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    Computers, avoiding responsibility, Linus.
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    Mac n cheese is really good. Just don't spill cheese on your keyboard.
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  1. Looks like a near perfect laptop for my needs, was already kinda considering it. Long battery, thin, light, runs counterstrike. Thanks!
  2. I have checked that one out, it looks a little bit better suited to my needs. Do you have any idea what the battery life when using MS Word/Google Docs with the GPU disabled might be?
  3. This is a little bit overkill for what I'm going to be doing. I really don't need that much power, I looking more for battery life and portability, and this laptop is definitely not super portable.
  4. Alright, so I might be getting a laptop for Christmas, and I'm not really sure whats out there. I need something that Has a fast boot (needs an SSD, although I think that's pretty much standard Has a battery life of ~ 6.5 hours+, and anything over 8 would be amazing (this can be battery life with GPU turned off, it would be unplugged at school, when I'm not using GPU-heavy applications Is relatively small, 12-15" screen but preferably 13-14" range Is light and easy to fit into a bag Runs CS:GO and TF2, I have a desktop for other games Touch screen might be nice, but I don't really care. It c
  5. White and black/white and gold/white and blue. Replace white with black if you want and they will still look good. Not as many people do these, but they are still used.
  6. Sorry about replying so late, I was in France for a few weeks. Holy shit it lights up! Look at my shiny the logo lights up! I cant believe I went 6 months without noticing that...
  7. What light button? I have had my H440 for 4 months and I have no f*cking clue what you guys are talking about. Does the NZXT logo on the PSU shroud light up? I am pretty sure I am being stupid right now, pls 4give
  8. Serious question here: can scratch really be considered a programming language? I think of it as a coding minigame really. Opinions?
  9. It would just be kind of unique and special+I would spend two days getting my phone to work as a mic, over waiting two days for one to ship. Idk why, but it's just a crazy idea I want to do.
  10. Hey, quick question here. Do you guys know of ANY way I could use my Galaxy S4 as a microphone for my PC? Not for recording, but for multiplayer games (CS:GO, etc.) Thanks for your help!
  11. That's above average (if you mean inches). My friend brags about his #7.5 where he claims "The entire head is taller than my iPhone 6+, with a little room to spare".
  12. I hear White Castle has some good sliders you can get with a sack of French fries.
  13. Now make a penguin! Anyways- I was at Target a year or so ago and this sales rep was trying to sell a guy a 16 GB sd card over a 64 GB sd card for his camera. I assume it was more expensive=more commission. His reasoning? Since its smaller, you won't take as many photos, so when you're looking for one, it will be easier to find it. Fuck you, Target sales rep.
  14. Pokeball PC that opens when you push the poke circle thing.