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  1. What's "meningless" about it? We're seeing less and less features/options with rising prices. Tired of the trend. Sure, you don't need more than your built in storage now, but what about in a few years? Oh yeah, you'll have thrown out your current phone by then anyway, good point. Why should a device last? We can just dig more landfills.
  2. Let's just remove every feature until phones are just a screen and a back. Built in speaker? Well that speaker is taking up sooo much room that could be used for more "innovation"! And then we could remove the DAC too! Buttons? When's the last time you pressed a button, honestly? Front facing cam? Fuck video calls, that camera is really ruining the clean look! Still using a Galaxy s5, and it wouldn't be possible without an SD card. I don't understand this glorification of losing features. In the end, it's just a way to maximize profit margins, bu
  3. If the game could run a quarter as well as it did on 1.2.5 I'd be thrilled. Server performance is a joke right now, even with paper.
  4. Got a 36" Sony Trinitron!!! Was watching a video about one, the guy said he got it on offerup, so I opened up offerup and there it was. LMAO 20 bucks well spent. It has the remote, front cover and everything. Got her all calibrated. It has some minor bowing at the top that couldn't be fixed in the service menu, but oh well. Still incredibly stoked about this! My Panasonic Tau has a better image, but it's only 27" soooooo yeah this is still a big upgrade.
  5. Yup, usually in my experience the minute someone brings up certifications, I worry for their intelligence. If they didn't have something to prove they wouldn't feel the need to bring it up. And yeah, wifi is usually always fine in 99% of cases. Things like games that use delay based netcode however, yeah every last ms counts and ethernet is really the only option (especially in our pandemic world where competitive gaming is all online now.) But for casual gaming... as long as the signal is good, Wifi will do just fine. It's just the statement that "ethernet is equal to or even bett
  6. Right??? Even if Slippi was illegal (it's 100% legal), all it does is bring Nintendo fans together during a pandemic to play a game Nintendo hasn't sold and ignored for over a decade. Nintendo has NOTHING to lose here. Whoever sides with Nintendo on this gives no shit about consumer freedom and loves the taste of boots.
  7. You could always buy a Switch used on ebay, that way you get to enjoy the Switch and Nintendo gets not a cent.
  8. What the TOs did was completely legal, it's so clear that you have no clue what is going on here. Do at least two minutes of research before you make yourself look foolish please.
  9. Piracy is not the issue here. Nintendo bringing piracy into this is a strawman tactic to make Slippi look like the boogeyman. Slippi, events and streams are not piracy.
  10. And where does this 99.9% figure come from? Are you prepared to back yourself up with proof or a source of any kind? Anything to show you're not just pulling numbers out of nowhere? I guarantee the vast majority of anyone entering these events owns at least one copy of this game. I've owned it myself several times, got my first copy in 2004. Do I have direct proof of this? No, but you don't either. But as someone who's actually in the community, everyone I know has at least one copy, most have several because at local events you are incentivized to bring in setups for people to play on. P
  11. Except nobody needs to illegally obtain their image of the game. Saying the events should be closed because some people will enter with pirated copies is like saying stores should be closed because some people will shoplift. Nobody is required to use a "specific rom", I don't know where you're getting this information from. And like I've said, Nintendo does have the right to cancel any event that features their IP, but this has NOTHING to do with piracy or emulation issues which is what they say they're after and besides, legal =/= moral. As far as the legality of Slipp
  12. It's the sad reality of how the legal system works. You don't have to be in the legal right to make someone hurt, you just have to have more money than them. Tearing down the little man is all too easy for big corporations, even if they have no leg to stand on.
  13. Except backing up your own games is not illegal, and nobody is forcing you to use an illegally obtained ISO of the game. Read: I don't care what Nintendo "literally says", they're lying and they're full of shit.
  14. Oh yeah, play the new game with 5 second input delay online. Great idea. If you knew what you were talking about, you'd know that all Smash Ultimate pro players are basically doing nothing right now because of covid, the online is so bad that it's almost unplayable. Hell, when Melee rollback came out, most ult players were playing Melee because they can't play ult.
  15. Did NOT expect to see this covered on this site, nice. Yup, Nintendo is fucking dogshit. Facts: Slippi contains no Nintendo code or reference to any of their intellectual property. Project slippi is code injection, not directly modifying the original game code. Emulation is 100% legal and has been proven in court. ROM ownership in itself is not illegal, piracy is. Nintendo has done nothing but stand in the way of the Smash community (not just Melee). Nintendo doesn't have the rights to shut down Slippi. They do however h
  16. People get any kind of basic certification and think they're Wendell. Just witnessed one of these so called "people" arguing that Wifi is just as good as any wired connection in everything. Latency, stability, speed, etc. They have "Tech Professional" in their bio and use the emoji every time they make a point. He was 100% serious too, Welp, gonna rip out all the cat5e I ran earlier this year and switch to Wifi. All the time I wasted!
  17. Would have been a much stronger launch if they had released non X models, or just did away with non X and priced these X models well. It's exciting to see AMD finally grab the gaming performance crown for sure, but this is not exciting at all from a price-performance standpoint. Now we know there will be price cuts (as there usually are), especially considering Rocket Lake next year, but this launch still could have been much better. A 5600 for 200$ would have been mind blowing. Let's see if AMD does it down the line.
  18. Yooooo let's go. Let's get this going in the US. This is great. Should have happened a long time ago but oh well, better late than never.
  19. The game is like 20 times laggier, and we don't even have twice the content. Great ratio! Oh man but we got polar bears and bees! yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy Content wise the game is only slightly better than it was 8 years ago. It's mostly the same. That in no way warrants how much laggier the game is. Why even bother defending this? The game is a pile of garbage when it comes to optimization, and gets worse with each update. it's just factual. What, by 1.20 am I gonna need a 8700k just to scrape by? Would you still be okay with that? Where is the line drawn?
  20. Right? I used to play on a Optiplex GX110 back in 2011... That's a 1GHZ Pentium 3 and 512mb of RAM. It was actually almost playable! Earlier this year, I built a Athlon 64 rig, OC'd it to 2.4ghz, slapped 2GB of RAM in it and a 9600XT. On some shitty old HDD from like 2005, 1.2.5 loaded almost instantly, joined a server almost instantly and ran at nearly max settings. Then I tried 1.15.2, it took over 20 minutes to get into a single player game and ran at 2 FPS on lowest settings. And people wanna say this game isn't THAT much slower... On my current rig, everything on my system slows to a craw
  21. To be more on topic, I don't really see this as a bad thing... I'm just done with Minecraft for a hundred other reasons unrelated to this so I can't really bring myself to care much.
  22. Geeeee..... I wonder what sparked recent and sudden motivation from Mojang... Oh wait... 1.15 all but solved lag? Uh. Okay, why does a almost stock paper server lag with only 20 players and 8 client view distance suffer from lag spikes? If this game were optimized, clients would be able to have 16 render distance, but the default setting is 10 and even that will lag with enough players. I've done testing on 1.15.2 and it's crap! Microsoft has barely touched Java edition, but it's clear what Microsoft wants. One look at bedrock and you can see the future of the game. I