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    Owner and Founder of iGayPower

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    Head Dev for Nvidia's GimpWorks
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    CS:GO lover
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    I7-2700K 4.5GHz
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    Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 1155
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    Legend 1333MHz
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    GEFORCE GTX 780 Lightning 2-way SLI
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    Thermaltake Chaser MK I
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    Seagate 4Tb SSHD Samsung 1Tb Evo SSD
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    Enermax Revolution 87+ 800W
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    windows 7 ultimate

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  1. Up all night trying to get my skin back to trade to this guy, all he did was bust my balls. FML

    1. 33 Vinyle

      33 Vinyle

      i lost 1-3 bucks in trade up contract

  2. Gaben, stop downloading gay porn i want to bet ffs

    1. rambi36


      Fuck your skins - Freakazoid

    2. melias24


      Gaben has soul

  3. 1. All of them 2. A hint of fanboy tears 3. V8 Beef Bovril Smoothie
  4. Pffft, i'm using my SSD as my GPU
  5. Get the 580, not only does it play your games it also keeps you and your family warm at night, and can make you breakfast!
  6. Please don't, the GTX 730 is just for you!
  7. 200CAD You could sell it to a friend for a lot more.... Great card but since you got a 290 there is no real point I heard AMD makes great cards that are cheaper. cuz fuck spending money
  8. Cheapest is like 38.99 so i don't know how its possible to get a knife for 4k
  9. Looks Battle Scared. Waste of keys don't buy. /s
  10. I bet if Nvidia was cheaper all the consoles would be Nvidia.
  11. Cod slowly declined from MW3 to BO2 and then declined a lot from the last two. If BO3 is a fail and i god hope it isn't, then that will mark the death of CoD. Treyarch best.