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  1. 6:54 My Eneco Toon is a smart thermostat that uses OpenTherm to run over two wires. I think it can also do on/off, but you really want OpenTherm. Does both power and communication over just the two wires.
  2. I just got a single GPU passthrough thing working on my Manjaro system (7700K, 1080ti, Z270I Gaming Pro Carbon AC), but I’m not getting any sound. I have already enabled linger, and I set nographics_allow_host_audio to 1 in /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf. When I run a normal VM without passthrough, qemu is running is my own user, as is virt-manager, as is pulseaudio. I’ve also tried adding the following to my xml, but it doesn’t solve anything: <qemu:commandline> <qemu:arg value='-device'/> <qemu:arg value='ich9-intel-hda,bus=pcie.0,addr=0x1b'/> <qemu:arg value='-d
  3. I've tried a completely different board after the second repair. Completely different generation. Others have confirmed the card itself was damaged. I've always used the cables that came with my PSU. No extension. Never head a pop.
  4. So I've had two cards die on me in short succession. 3 of you count that I had one repaired. My first card was a GTX780, reference design. It started showing artifacts (coloured triangles, and patterned dots), so I got a GTX1080. This one started showing the same artifacts after two weeks. I had it repaired (a reball), but it died again after another 2 weeks. I had it repaired again, and this time used different RAM, CPU, and motherboard. It died again. The only common factor was the PSU. I didn't have a spare unit to test with. Others have confirmed that it's the GTX1080 that's a
  5. In my experience, CPUs don't die, unless you really run them out of spec. And even then, they normally don't die. Unless you're overvolting them like crazy. The only dead CPU I've ever seen is the one I killed by drilling a hole in it and using it as a key chain. It was a Core 2 Duo anyway, and not even a high end one. Those things are basically worthless. And those AMD CPUs back in the day could kill themselves because they didn't have temperature sensors. There was no thermal throttling. But that's also way back. I'd be more suspicious of the motherboard. But you've already repl
  6. There's this interesting project called zigbee2mqtt. Basically, you can get a cheap Zigbee USB stick from eBay that you can use to connect all sorts of domotics peripherals to. Philips Hue, IKEA Trådfri, Xiaomi Aqara, lots of others. Basically, you can create your own open source base station for all this hardware, instead of having to rely on all the expensive proprietary base stations. The project could really benefit from a bit of exposure with a bit of high production value. And it's definitely the type of thing you could see LTT videos on. I think it'd be a perfect match.
  7. I mostly want to talk about the follow-up video on Linux/Proton that was mentioned in this video. Linux as a gaming platform has matured a lot recently, but you can't solve everything with SteamPlay/Proton. In the follow-up video, I think it would be worth at least mentioning other WINE implementations, most notably CodeWeavers' CrossOver and Lutris. SteamPlay is the most user friendly method by far, but you can't play something like Battlefield that way, since it's not on Steam. I have played Battlefield 1, but I had to install it through Lutris. It will work, but because it isn't on Steam, o
  8. Other: Make the Lambo radio controlled.
  9. Well, I can still withdraw that amount of money. Especially since I've had a few nice freelance jobs in the past week. Problem is that I have landed in some financial problems recently (study finances suddenly stopped) and I still have to get that sorted out. Even after that, I will have to build a bit of a piggy bank for myself, so I won't have much to spend. So yeah, technically I am physically able to spend that money, I can withdraw it from my account, but that's not the same as affording it. I am in the red numbers right now. It's a bit of an inopportune time to be messing with components
  10. I just managed to sell my GTX770, because it just doesn't do in my mITX cube. I can get one of two secondhand cards that both have a blower style cooler. GTX780 3GB for 130 euros, excluding shipping (about 7 bucks) GTX970 4GB for 170 euros, excluding shipping Which should I get? The GTX970 would really stress my budget to the point of ripping. But it is a bit more powerful. Enough to be significant. It also uses less energy (250W TDP vs 145W), so it will probably be significantly less noisy, although it is smaller so there is less cooling fin area. Not sure which one wil
  11. So basically, don't worry too much, but if I must worry, there's definitely options. I think I'll go with the Pure Rock. It's more affordable as well as better stocked around here. There's also a slim version, but I assume you meant the normal one? Probably doesn't matter too much when it comes to weight and size for my use case. Might as well get the normal one.
  12. I'm planning to do a build that fits in my hiking backpack. I'll be biking it to LAN parties every now and then. I already ordered a Kolink Satellite, and I intend to put a Core i5 8400 and an mITX board in it. Exact board hasn't been decided yet, since not much is known about Z370 boards yet. Now I'd like to have a bit of decent cooling and airflow in the case, preferably not to loud, so I want a third party cooler. The case should fit a max CPU cooler height of 165mm. Basically, I should be able to put something like a Scythe Mugen in it. The thing is, I'll have to lay the case o
  13. Interesting. It's got a lot of cool features. Does any one know the RPM of the colour wheel though? I often see this rainbow effect with DLP beamers, which is really annoying, although the frequency of the whole thing dies matter a lot. The better DLP beamers don't have such a strong rainbow effect, and I could imagine a DLP beamer that doesn't have the effect at all. It just has to be fast enough.
  14. I recently bought two screens, both are a Samsung S24D590PL. Now I noticed that the colours aren't completely equal. I tried using a ColorHug for calibration, but I only made it worse. I don't know if the device is unsuitable for my screens, or if I'm just too incompetent, but I had to send it back. That device probably requires a bit more knowhow than most devices, though. So here I am, with a budget of around 150 euros (I'd prefer 100, but those devices are expensive so I may have to settle on 150 instead), and two screens that aren't too accurately calibrated. I don't really do anything w
  15. Cute. Let’s sue Tim Berners-Lee. He invented the WWW and did pioneering work on HTTP. And those systems are now ridden with illegal downloading, illegal (child) porn, and so on. It’s probably used by terrorists too. Let’s sue Mozilla, Google, Apple and Microsoft for creating browsers that allow you to view the WWW, and thus facilitate child porn and terrorists (the two magical words). Let’s sue Dell for allowing computers that can use web browsers. Let’s also sue the government, because their roads can be used by drunk drivers and transporters of illegal goods. Let’s sue the sea for allowing s