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    jedylan got a reaction from Feeterican in Ubisoft Developers give the reason why games are downgraded   
    We should do like some did with the corsair logo. Start a petition and send it to ubisoft with 50000 signature. I think if they see this they might take the time to think about it. Here we are just a group of people talking and not doing anything. I have a 5000$ PC and my favorite game is Assassin's creed. I PAID to have a machine capable of handling everything I throw at it and I want my favorite game to be as high quality as it can get. You were saying they shouldnt bite the hand that feed them. We the clients are this hand. We just need to slap them in the face so they understand: WE CARE about our games.
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    jedylan got a reaction from Deletive in LG 34UM95   
    I have bought the LG 34UM95 and got it yesterday. The screen is awesome and perfect for a lot of uses.
    But I have some problems with black bars in some applications.
    Most of my games work fine but Assassin's creed either has two black bars on the side or has two huge black bars on the top and bottom for an image of 3440x650. I am ok with playing it with the black bars on the side.
    But where there is a real problem is  when listening to videos, because most players are made for 16:9 screens so with 16:9 videos there are two bars on the sides and it is ok but 21:9 videos are displayed with Big black bars all around it! This is the thing that annoys me and I want to know if any one has a solution for this?
    I have attatched Screenshoots of some of the programs and games I use for reference.

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    jedylan got a reaction from Apricity in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    Same thing here we want dates! I am building my PC september 12, I would so much love if it is released september 8!