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  1. On 4/23/2016 at 3:01 PM, Enderman said:

    Yeah! :D You get it!


    I know this whole graph thing is over but I just wanted to make sure you got this. You need to be aware that the people looking at stock charts are not necessarily concerned with what the price is. The graphs are designed to illustrate the PERCENTAGE change in price, not the actual price. If a stock jumped from $1 to $1.50 that's not much to you or me but to a stock trader that's tremendous and the graphs are created to illustrate the change in an exaggerated way. That way a move in the price of a stock that's trading at $100 will be interpreted similarly to a stock trading at $1... in terms of percentage change.

  2. 1 minute ago, Sebbydo said:

    I deleted my mobo drivers and tried to install the "all in 1" but it failed( I haven't had a chance to retry since). I think my gpu sits around 65-70 while under load, but i haven't payed much attention to it. I cant tell if its being loud because I can't hear it over my cpu cooler.

    What "all in one" are you referring to and how did it fail? Really all you need is the chipset drivers and Windows should install those automatically.


    Based on your description something is definitely hogging GPU cycles. I can't see why else else you would have stuttering. I would try to investigate if anything else is running while the stuttering is occurring.

  3. 3 minutes ago, Sebbydo said:

    they might be a little higher than usual but it's only about 3-5c. I have never had anything to do with bit coin mining. Would the over clock have done anything.

    The bitcoin mining is a malicious virus that gets installed on your computer without your knowledge. By ways of running game cracks or other repackaged software. An overclock may introduce instability but it's not likely that it would cause you to drop FPS by that much. It's more likely that you have bad drivers, have you upgraded those recently?


    Are you able to see your temps when you're playing? Do they max out? Are your video cards throttling due to cooling issues?


    Tbqh it's very strange that the game drops in performance but works after a reboot. You'll need to figure out at what point it begins to fail again. Is it maybe that the performance issue begins maybe say 15 or 30 minutes after you've booted?


  4. 2 minutes ago, Enderman said:

    My entire point is that it is wrong to call this keyboard analogue because all keyboards use analogue switches

    This keyboard isnt special because its "analogue" unless it actually sent purely analogue signals to the PC which is not possible though USB

    This keyboard is special because it uses pressure sensitive switches, which are still analogue like regular switches, just with a different design and properties

    Nit picking.


    Wooting is saying the "inputs are analog", which they are. They're simply slapping the term on their product to differentiate it from typical mechanical keyboards which do not have pressure sensitive keys. It's simply marketing.


    You're saying it's wrong to call it analog when in the same breath you're arguing that all keyboards are analog. So which is it? If you're upset at their marketing team then join the rest of us.

  5. 52 minutes ago, Enderman said:

    All switches on keyboards are analogue. The switches on your keyboard right now are analogue.

    You can also have a digital variable control. Velocity sensitive pads are digital. volume controls on high end audio equipment are digital. those all detect more than "on" or "off"



    Calling a keyboard "analogue" because it has pressure sensitivity is completely wrong. Learn your definitions

    You're sounding like a bit of a nitpicker right now. Everyone knows your keyboard is not going to be sending pressure waves to your computer, of course it's digital. Maybe using analog to describe pressure sensitive switches is purely marketing in which case you should be attacking Wooting and not the people who are merely discussing their product. That being said analog refers to a continuous variable signal which in this case the keyboard provides. So you're wrong.

  6. On 2/21/2016 at 9:40 PM, Trik'Stari said:

    Get rekt DirectTV


    A thought for @LinusTech Will we be able to build our own DVR boxes, with reasonable amounts of storage, and the ability to record more than two programs at once (without having to watch one of said programs)?


    Our DirecTV box maybe records a hundred hours of TV total, and you can only record two programs at once. One of them has to be the "on screen channel". Meaning you basically have to be watching it.

    Good question. I'm wondering how long from now it will take for companies like Roku to implement cable subscription apps to their hardware. I am so ready but hope it's not a year or two until companies decide to release boxes that we can buy. I wonder if there's already good DVR cable boxes (maybe the exact same ones Xfinity uses) that we can buy and start using today.

  7. I work with $10,000 PCB's that are installed onto downhole drilling tools which are touted to be the most durable, longest lasting, with the highest temperature rating in the industry. The quality of these boards is astounding. I can easily break them in half though. Go figure. ;)