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  1. I feel like I explained myself badly so I'll try to explain myself a bit better. Like I did with the i7 4770k which at the time was bad in terms of just gaming, I want to buy whatever will last me the longest, hopefully until the thing physically dies. With the 4000 series that was the 4770k and even though gaming is the only thing it was used for, seeing the gamers nexus benchmark comparisons between the 4690k and 4790k I would say I made the right choice. For that goal I figured the best path for me to upgrade would be to get a current gen motherboard with a cheap stopgap CPU. Then
  2. It's true no one can read time and i don't expect anyone to, but looking at past data surely if you actually compile and spend some time analyzing all of it you can make decent guesses based on the results.
  3. Well then go tell steve at gamers nexus his results are fake.
  4. Sure, when the time comes i will do research on what specific cpu will the best at the time, 4900x/4950x were ment more as placeholder names for the amd side. I was try to get some insight in whether AMD might catch up or even surpass intel in terms of performance by next gen. With that information i would have an easier time deciding whether to buy z490 or x570 now, as i don't really want to deal with buying now and reselling in a year
  5. Yes, now it might give me 2-5%. But in 5+ years its going to be 30%, see GN video on 4690k vs 4790k. 500$ every 5 years is just as much as 200-300 every 2-3 but with less hassle of changing platforms.
  6. because i can and want to, why do you care? Legit don't get why people get upset about other peoples choices. on a more serious note, mostly because i plan to keep it until it or the ram sticks die and replacing the part on the platform is not worth it over buying an entiren new system.
  7. Hi guys, I know nobody can see ahead in the future but I've only done a pc build once before 5 years ago therefore i haven't really been following trends and this might be a bit long so please bear with me on this. I'm currently using a 4770k and unfortunately my memory is starting to fail. I planned to keep the 4770k for another 1 or 2 but since ddr3 prices atm are very similar to ddr4 and mixing and matching being what it is, i decided i might as well upgrade now. My plan is to buy a mid level z490/x570 board like a tomahawk that can handle overclocks but settle for
  8. this is probably a logshot but hey you never know. I have a gtx 780ti windforce oc from gigabyte (gv-n78toc-3gd model) and 2 of it's capacitors caught fire and are now burned. From what i could make out from pictures online it seems to be the C253 and C254 capacitors (i marked their location on the pcb in the picture). I don't really have any hope of it working but i'd still like to try replacing them so i'm curious if anyone knows where i could find some schematics so that i can look those up or has some information on what they are used for and what their value is.
  9. and why is the same cooler worse on amd than nvidia?
  10. true 41cm seems a bit much indeed my gtx780ti windforce which from pictures seems to be about the same size is 29cm long so i'd guess something of that magnitude
  11. 1 banana in length, about 0.5 banana in height and i'd say like 0.1 or 0.2 banana in depth. 9gag jokes aside. amazon.de claims 40.6 x 23.8 x 9.4 cm but not sure if its the box or the actual card
  12. i've had a black widdow 2014 for a bit over a year now and never had any problems with it. It even survived being used with beer in it cuz i was too drunk and just wiped it with some paper towels.
  13. gta 4 needs to be patched to the newest version its a problem with the game. don't know about cs 1.6 tho.
  14. To all the people saying they have nothing to hide: well why don't you all pm me all your e-mail addresses, bank account data, social media account info and all other valuable accounts you own. Then let me install cameras in every one of your rooms, track your phones so i know where you are at any point and read your messages. You wouldn't give me all that now would you? So why should anyone have all that information besides you? What makes you believe that all that information is definitely 100% going to help the government/secret agencies prevent terrorist attacks? Just because they say
  15. Hey, i just saw that gigabyte specifies oh it's website that the GTX 780 Ti with Windforce 3x cooler has a power consumption of 450 watt is that even possible? To my knowledge a GPU should only be able to draw 375 watt (2 x 8 pin at 150 watt + 75 watt from the PCI - e bus itself) is my knowledge wrong or did gigabyte mess up? http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4890#ov http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4839#ov http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4912#ov it's the same with all 3 models
  16. and another low priced phone with 5.5 inch dispay that is just too big for my tiny hands ..
  17. they are from ea and ubis*** sry i mean ubisoft si unless they get some VERY good reviews from big reviewers i am not gonna touch any of them.
  18. i never understood why people do bad things... be it theft,murder,rape,bullying or on the internet create malware,cyberbullying, theft, you get the idea.
  19. that one is way above 1.300$ i'd say some quad core 15" laptop should do fine
  20. i'll have to disagree on that. at least with the prices in germany from what i've seen the macbook pro is just as expensive as any other ultrabook exept it has much better battery life than any windows ultrabook.
  21. pah peasant i want 8k 240 hz one can never have enough pixels
  22. it depends a lot on how it performs and how it is priced so we can't say for sure
  23. when i last researched about it not using the same capacity when using dual channel is bad and don't think much has changed in ~2 years
  24. no just the program you need it for or download it from somewhere.
  25. it's not a program it's a library file (.dll). maybe try a reinstall