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    yudothat2me got a reaction from JoaoPRSousa in Sleep mode on W8.1 doesn't appear   
    Try going into Control Panel and then Power Options. Under Power Options click Change Plan, and then change advanced power settings. Double click the sleep tab and double click sleep after. Change your settings to how long before sleeps or whatever, and click OK and save settings. It might take a reboot to see it show up again after this.
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    yudothat2me reacted to G00gle in bios flashback problems!   
    read the manual.
    if the led flashes then stays like that it means something is wrong with the process. either the bios update files isn't named properly. either the flashdriver isn't empty(you need to have only the bios file), either you plugged in in the wrong usb.
    dont use flashdrive for usb 3.0 use 2.0.
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    yudothat2me reacted to nanowatt in System doesn't POST   
    did you clear the cmos?or restarted the bios to get rid of the oc settings?
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    yudothat2me got a reaction from EChondo in Hard Drive Problem   
    You probably need to initialize the drive in Windows. Go to Computer and right click. Click Manage. Under Storage you should see Disk Management. If you click on that, your drives should all appear. From there you need to initialize and format the drive. That should take care of the problem as long as the drive shows up in Disk Management.
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    yudothat2me got a reaction from EChondo in Hard Drive data missing   
    Did you move your Steam Library folder too? Your games are likely still on the drive, but Steam needs to know where they are located.
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    yudothat2me got a reaction from Way2Loud in PC not detecting GPU   
    Can you get video when connected to the onboard graphics? I have this board and processor and had same issue. Turned out that it wasn't seated all the way in the slot. Make sure you can see the slot lock on the card. It's easy to overlook, and it took a bit more pressure than expected to get it into the slot seated correctly.
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    yudothat2me reacted to Greedytacothief in I cant Install windows (7 or 8.1) on any drive   
    Yudothat2me thank you that really helped, I new you could open the command prompt somehow. Thank you again.
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    yudothat2me got a reaction from Taz9400 in using SSD and HDD. Not registering the HDD   
    Happy to help
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    yudothat2me reacted to Rheinwasser in Best ever cookie recipe   
    i think i'll hand it to my sister hoping she makes me some.
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    yudothat2me got a reaction from minhajakbar in No display.   
    Look for instructions on Q-flash or flashing BIOS in your manual or online. You may have a different way of doing it then ASUS boards do, but I think you can flash the BIOS so you can update it to support your chip.
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    yudothat2me got a reaction from minhajakbar in No display.   
    I mispoke before, I see you have a Gigabyte board. The way you can do this is explained in your manual under Q-flash - no operating system needs to be installed or loaded up. I think it's pretty much the same as the ASUS boards do that I explained before. Hope this helps. With my board though, you needed to make sure you did not have the CPU installed when you did it, and no RAM was needed on the board either.
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    yudothat2me got a reaction from minhajakbar in No display.   
    On ASUS boards they have a BIOS flashback option. You download the BIOS to a USB and plug the board in with the 24 pin and 8 pin connectors and press a button on the back of the board. Not sure if MSI has an option like that.
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    yudothat2me got a reaction from minhajakbar in No display.   
    You may also need a BIOS update to recognize the chip on the motherboard. I have a ASUS Maximus VII Hero, and the BIOS it shipped with didn't support my processor out of the box. Getting the latest BIOS update before installing the processor might do the trick.