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  1. What do you mean it still says "Pre-Order?" IIRC they are officially released being released today so that status may have just changed. If you put in an order before it said "Out of stock" then you should be OK. I'm surprised it hasn't shipped yet though. I bought the K70 browns 2 days ago and it shipped the same day. What does your order status say? If I were you I would email Newegg and ask them for an update on your order.
  2. I like the idea of more lights so K95 > K70 > K65 but I don't need the macro keys so the K70 is the one I'm going with.
  3. Excellent. I just ordered mine. Hopefully they go out in the same batch =)
  4. They must have offered it for pre-order almost immediately before going live.
  5. Where did it say they were on backorder?
  6. Does BestBuy offer the K70 RGB Browns? I had to order from Newegg because I only see K65's on Bestbuy's website.
  7. Thank you, sir. Ever since I've been reading about these RGBs and learning about mechanical kb's I've come across that subreddit a ton but never actually found myself visiting it. LTT has been my go to source since this is where I initially found out about the keyboard (and because the community here is awesome)
  8. Besides these threads what's the best place to check for updates on the release of brown switches?
  9. Does it seem to chip/flake easily or is it just getting banged up during manufacturing do you think?
  10. Oh great! I I've never had a mechanical keyboard before and after doing a little bit of research I settled on browns but now I don't know. I don't want mushy keys lol
  11. :lol: I'm glad to hear you say that. I thought I was the only one.
  12. I wonder if there's a mod where we can boost the voltage a good 3 fold to really make the keyboard shine B)
  13. Really? They have to warmed up? Or broken in maybe? lol
  14. I have an xfx 290 dd and the price/performance ratio is great.
  15. I guess that's the sacrifice you make for 1 color vs 16.7 million
  16. Please figure this out and get back to us!
  17. The more important question here is are you ok with buying a mouse with the scroll wheel not working?
  18. So awesome!! I love the default theme you've got going on as well.
  19. So late September means next week or the week after. Can't wait.
  20. I'm waiting for browns as well, my first mech. keyboard. I'm checking newegg/amazon almost every other day for pre-order availability.
  21. The gold does indeed look horrible. I was so close to buying a ducky shine 3. I started liking the K70 Vengence because of the textured WSAD and 1-6 keys (see my reasoning for liking the texture/lighting above) That's when I heard about the RGB and it became my defacto perfect keyboard (although I'd still like the textured keys and wish they were included.) The way you feel about your shine 3 is the way I hope I end up feeling about the RGB.
  22. I have an absolutely appropriate reason for wanting a lit keyboard... A) I type a lot in the dark and it's nice being able to see the keys. 2) I game in the dark and sometimes lose my WSAD place, it's nice to be able to sense the light and quickly know where my hand should go. C) I think the effects of the keys splashing as you type is amazingly cool and 4) It's a novelty that, to me, is a pretty cool accent to your set up.
  23. $60 for almost 17 million color combinations. That's not too bad. Although if the lights keep dying then yeah $60 extra is too much because the keyboard shouldn't sell for more than $60 total with dead lights.