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  1. Thank you, will look into those. 2x240mm is an option, and from what I've read they should be big enough.
  2. I don't know them yet. GPU will be the next generation nVidia.
  3. Hi. I'm planning to build a new computer to mark the end of my education and (hopefully) start of my working life. I have been working on designing my own case for a while, but for various reasons it won't happen. I will be putting 2 SSD's, 1 GPU and an ATX or mATX in it. No cd drives, no harddrives. I wan't to try watercooling, and for some reason I want to try 140mm radiators. I'm thinking 2 3x140mm radiators with push/pull. What case would you suggest? I would like to say money isn't an issue, and to some extent it isn't. But ofcourse there's a li
  4. Spent yesterday afternoon and evening. First time using sketchup
  5. Hi. I have for a long time thought about making my own pc case, and recently I found out that one of my brothers friends is working in a metal shop. We talked, and he said that he would love to help. So I have been thinking a LOT more about it, and yesterday I decided to put some of my thoughts into my computer. I downloaded Sketchup and went through 10 minutes of tutorials. I now have a basic layout of the components, and a lot of challenges. I took a screenshot of my progress so far http://imgur.com/zkj6ZMy . I want the top and sided to be transparent, not sure if its acryllic or glas y
  6. This seems nice. But please, enuc with the #newpostercantwin
  7. First time posting.. Might as well use this as an opportunity to say I really enjoy the youtube channel.