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  1. Why doesn't everyone just get eyeball herpes then we can stop arguing about who is giving what to who?
  2. http://www.forbes.com/sites/darrenheitner/2016/09/26/philadelphia-76ers-buys-into-the-business-of-esports/ 76ers purchase Team Dignitas They currently have teams in Smite, CS:GO, HoTS and now LoL with the merge with Apex. Very cool to see some mainstream interest in e-sports. What do you guys thing?
  3. Maybe you should do some research on the players in the tournament before you make such an "Absolutely stupid" suggestion like this. Some of these players have been playing for a decade. I am a CS:GO player as well, but Dota 2 blows the titles you suggest away when it comes to hero/item knowledge, strategies, drafting etc.
  4. For the Dota 2 players out there..
  5. Develop a game where a player can put their VR headset on at home, and be a person that actually socializes with other human beings. They can walk into a VR cafe where someone has already figured out the virtual logistics of a VR cafe.
  6. Depends on if your employer matches any contributions you put into your 401k. The 401k could be much more beneficial and you should explore it fully. Plus, IRA's have a limit on how much you can contribute to it every year. ($5,500 if under 50, $6,500 over 50 as a catch-up provision). Roth IRA's also have income limits. This is the case for the States at least. Where are you located?
  7. @eLucid - Truthfully, cockers shoot smoother than most guns out. It's pretty cool to be able to create something truly custom. Guns are missing that element these days. Also, your first shot actually gets out of the gun faster as the bolt is already in the forward position before the trigger is pulled (closed bolt). The first thing that happens during the firing timing, the paintball is sent down the barrel, then the gun is re-cocked. In a normal open bolt marker, the bolt has to move forward before the paintball is propelled out.
  8. The spider won't cause any harm. The napalm I would throw on the monitor would, however.
  9. You can fit parts from old Intimidators (Timmys) to Spyder bodies. They're called Spimmys LOL. The first Timmy Bob Long made was from a Spyder body. I would be careful with machining parts they are meant to be pressurized unless you have vast knowledge of pneumatic parts. You can literally make a bomb.
  10. I would start with something simpler. Eclipse's e-tek and g-tek lines are good, as well as empire's axe.
  11. WDP (The creastors of Angel) went out of business 5-6 years ago. The big players in the market now are Eclipse, Dye (who purchased the Matrix patents in 2003ish and kept improving on the design), Macdev, Empire, Bob Long and a few others I'm forgetting to mention. Cockers have fallen into novelty pieces as they are notoriously tough to work on for the common user, and can be rather finicky. When you get them shooting well, they are amazing though. Here it is in all it's glory
  12. Just like a PC, it depends completely on your budget. As far as the ion goes, parts are now scarce for the gun as it is a platform that has not been used since the late 2000's. They were ground breaking when they came out as no gun offered what the ion could at the price point. I would recommend Planet Eclipse at any price point they have an offering. Their products are usually the toughest and easiest to use. PE's customer service is held in high regard as well. I have a CS1 from Eclipse right now and it's beastly, but expensive. Have owned pretty much everything under
  13. The Signum is great. My desk is solid for about 6 years now but the model name is escaping me. My bed and dresser are not the greatest quality though. In fairness to Ikea, the bed has seen a lot of, "use." There is no excuse for the bottoms of the drawers of the dresser falling out though. I don't think i will be purchasing Ikea furniture again except for little do-dads, which they have always been great for.
  14. Then you will clearly go to pirate jail when they catch you at the airport. They leave you in the bowels of the plane until you eventually contract scurvy, then you will walk the plank off of an airplane that is mid-flight at 40,000 feet over the arctic ocean. Pretty common practice.
  15. Not a problem at all. All they make you do it put it in a separate bin when your carry-on goes through the x-ray machine. They may ask you to take the battery out if it is removable. No big deal.
  16. This sounds like an ISP issue. Not a windows problem.
  17. Could just keep the lights off You have so much crap on your desk. Finding a new place for things would help as well as keeping food/drinks off the desk. Give this a shot for cable management. I grabbed one about 2 months ago and its great. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30200253/