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  1. Not after a dock, something that is small enough to carry in my bag with me would be ideal. Since I ride to uni, any weight I can save is good. But would just like it to perform to the capabilities of the standard. Like, in the video from 2 years ago, if you plugged two SSDs in and tried to transfer data between them, most of the dongles shat themselves. I would like for this to not be the case hahaha.
  2. Hey guys, I'm on the hunt for the perfect dongle for my Dell XPS 13 which kindly comes from the factory sans any sort of io apart from USB-c... What are the options out there, I would preferably like to get something with DP or HDMI as well as ethernet and some USB A ports. I had a look at the LTT video from two years ago, which I would love to see updated, but seems somewhat outdated since I would love to get something that has thunderbolt 3 support, not just USB 3. Cheers
  3. Minimum around 6 hours. 3:2 is not a must. Just would be nice to have
  4. I'm not sure which UX310 you have used, but mine is a TN panel with horrible viewing angles... So really anything with an IPS I would be happy with. I use my laptop for uni, which involves a fair bit of coding and running galaxy evolution simulations (Not terribly demanding, but a quad core is a must). Would like it to last a full day if possible, but seeing as I run linux on my laptop, I don't expect it to. Would rather something small and light since I ride everywhere with it on my back. So far I am thinking the XPS 13 is the best option since it's linux support is stellar. The onl
  5. Yeah right, guess I shouldn't be too picky about these things, kinda limits my options a bit.
  6. Hmm, I'll check them out but I am not necessarily sold on 3:2 exactly, I just like the idea of using some more vertical screen pixels rather than just standard 16:9
  7. Dang. I wish I could get the dell with basically the screen from the surface laptop. Is there anything similar to that? i/o similar to the dell, still the 4 core 8 thread processor, but a screen more in line with the surface, I do really like the idea of 3:2 aspect ratio rather than standard 1080 for productivity.
  8. Also looks like no developer edition is available in Aus... Screwed by living on the other side of the world again.
  9. I just had a quick squizz at their website earlier and it is not very intuitive... Which XPS 13 would you suggest? there seem to be a bunch of models available (9360,9370,9380). Do you know what the differences are? Cheers
  10. I don't want to break the bank but at the same time I don't want to skimp out and end up with something that I'm unhappy with, so I would say between $1500AUD-$2500AUD max.
  11. Long story short, I ran over my laptop and need something new... I have been using for the past couple of years an ASUS Zenbook UX310U which I would describe as wholly O.K. Screen is garbage and keyboard isn't backlit... Anyway, I ran it over accidentally and need to replace it with something, and if I'm doing that I want to do it right. I still want something lightweight and don't need discrete graphics, but something with a beefier processor is probably a good idea since I'm getting to the pointy end of uni and seem to be doing more things that require a bit of juice. I have been t
  12. Epic. Was just watching an LTT vid with PIA as a sponsor and decided to look into them and noticed they do have Aussie servers. Will definitely use them. Cheer heaps!
  13. Bit of a oddball question here, but I need to find a VPN that has Australian servers and will work to stream Netflix to Indonesia. Most of the time people wanting to use Netflix over a VPN are wanting to use Netflix USA, but I am wanting to use Netflix Australia. I am also wanting to use SBS on demand and iView (recognisable names if you're an Aussie). So If anyone has any recommendations that would be fantastic. Even if you just know some VPN services that have Australian servers, which I can then test for myself if Netflix works, that would be a great help. I haven't really had a
  14. Have you tried turning off Nvidia instant replay? That helped a fair bit for me.
  15. shiiet. I tried to search to see if there was already a post. Oh well, I guess I'm blind. Mods please close thread
  16. Yeah, I payed for it too, That's why I'm curious.
  17. So, Since Vessel is kinda no longer a thing as of the end of this week, what is going to happen with LTT content? For those that are confused, Vessel was recently bought by Verison and per this blog post the Vessel platform will be sunset at the end of October. @LinusTech @nicklmg
  18. Came here to say, I love the NES thing. Going to buy one and take it with me when I travel the world next year. The fact that it's just a tiny piece of hardware that I can plug into any shitty hotel TV is amazing. Nintendo. You're winning the internet right now imo.
  19. What's the X1 carbon like? I don't see much difference between it and the T460s
  20. Something something tin foil hat something something.
  21. The T450 / 550 aren't on the lenovo website, only the T460/560.
  22. Yeah, that's why I said it's by the by, because pretty much, if you buy a computer, you won't like something the company does...