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  1. @Xenofen Nice monitors... how much did you pay for them?
  2. Now we continue waiting I still feel like nothing has changed since I'm waiting for browns.
  3. This is the first part of a planned 16-bit computer that will run entirely in minecraft. That computer will be "Hack" compatible, which is to say that it'll run code meant for the Hack machine described in The Elements of Computing Systems (a fantastic book that you should look up if you are at all interested in how computers work. Its website is http://www.idc.ac.il/tecs ).
  4. Pretty soon ISPs will be prioritizing my connections to various websites and networks while choosing if I should be connected at all.
  5. business wise it makes sense to release the less desirable switches on a new release first in order to sell them to the people who just can't wait for the blues and browns
  6. I'm waiting for browns as well. If reds are finally being release in Sept. I'm expecting the browns a month later like they said before.
  7. I agree. That's why I believed that they may be trying to release this relatively soon as to not have to make a delay announcement. I can see them being afraid that if they do make an announcement that their concern is that many people will give up waiting and purchase another keyboard but to keep quiet in order to avoid that is a cheap move. The ONLY reason I see them staying quiet is because they are going to release it very soon and they don't see justification in needing to make an announcement. If there is indeed an issue that is pending or work that needs to be done and they're just choo
  8. Unfortunately there are no statistics, data, or even technical information to back up the claim of a better design or better quality product.
  9. I was just about to post something like this... Corsair is losing out on potential customers. Not only for their bad design but also for people who are tired of waiting and ready to shell out money to their competitors, i.e. http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-keyboards-keypads/razer-blackwidow-ultimate-chroma
  10. I have a feeling since the first announcement was a "target" release date now that they're into final production and seeing problems that they're working on they don't want to make an announcement and miss their release date again. So until they're pretty much all ready to go and the product is flawless then we won't hear an announcement. The other thing could be that they're being quiet because they're hoping to release these keyboards as soon as possible, lie by the end of the month so as not miss their release date by much. At the last minute they'll say that they are ready for production a
  11. It's called an upgrade and that's why he made this thread... to find out if it's an upgrade or not.
  12. I have a feeling the delay could be based on the fact that the intricacy of the completely new PCB in the keyboard along with what I imagine to be a fairly complicated software configuration design may be not up to par. Various bugs they've encountered along the way are probably still nagging them causing them to have to go down different roads and tweaking, improving, and creating new features in the software. I think the only real problem is we just want to know what their deadlines are.
  13. What's your reasoning for going with the 3 over RGB? Features? Aesthetics? I'm just wondering what you value in the Shine over Corsair (I own neither and am trying to decide which to ultimately get.)
  14. When I first heard and saw about the Ducky Shine 3 I became in love. I was willing to do anything for the keyboard with all of it's features. Whenever I discovered that the K70 not only had similar lighting functions but also came with replaceable WSAD and 1-6 caps for gaming along with the media controls I quickly shifted my attention to the K70. Now that the RGB is on the horizon I think there's no question that Corsair has the slight edge (albeit their quality may not be as good as Ducky's) but I feel if the K70's had an build issues they would be corrected with the RGB.
  15. Linus said the LED's go out due to ESD problems because of the way they're typicall mounted on the PCB. The RGB keyboards will have the LED's in the switch themselves which will virtually eliminate the ESD issue. Being that Corsair knows the ESD issue is something that is still ongoing I wonder if there's a way to minimize it in the K70 Vengences.