notice may not mean there has been any legal action against you.". According to the email, the public IP that was stated was my non VPN IP, and not the IP on the VPN. Also, I streamed this game on Twitch.tv with a facecam. Am I SOL? In the case that there is legal action against me, anyone know how lon
  2. Look online for the benchmarks of the 1070Ti, and compare them to your current 2060. Tbh if the performance difference isn't much I would keep the 2060, to much of a hassle to return it and ship it etc etc.
  3. No, you do not need an amp for it. I also owned an HD 599, didn't need an amp. Once you start using headphones that are like 150 ohm, then that's when I'll consider an AMP/DAC combo.
  4. Of course they don't add anything to the EQ. But they boost the overall sound, so for someone like me who is DHH, they assist in hearing frequencies that otherwise I would't be able to hear. Now, for someone who isn't DHH, if their headphones are lacking mids, or highs. Amplifying it can make you hear them easier, and sometimes more with more clarity. Again I'm talking about this coming from my experiences.
  5. I dont know the mathematical side of it. However I can speak from experience. I do have headphones that are 150 ohms. I even have an aviation headset that are 150ohms, that I use for playing Microsoft Flight Simulator X. My when plugged into my mobo, they do sound very weak, lacking sparkle, and lacking sharpness. They are not as full as being plugged my amp/dac combo. Speaking of interference his motherboard, (MSI Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON) does have a separate "grounded out" section for audio. Sure interference can still happen but I think its suffice enough to not worry about it.
  6. I never said, powering them. I said drive them to its full potential.
  7. It's 150 ohm headphones, legit he's not going to able to use it to its full potential.
  8. Few different factors. The HyperX Cloud Alpha are gaming are intended for "gaming". Now I use that term loosely because usely games especially FPS, there are a lot of explosions, gunfire, and footsteps. They all use (for the most part) bass, or sub bass. That's why a lot of "gaming" headphones are bass heavy. They tend to focus more on those noises. Now you might prefer your airpods becuase they are more "neutral" sounding than your hyperx. Snice they're more neutral, they will have more mids and highs, which will compliment the rest of the frequencies more better. Leading to a sound thats mor
  9. I would stay with Schiit. For $100 you get a decent amp/DAC combo. You wont find a better deal, if it doesnt work you can always send it for a RMA! I believe they also pay for shipping it back. If you get that JDS lab atom you'll still need to buy a DAC, nothing is a good deal as Schiits audio's Fulla.
  10. I found an add posting for a HD 600 on Kijiji, the guy claims that it is in mint condition and he only worn them a few times. As I question why hes trying to get rid of them, he says "I'm just looking to sell them". He's selling them for $350 CAD (about $267 USD), but I talked him down to $325 ($232). Is this a good deal? And if so, How do I go about verifying that it isn't a counterfeit. I asked him if he has the original receipt he said no. He does however have the original box and wires.In the other hand, I was thinking of getting my first tube Amp for about the same price. I haven't decide
  11. Cheers for pointing this out, I never heard of this issue. I just opened up my Fulla it seems to be that particular unit. I mine surprisingly doesn't have any solder splats. After a quick google search, many people are complaining about it. I guess I just got lucky didn't get a "bad" unit. I got mine on the day of release, seems like the QC department went downhill ever since release. Thoughts on the JDS Labs Atom Amp? Sucks that it doesn't come with a built in DAC. Would've kicked the "Schiit" out of the Fulla.
  12. Yeah, it's way to dangerous to use while outside. Not only that you cant hear your surroundings, I always have a fear that someone will swoop it off my head and steal em ahah. But honestly I only used these inside my house. I mostly used my ie 80 outside, as they solve both problems that I mentioned above But the bose are good! Cheers!
  13. Haven't had a problem yet, maybe the thing I notice is that they disconnect more often? Idunno, to mee I dont realize anything wrong with it.
  14. Massdrop is have a really good limited run of headphones right now. One of them being is the HD 58X. It's very good. It's better than any other headphones in its price range. The only problem being is that they are open backs, and they need an amp to be driven to their full potential. Snice they are open back noises out side the headphones will be bearable, but your music sound stage and quality will sound amazing. I would really recommend getting the HD 58X, you can hold off for an AMP/DAC for now. I would buy them, and just get an amp when you can. You can get away with Schiit Audio's Fulla