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  1. Best comment was asking about the names of his guinea pigs names or imagining him playing rocket league in his boxer shorts. gold. Other than that a snore fest. Hyped up with a massive letdown. Typical amd.
  2. If you play cod then this will be much easier on you. An excellent game. Get it.
  3. Id say this is a good thing for consumption of energy across the world. At the moment gaming wise, processors havent really netted any solid performance boosts. As we increase resolution the demand of the cpu has decreased as the gpu takes the strain. I hope we see better programming to ensure we could utilise the cpu much more effectively in the future so that boosts in coming cpu builds become more practical. At the moment other than board features (m2, ddr4 ect) i see no reason to upgrade from sandy bridge.
  4. I run a crossfire setup and it runs fine 75% of the time. The other 25% its because a crossfire profile hasnt been released and i need to turn res down to 1440p ? That said, The 980ti is one hell of a card. If you plan on playing at 1440p or under by all means one card is fantastic.
  5. Mobile site, i liked the old one better. Yes it showed its age but it was faster. On the new theres just too much happening. On a pc its brilliant. Obviously change is sometimes never easy for people to accept.
  6. Id love to see game reviews. It would nest well with expanding and allow even more exposure to the brand of ltt.
  7. I saw it. The pics no longer show up though. Hes right though.
  8. Cant argue with that logic. Ill fence sit a bit more before i speculate price. I dont think they would release it at 1k unless it deserved that price of course. As always time will tell.
  9. Intels 1k offering is x99. If zen is meant to compete with haswell and skylake making it twice the price would be absurd. I personally hope lisa su has more business sense then that. 2500 is 500 shy still. Does that mean you concur with my statement?
  10. So previous launches will dictate msrp for all future products then? Titan z launched at 3000.00 on debut before dropping, does that mean every titan launch will be 3000? Definitley not in the case of the titan x but that only had one gpu in it.
  11. Surely intel would patent the hole spacing for the cooler?
  12. The figure is more than likely correct too. Its easy to forget as an enthusiast that a 970 or a 380 is common but most people who game play on 1080p monitors and mostly laptops and at that resolution at lower quality these current igpus will run it smoothly without the need of assisted dgpu. I mean games like cs:go run on a potato with decent fps.
  13. Id love to get a vr headset and will be But i am hoping the price drops. Thats the barrier thats stopping me from purchasing one.
  14. Considerimg most of these were released in humble bundles and the fact that most people already own the games its not too good for the majority of gamers. However for the people who are transitioning to pc its pretty good value