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    asleeperj got a reaction from Slayerking92 in Anyone Work in NOC?   
    A very small ISP provides my fiber internet. I'm having an issue with latency in one game. I did a tracert to see what is going on, and my packets are being sent from my home town (near San Antonio,) to Lubbock Texas (opposite direction) then to California, and finally back to Atlanta GA where the servers are. Every other game I play is fine. Is this something an NOC person can fix, and if so what information do I need to give them to help them fix it?

    I already have all the IP ranges for the servers, and I have the IP address of the ISP in lubbock that is sending my traffic to California before it sends it anywhere else. Should I contact my ISP or the Lubbock one first? When I play other games my traffic is usually routed to Austin, then Dallas, then to the city the servers are in.
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    asleeperj got a reaction from Ben17 in Trouble shooting motherboard   
    Upgrading my wife's 2500 intel to a ryzen 2700x. Put eveything in and No post.... The cpu cooler lights up, but I get no display nothing. Removed a stick of ram, and same thing. Removed second stick of ram and now it power cycles itself, still with no display. Doesn't even wake the display. Ram is known working, GPU is known working. Motherboard is asrock a320m.

    Dead CPU? Dead Motherboard? both are brand new. Did i do something wrong. I've built several PC's in the past, Ryzen is the only one to give me any issues